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    Have you ever been in a position where you were put on the spot and totally failed? Where you involuntary volunteered for something? What happens once all eyes are on you? Does your face turn bright read? Do you eat up the attention?
  2. I usually find a way to wiggle my way back out of it. Unless it's something I've rehearsed in my head several hundred times, epic failure is always result.

    Face red, ears red, stuttering, the whole deal. Maybe even a panic attack or two, anxiety. -shrugs- Me and spotlights do not mix well: I burn, not tan.

    -is a red-headed, reclusive vampire- >.>
  3. I've never truly failed when the spotlight was on me, but I've had a few flubs here and there. Mispronounced words, missed words. Small things that I can easily cover up. Usually when I'm put on the spot, its voluntary and I'm singing, which I'm very comfortable with.

    I'm more stuttering and embarrassed in normal every day to day interactions.
  4. I cannot stand being in the spotlight. Whether it's a spontaneous event of someone putting me in it, or an event that's focused on me (like birthdays, etc.)... I just get so nervous. I make nervous chatter, I'm fidgety, I blush, and I laugh like a socially awkward idiot.

    I think the worst thing, that I can remember, happened on my 18th birthday. My mom (yes, my mom) and some friends took me to a female strip club the midnight I turned 18. Behind my back, they requested for me to go on the stage with the other birthday celebrators. .__.; I can remember, there was a dude and one of the strippers up there with me. I had to sit in a chair while the girls molested me and put their soft glittery boobies in my face. Before, during, and after the attention I was just a mess.

    One of the girls was like "Look what I got for ya~" before she put her chest in my face and I so dumbly said "Oh, those are very nice." *sigh* To top it off, I tripped off of the stage when I left it. I felt so embarrassed. Everyone there saw. My own MOTHER saw......
  5. Being in the spotlight makes me really nervous, especially if I didn't plan on it. When I do something, I like to be able to devote myself to carefully planning it out, because I'm very tense about making mistakes.

    When I get nervous and put on the spot, I don't tend to blush so much as I fidget and sway. The swaying drives those giving me marks and such just crazy. I can't help it. I think that the worst thing was trying to push myself into trying new things and I auditioned for the theater group when I was a freshman. I stood up there, my monologue memorized... and the entire current theater group was there watching, etc. It was so stressful for me, I swayed while I was talking and talked way too fast.
  6. Many times have I been put in the spotlight. I have failed only to learn from them and get back up from them. When I get up on the stage my face normally goes blank and I continue with whatever I am doing or supposed to be. I realized back in high school never to show fear in the face of a crowd, it makes things worse and builds anti-social behavior.
  7. I actually quite like being in the spotlight. I have played some roles in my old school's amateur English Drama Club, and I rather enjoyed memorising my lines, not to mention acting the play out. I also took place in several public speaking competitions, which, to be honest, were probably the reason I could stand on the stage so easily. Although at first I was all nervous, over time, I have learned how to turn my nervousness into power and how to overcome stage fright, not to mention the fear from the audience. I think it actually helped me grow as a person, not to mention that I got to experience the lives of characters that other authors have created. It was certainly a wonderful experience and even today, if I have an opportunity to speak or to act, I take it.