In the Stone

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  1. The naga were a proud race, half snake half human there mere gaze could turn any living creature to stone.... they were a nomadic race staying mostly in the mountains... coming down occasionally for warmth and food but always returning. They never felt they belonged. Never felt they had a place amidst the humans, the elves, the dwarves... even the basilisk their closest cousin was hard for them to live with. Secluded. With all things that live in seclusion those who do not see them become curious. Rumors are spread. They eat children, they turn maidens to stone, they ruin crops..... poison the waters. They became everyones scape goat. The villains. They were proud, they would fight when attacked. And they were attacked. They lunged and fought and were outnumbered. The most horrible hit happened years ago, the Nestlings.

    They had been wiping the tribes out slowly, few remained scattered in seclusion. The humans found what they believed to be the last nest... and shattered the eggs, killed the naga... burned the remains. All that remained was one. One small egg, picked up by a merchant and sod to a collector, inside was a small naga male. The last of his tribe, but certainty not the last of his kind. He was sold before hatching, born to the world as a slave, an item to be gawked at and used, tossed aside.... he wouldn't be given anything but the confines of a cold cage... or the bed of someone with enough money to pay for his...exotic appeal. He was given food, but not enough... villainized and kept in only a loincloth.... he was a collectors item... polished and shined.... bruises hidden and tucked away. Periodically his scales may be removed for another collector, ripped from his fragile skin and then covered by his scanty cloth. He was the last naga known to man.

    This small boy, was sitting in his cage this day when the foreign ambassador visited. Veiled, and exotic in her own right. From a country east, living in the mountains. A country of enlightenment and fame, a country that would not approve of his living conditions if they knew it
  2. The half-snake boy sang. Something learned from his captor's culture, for no trace of memory remained of his sheltering as a mere egg as a part of his native tribe, no miracle "eureka!" to trigger someday in a flood of recognition and emotion.

    His act of singing was not a ray of hope in the darkness, for there was no other way of life to compare this to, thus no "hope" to reach for. Neither was it anything as calculated as attracting clients which wouldn't help improve his treatment an iota, or tracking the time through the long day by counting the number of verses that passed his lips. No, the youth simply did so in order to distract himself from the tedium and discomfort. His cage certainly accommodated his size including tail... in the same way that a short crate might hold a human's volume in a seated yoga position but not take into account extending oneself, a serious problem for limbs and joints after any amount of time.

    But despite all this, his voice was sweet as the rest of his young lithe form.
  3. She hears the voice and looks over, her eyes darken. How could they do something so horrid to such a beautiful creature? Did they not know what they had in their cage. She goes over to the singing boy and looks at him, his price for rental hung from his tail. " How old is he?" She looks over at the owner, a large man who looks at his whelp. " I have had that little gem for 12 years. His name is Evra" The boys vibrant green scales showed that he was indeed of the venomous variety, but he was milked daily and the venom sold at high prices. He was a gold mine.

    "I will take him for the night" she pulls the required coin out, it was nothing for her. " Take him out of that pitiful excuse for a cage"
  4. Evra looked his renter over blandly, expressing neither relief at being noticed nor apprehension at whatever predictable acts or creative preludes she had in mind. The large man unlocked his cage and the hinged panel swung forward, then Evra meandered forwards in a left-right-left slither the same speed as walking. His one indulgence was spreading his length out behind him after hours affixed in one clockwise coil or another. Though he could be virtually any height he kept himself a head lower than the humans in subservience and his direct speaking a voice a soft whisper until commanded otherwise. A bow with one arm draped across his waist showed the ambassador Evra was at her service.
  5. She watched him move and smiles at his bow. She then leads him back to her personal quarters. She tips his face up, " walk how you like, speak how you like, you are a guest here. How long has that man owned you" she gestures to the pillows, arranging herself. " Have you been fed today naga?" She gives him a nod
  6. Evra followed along, yielded easily when the mistress turned his face up for her to look over. The release of restrictions didn't even seem real, just commands of a different nature. All this was enforced for so long it felt natural, with no "self" or preferences to fall back on. But the youth eased the snake length directly below his human torso until he 'stood' with his navel almost on the floor. He approached her pillows from the side of the bed and fluffed as best he could without disturbing her very much. "It really has been twelve years. And my meal isn't until evening." Singular, meal. At the end of the day, to better focus his efforts into serving or tolerance for those scale amputations and apply one more means of punishing him without visible marks if the day went less than satisfactory.
  7. " Since you hatched then?" She watches him get comfortable and she gently pets his scales frowning at his reply, " well you are going to eat now with me." She rings a bell and all sorts of foods are brought in for the two of them " eat your fill don't be shy" she smiles at him comfortingly.
  8. Evra didn't flinch to the pat on the scales since what was personal space? Whatever today's rental had in mind it was starting off pleasantly, and without a single question to the future - since he couldn't affect the whims of his various masters and mistresses anyway - the naga boy complied with the assignment to eat, trying a rich meat dish and a jellied dessert, both the opposite in their own way of his typical dispiriting rations. "They are very good," he acknowledged not quite as quietly as before, careful of the pillows and bedding as he remained upon the soft furniture.
  9. She smiles pleased with his eating, she had no plans to use him for sex it just pained her to see such a noble creature treated this way.... she tips his face up and laughs seeing he has food all ovr him and she gets a cloth and wipes it clean, " what are you usually fed" her voice is soft, " do you know what you are? Are you aware of your people Naga? I have not seen one such as you since I was a small child"
  10. Evra flushed at the spill that landed food all over him, and gratefully stayed still while his host cleaned him rather than punish or even chastise. At the barrage of questions his face took on strained lines. "Rice and gruel suffice, ma'am." Contradictory as it seemed, the owner kept his gold mine underfed so that he wouldn't get cocky and rebel. "And, no, not at all. Naga is just a word different people use sometimes when they don't call me serpent or viper, it doesn't mean anything to me." Now his masklike face frowned uneasily.

