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  1. in continuation of the RP previously started on another site. I bring forth to you- in this life.

    An RP between me and @Elvira Raven about our two characters

    Mikamia (mine) vampire blue blood cat boy with a deep seeded resentment against his sister.


    Elvira (hers) also vampire but lower ranked due to change having occurred and her family having been killed.

    The two team up together to bring the WAHA to a decision that will change their future forever. Deep down he wants to kill her and deep down she might just want to do the same
  2. Mikamia took a breath in. Anything could have prepared him for this moment, it could have been the countless night spent awake waiting for someone to take him down or it could have been his sister and the deep seeded resentment she had toward the hate he felt for his own race. Nothing could take blame for what had occurred or even what could have occurred. For now, all Mikamia knew was that whatever causing the two of them to meet and decide on a common goal was making them both better as people. And of which he took another breath and approached the girl.

    He had never actually tried this kind of power before, true, every vampire had one, but he had never found pleasure in biting the shit out of people in order to get their memories. Many blue bloods before him would do without hesitation what he was about to. He couldn't help but think in this moment what his mother would have done about the situation. After all he did remember countless stories of how sadistically she carried out her deeds. It brought him to the moment when she brought Mercito's son to the WAHA and tortured him for hours until she eventually removed his fangs preventing him from being able to feed ever again. Of course she dammed him to one of the most painful deaths a vampire could endure, but, on the off hand she got her revenge and her information all without killing him, which, was her mothers only plea. Coyoty had a funny way of getting around things, something Mikamia had learned from the best to do. Aayame and him were always enemies and it didn't change especially when she changed him, but an understanding no matter how non-verbal it might have been came over them, and they became more deceitful together. The realisation of this didn't bother him, rather prepared him more for what he was about to do in this moment and this, was bite the girl taking her blood and extracting her memories. He could only hope and pray that she could compile them into one neat memory, otherwise this would be more painful for him than what it was worth.

    "I don't have to ask you if you are ready, we already established this is what you want to do, and so..."

    The boy stepped forward and closed his eyes, once opening them again the blue had been replaced with a blood-lust red. His hair began to fade in blonde muster until greyish then silver then white locks washed over it. His skin became paler, if possible, and his nails darkened to a black. He took the girl by her arms as if to prep her then, he leaned forward stroking her neck. It was could to the touch, but so were his darkened finger tips. No words were exchanged this late in the game, for a procedure like this was not like making love. He didn't want it to be brought to light that he hurt a girl he might or might not decide to like. He also would rather his cat not have to see this, but begets were not allowed to be choosers. So, he bit the girl.

    Her blood was thigh and delicious, almost unlike any blood the boy had tasted before. Being basically dead and all, he could not help but assume that it would have smtasted differently. Though not warmed by the body and not flowing causing the muscles in his throat to contract and his fangs go go in that much deeper, he found a sickened pleasure in the blood. He tried to push business over pleasure, but the more he tried, the tighter he held to her keeping her in place. It was almost as if he would kill her this way, but luckily vampires don't die from their blood being drained. It was what came after.

    (Again this is for @Elvira Raven )
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  3. (( btw is he using the venom stuff??))
  4. {i's up to you wand whatever you wish to believe is the case. ^~^ I am sorry i have not responded as of late, I was expecting a bit more of a response...~ I will however respond once I get some time... you know, after I coddle my kitten.
  5. (It's fine, the next couple responses will be longer) Elvira could feels his grip get tighter, and his fangs get deeper into her neck she closed her eyes in pain. Her pure black hair was turning a dark grey into a pure white with pure black tips, her eyes were starting to tear up, she opened her eyes which had changed from a crimson to a dark red, the memories from when she killed the noble, the memories came slowly and painfully. One of her tears went to were he was biting her neck.
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  6. Mikamia held tight. His fingers tightened to her collar bone as he got a taste of her blood. It was clearly the most he'd enjoyed himself in a long time. Then a tear interrupted his feast, this caused him to slow down to an almost crawl but he could not stop. Memories flooded into his brain from her experiences. Everything from before, when she was human to now, everything from her watching him in class to her talking to him that morning. It came in pieces. Most scattered and pieces. Sometimes bits at a time, others a long almost continuous stream of events.

    At last he pulled away. He was weakened, yet empowered by her blood. His heart beat without too much rangers cycling what was still human in her blood through his veins heating his skin and putting colour into his pale cheeks once more. Life was restated to his eyes as they faded from their killer red to the baiting up baby blue, his hair even showed sings of life and luster. As if not clear before, more evident now, he had not fed even this good in a long time.

    "I apologise, I have not hurt you too bad, have I?" He silently hoped for the answer to be no, but at the same time he was hoping yes. His brain couldn't decide for him if he liked inflicting pain or not, it was what little humanity he had left in him coming out to argue over his inhuman self.
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  7. "no you didn't...." she said pretending it didn't hurt one bit, wiping her tears away she then puts her hand over were he had bitten her. looking down her pure white hair covering her maroon red eyes, a blush came across her face that is quite noticeable "why am i blushing??" she thought to her self. she looked up at him and smiles "i knew that you were not a normal human or vampire when i first saw you....." she said in almost a whisper voice but loud enough that you could hear it. she tightly held her jacket in some form of anger? and shyness.
  8. {Sorry I was going through a lot, My mum died, so I was trying to cope with that before responding, but I am on now and will crank it out.}

    Mikamia paused while spinning on the stool. His ears flicked backwards as he watched Elvira when she smiled at him. His chest almost seized for a moment but he nodded. "How did you know this?" His long fluffy tail began to flick at the tip back and forth inviting his more Neko-like cat to start attacking it at will. He didn't mind his playing nature, but, every fibre of his body was on fire, begging him to use his new found energy and it was almost like giving a child with Attention deficit hyper active disorder crack. Though not showing it, he played on his pleasure of finding out she had hidden her pain from him and how little she knew he enjoyed it. He calmed down as best he could and reached down to his cat scooping him up, he placed him on the counter and walked to the fridge where he opened it and removed a bag of dark blood. A knife made of diamond lay on the counter, it was nothing more than a letter opener but it made it's use as a wrist opener and from there he twisted a cocktail of his blood with the humans blood from the fridge. "Was it the aura? I hear that people like me or my mum can suppress their aura to make it come off as if they are human or pretty close to it to other animals and to people even, it's how I earned This guy." Her passed the glass over.
  9. (thats sad ;(.))

    "i could kind of tell, just a little~" *her white hair turning back to its original color pure black her almost black red eyes stayed the same color. she gave a small sigh her smile dimmed but turned slightly dark. "but how did you tell that i was not 100% human?"
  10. "Quite simply," he started with a boy smile. "Sort of like a snake we can tell though glands at the tops of our mouth what creature is human and what isn't. Suppressing your aura has nothing to do with it. Only creatures like cats dogs and other mammals can sense you in that way. Of course, that is not to say that they cannot smell you. It's a sense I have mastered over the years. After all... I hunt you guys down." His nonchalant way of stating he just killed creatures like Elvira would make any person nervous. He wasn't even hoping she wouldn't care, instead he was hoping she would fear him. He felt he shouldn't be this friendly with her. After all she was just like everyone else. A killer. Something he knew he was not below himself but it still justified his means.

    "Anyway. What are you going to do after today? Clearly you can't go home. I can't let you do that. If I do. My order will be incomplete no matter how we are now. You killed someone of high ranks. Regardless of reasons why I do. So. Tell me something to convince me to take you to the Hunters Assosiation and beg for your mercy on your behalf.
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