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    • In the land of Elisana, there are many races. Anything you could imagine and anything you have ever heard of can be found in the deepest corners of Elisana. It's a medieval era and the arces, for the most part, are at peace. At times, however, there is the common dispute between the Tauren and Human. Our story will take place in the town of Keroen, which resides in the south-east area of Elisana and is very close to the Concave Sea, the sea surrounding the continent Elisana. Any questions?
    That's all I can really think about right now. I'll put my characters up and add characters as we go along. Use any form you want and ask if you have any questions.


      • Aspen Windrunner

      • As an elf, Aspen ages different than other species. Her appearance appears much younger than her age. She is 57 years old, yet appearance wise; in her early twenties. She is considered a young elf.

      • Female

      • Night elf

      • Very agile and swift, Aspen relies mostly on her speed and wits. She is a fast thinker and always has a plan B.

      • Aspen can be very forgetful. She isn't ignorant, but pays too much attention to one thing to consider others. With her small frame, there isn't much strength.

      • Far ranged: Bow and arrows
      • Melee: Daggers and poisons
      • Assistance: A Night Saber named Lansing

      • Aspen lives in the forests of Aliana at a camp alone with her Night Saber, Lansing. She doesn't much enjoy the other species, scared of being unaccepted.
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    I'm working on some art for Lansing rn. Your turn for your first character

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  1. Name:

      • Bandit Rovver

      • Much like the elves, Bandits kind live far longer than humans. Bandit is nearly 43 years old, and is practically still a fledgling. He takes appearance of a male early to mid twenties.

      • Male

      • Bandit is a hybrid, a cross between a vampire and a neko. He is still being introduced to the vampire side, considering his young age, he has practically mastered his Neko side. Considering he is not fully Neko, he is incapable of fully hiding his ears and tail, unlike most, and cannot shift into his feline side. As for his vampire side, his diet consists of purely blood; though he tries to stay away from human and human-like creatures. When he reaches a certain age, the need for blood won't be so consistent.

      • Though, while Bandit's main strength is speed, he has quite the brawn. Mind you, he's far from a body builder, but he is in decent shape. He is witty, and charismatic to some. You either hate him or love him, there is no in between.

      • Bandit has quite the ego, and he's not afraid to show it. Sometimes that mixes him into trouble.

      • Melee: The claws of his neko side, and fangs of his vampire side. Very rarely has made weapons on him.
      • Assistance: -

      • N/A currently
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  2. Can I post my first post?
  3. "No more arrows.." Aspen muttered as she pulled her hand away from her empty quiver with dismay. At the sound of Aspen's mutter, the dragon hatchling scuttled away in panic, in search of its mother.
    Aspen had been watching the hatchling for what seemed like ages, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Figures that Aspen's ignorance had caught up to her this time. "Serves me right." Aspen pulled herself up from the mossy ground and wiped off her sabor leggings. With a sour mood, Aspen kicked a tree stump and began to make her way back to her camp where she would gather more arrows and hunt for the hatchling once again.

    Whilst she walked, the birds and rodents made cheerful melodies and beasts' occasional bellows served as comfort to Aspen. This was her kind of life- the wilderness. Where she wasn't harassed by tons of people like that of the town life. The thought of the town gave Aspen shivers, made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She was always considered the misfit of the townsfolk, being an elf instead of human.

    She was different from the others- standing a foot taller than the average human man. Her purple-tinted skin reflected elaborate tattoos mocking those of sabor stripes. Her hair was thick and blue, giving off a faint ghastly glow and just barely hid the lengthy, pointed ears of hers. But the trait that segregated Aspen the most from the townsfolk were her abnormal eyes. They reflected shades of pink and purple, eerie to most, but they were the only eyes she had.

    Nearing the camp, rustling could be heard from the undergrowth. Aspen stepped closer and the racket grew louder. Just as Aspen reached the bush, a large beast leaped from the shadows of leaves and pined Aspen to the forest floor, it's large face pressed against Aspen's.

    Aspen took a deep breath.

    "Hey there, Lansing." Aspen chocked to regain her air and placed a small kiss on the large sabor's nose. Lansing, the large beast, returned the kiss with a loving, welcome lick. "Ew!" Aspen exclaimed and pushed the cat off her.

    "You'll never believe what I seen! It was the dragon hatchling! Right under the Great Oak.. Gosh, I had the perfect shot.. If only I had some arrows..." Aspen exclaimed while she tore through the undergrowth to enter the camp her and Lansing shared. Lansing gave a small meow, "...And we could have had us a nice dragon stew, I know it's your favorite.. Ugh! How frustrating!" Aspen continued as she made her way to her chest, kneeled down, and dug through her belongings. "Arrows... Arrows.. Where areee yoouu.."

    After a couple minutes, searching became frantic. "Oh no.." Lansing padded up next to Aspen as she slumped down.

    "We're out of arrows. We have to go in town.
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