    (( This is just perfect for the description you provided - serendipity or we both stumbled upon the same search? :D He's the only young one I found. The color might be what you had in mind but the lean bod and scared look definitely is. I have to lose the horns of course. :P ))
  11. She nods and wrinkles her nose when he told her about his diet and she nods, " it is a shame to keep you locked here like this. You shouldn't be. You should be in the mountain with your brethren " she gently strokes his scales " are you for sale evra?" she looks the thin and bruised boy over, he still had his milk fangs even....

    ( lol I didn't even look up images but yes, more or less what I was thinking))
  12. The naga boy rippled his reptile length at the gentle touch; clients liked showing appreciation and this one was kinder than all. "The mountains, huh?" He placated his mistress-for-the-day. "The wilds, with bad weather, no homes to live in, no food for sale? Dangerous animals?" The city-kept slave recited all he'd been told of the wilderness. He smiled in humor. "That would be quite an adventure. For some strong man who likes all that, I suppose. And my owner says what I bring in each year is his retirement and I better keep it up," he finished matter-of-factly, much sadder than the chat about adventure.
  13. She laughs at his recitation of her home and she gently shakes her head. " It is beautiful and there is usually plenty of food and plenty of homes. And I see.... why don't you coil up and go to sleep. Go ahead" she gestures to the bed, " I will return in an hour or so." She leaves him in the bed and goes to his owner, she would offer more money then he had ever heard of, certainly more then he could count for the naga boy
  14. The young slave who had seen it all from demon-persecution scenes to scale fetishes took the harmless enough lady at her word. His coils made a second layer of bedding for his human portion, hard muscle yet yielding at the same time. The nature to please, to be a good boy, was part of Evra to his core. And surprisingly enough he slipped into actual sleep after a while from the comfortable pallet and the ease of flexing at will beyond the cage confines.
  15. She returns hours later and smiles, she changes for bed and kisses his cheek settling in with a happy smile and in the morning she tips his face up, " you beloong to me now and you are going back where you belong... in the mountains with those like you, go get your things we are leaving
  16. Erza's heart pounds. "Thi-this is-" some kind of joke, he does not finish the thought. The slave tries again. "Madame you were most kind and generous to treat me to a gracious night as your guest," the formal words come more easily from the manners groomed in for his renters. "But your joke or your escaping fantasy will anger my owner if you carry it very far past his stall for me." He flexes both boyish portion and coils, certain that today will be his easiest day in the display cage ever, after such a fine sleep. He still cannot believe the word that will turn his world upside down.
  17. She tips his face up, " you will be fine. You are such a polite boy" she pats his head softly, " follow me alright." She walks out and no one will stop her, he is her property now. They opened doors for him and she points to her caravan, " choose a pillow and sit" she goes to speak to the others. It would take a week for them to arrive. She sits by him int he back, " would you like breakfast?"
  18. The boy's face goes white like his body has bled out. Even though he can't believe his old owner would release him without hearing it from the man himself, he debates leaving with this woman anyway in the first thought of independence since being taught to be "good" from infancy up. What are the consequences if he's caught? Apologize, play dumb, endure a lashing? ...And then back to life as usual. Not that great a risk if he fails, then.

    "Why would you go to the mountains?" he whispers. "It's such a scary place." He does climb into the caravan and fixes a seat for himself, sticking close to the wall and trying to shelter himself from observing glimpses as much as possible.
  19. She closes the caravan giving him the privacy he yearns for. She tips his face up and smiles, " I am from the mountains and it is beautiful. Not scary. You will have no more cages, or chains, lashes... leashes. You will never be rented out to anyone again and your scales? They will never be plucked" she smiles at him
  20. He breathes deep at that announcement. "I-I'm glad you're doing all this... what will I be doing for you, then?"