In the Trees

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  1. A place for the supernatural to come relax, take off your heavy armor and take a breath of fresh air. The area is a wide area spotted with trees, a river, water fall, hills and vast fields. Not a place for battles or fights, but it may be a place of venting if needed. Also a nice place to run into others you may never meet else where. Get comfy, be open to others and have fun.​
  2. Chloe hummed a sweet song high in the trees as she leaped from tree top to tree top. A smile was glued to her lips as a few animals followed her out of curiosity. Her song floated around the area, down to the grassy floor, though it was far below her. As she neared the river and where it met the water fall she lowered herself from the tree tops gracefully. Once low enough to the ground, she began laughing and jumped from a branch into the deep, clear waters that pooled from the beautiful water fall. Her purple hair slicked back to shape with her head once emerged from the water. Her eyes closed and her back rested in the water keeping her afloat on the warm water.​