In truth we see

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  1. Footsteps echoed throughout the hall. An elderly being bypassed similar creatures that quickly scurried off in an attempt to finish their chores. They could almost pass for humans if it weren’t for the obvious reasons. For one, they were thinner than most humans, almost childlike in a way. They had big, round beautiful eyes that shined with life, almost like jewels. Their ears were slightly longer, pointier than a human’s and the most unusual trait…

    Their wings.

    These are a symbol of status, their pride and joy. The more striking your wings, the higher your status was within the Kingdom. The most dishonorable thing would be to lose your wings, leaving you shunned from others. Some call them the Walkers in an attempt to mock and shame them, leaving these flightless Fairies in shades of gray and despair. There has been talk of death among the Walkers due to depression.

    “Your Majesty!”

    A younger looking male Fae raced to catch up with the King. His blonde hair shimmered in the light, blue-gray eyes danced about with a hint of laughter while his own wings fluttered about.

    The King spoke, “Has there been any new developments?”

    “Not that I am aware of,” He replied. “She’s been asking for you…” The Fae’s voice dropped into a whisper.

    “She won’t have to wait any longer.” The King spoke firmly.

    Sometime later…

    The wails of a baby could be heard as he neared the halls. It has happened…

    Quickly he threw the doors open and saw immediate chaos. An elderly Fae, Marrel, was standing in the middle of the room shouting orders, “I need more water! More towels! Someone clean the little one up! Quickly!” And then it hit him.

    The stench of blood.

    Looking around, he found the source and his heart dropped. The one he loved, she looked like a mere ghost of herself. The once fair skin was now waxy leather, her eyes were sunken in while she lay against the pillows, too weak to move. The only color aside from the nurses was the pool of blood around her legs. There had been so much of a loss that he had to take a step back in shock as more had fallen onto the floor.

    A weak moan escaped the woman as she turned her head to the side, her eyes fluttered open slowly and her lips turned up slowly at the sight of her husband, “Pip…” She whispered, her hands shaking slightly as they rose in an attempt to grasp him.

    Quickly, he ran to her side, “My love,” he whispered back, hands clasping hers while his lips pressed gentle against them. A few tears escaped him. She was so fragile. “You are as beautiful as the moon and the stars.” A smile crossed his lips as he placed a gentle touch against her face.

    “Oh, Pip…” They kissed. “How is she? How is our baby girl?” The Queen asked.

    The King looked from his wife to Marrel as reality hit him. “Lilith…” His grip tightened around her hands, “It’s—“

    A sharp scream escaped her as her body contorted in pain. Jumping up, Pip looked around helplessly as he was pushed aside by Marrel. “Please…save her!” He cried out, his hands shaking violently.

    Sometime later…

    He had stopped pacing not too long ago, his hands gripped tightly on the hem of his jacket. All he had seen were women running in and out of the room carrying water or sheets that had turned a blackish brown. The screaming grew worse as time passed on and eventually, everything stopped. The door opened with a creak and Marrel stepped out.

    “Is she…” Pip stopped as he looked into the old Fairy’s face. There was a deep sadness in his eyes as he shook his head, “We did everything we could…”

    “No…” Shaking his head in disbelief, Pip made his way into the birthing chamber and stopped dead in his tracks. The nurses stood around the bed, their faces bowed while others sobbed uncontrollably in their hands.

    The Queen had been covered by a blanket which Pip removed gently from her face, tracing the lines of her features; he gave her his final goodbye kiss and turned to Marrel.

    “What of the children, Sire?” Marrel made a gesture towards the cribs holding two small infants.

    Pip looked at the twins, his face unreadable. The first born was big with rosy cheeks, his wings silky silver while his round eyes looked like the sun. The younger of the two was quiet, smaller than his brother and watched you in an unnatural way. It was almost unnerving.

    Slowly, Pip picked up the small child and held him against his chest for a moment. They watched each other as Pip rocked the baby gently, the baby drifted into a light sleep and suddenly…

    A terrible scream engulfed the room.

    The King kept his grip on the child while his free hand ran red. The Fairies in the room looked stunned, some even calling out in horror as the King threw the child’s wings to the side. “M-my lord…!” Marrel called out and hurried forward, receiving the child into his arms in an unceremonious way. “Kill it.”

    And with those words, Pip turned and headed towards the door. “I have only one son, Winston.” And with that, he left.