In The Snowy Shadows. (A Modern Winter Tale) OOC

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Saint Tribs

Original poster

"Something soft and wintery. A game of delicate blushes and bare feet and cold frosted windows and fireplaces."

And much more.

I'm looking for a wintery game. I primarily play male characters who are interested in other male characters. I would like this game to stretch from the beginnings of winter to the spring perhaps and perhaps longer. A fantasy and magical aspect is a must for me, I can't thrive without it. There would be a focus on the little things in life with the background being somewhere perhaps 'North', it can be a generic medium sized town. Perhaps strange things happen there. Little horrors, little miracles. At the core it'd be an almost romance, or a bromance, I'm happy with either.
And snow please, lots and lots of snow.
All of this sounds really good, and I'm fine with the romance direction if that's how you want to go. I almost want to say small town, though. Some of the initial things coming to mind as influences are Narnia, Silent Hill (the snowy small town with otherworldly aspects), Mothman Prophecies, Bridge to Terabithia, and a couple of visual novels I've played (Lamento and True Remembrance, if you know what either of those are).
It doesn't have to go in a romance direction, but I make no promises about my character not getting attached to yours anyway. I'm a sucker for one sided romances. Narnia would be interesting, not Narnia itself of course but the idea of a world inside of a world, though I think a forest or even a home can function like that. Silent Hill might be a little dark for what I'm thinking but I do like the idea of desolation. I know about the Mothman but not seen the movie but I've seen documentaries on it, and I didn't see Terabithia either, unfortunately.

My initial post was more about the 'feel' of the sort of game I'd like. As for story, I'm entirely up in the air. Not too dark or horrific but ... I don't know. I'm terrible at this.
I was speaking more in terms of feel, as well, so I know what you mean. The Mothman movie features a small town in winter with weird, mystical happenings and signs of portent. As for Bridge to Terabithia, it's about a pair of kids who go and play make-believe in the woods, essentially. But it's got a coming-of-age, stepping-between-worlds, very poignant vibe. Lamento is a game about a post-apocalyptic fantasy world where a new, rich, almost shamanistic culture has grown out of the ruins of the old one and which has a very melancholic overtone and lush environment, each location having a different core theme. And True Remembrance is about a town in winter where people with depression go to have their memories of whatever is depressing them erased.

Basically, I'm seeing something melancholic, thoughtful, a bit lonely, with lots of lush pretty description and forests and a small town atmosphere, with some kind of mystical world within a world seeping in. Make sense?

As for romance, I'm okay with us just making our characters and seeing where it goes.
You've got it in the bag! I like that idea. I was thinking (I'm terrible I do my best thinking while riding) and perhaps a roommate scenario might work. I'm thinking my young man shall be Mishka, recently moved to the town after his estranged Father passed away, leaving a house and some bills. Mishka will be looking for a roommate and will be curious about the quaint and quiet little town and very very interested in the woods around it.
Roommate works for me. Maybe we can tie in some sort of history with the house in relation to the otherworldly goings-on?

I'm playing with a couple of character ideas.
That's a neat idea. I like the idea that the house is connected, perhaps Mishka's Father was into something not quite 'right'?
Chat gave me a niblet of inspiration, The Wild Hunt could go through the town? Either the Fae or the Dead, spectral huntsmen with their hounds scooping up anyone who's outside that night? It'd certainly give the town a sense of gloom and fear, especially with no set date just knowing that it's 'sometime in the winter'?
Ohohoh. I like the idea of it being the dead. Something kind of like All Hallow's Eve, but in winter context and nightly.
That sounds incredibly doable. I'm going to get Mishka's profile up today and find a picture of the house as well. :D I'm a very visual person I'm afraid. (As well as silly and about as serious as a pumpkin.)
This is open to everyone... Yes?

I would think that maybe, a small winter-lost town, cut off from the outside world would work nicely. Then at night, random at first but would show some significance later on, the undead show and roam the streets gormlessly, too stupid to open a door but smart enough to track down life stuck outside and devour it. These could be anything from spirits to demons to zombies??

Then of course, that magical sense that once you're a part of the village, somehow you obtain some form of power?
Oh! Sorry Furion! I was messing around with the buttons. ^^; It's not necessarily private but a one on one game, really. It's much less a horror and more of a quasi-soft romance.
I look forward to Mishka's profile! Visual is fine by me. I'll have to see about getting a picture for my character, who I might be calling Desya. I'm still working on his profile, though, so that might change.

Also, man, everyone wants a piece of this. Frei thought this idea was awesome too.
My Lady said the same thing when I told her about the idea as well. *chuckles* I was going to work on Mishka today but I was distracted by having Kehvarl home all day! I will get him down soon though!
That's fine! Take your time.

Name: Mishka

Nickname: None.

Physical Description: He's of medium height and around average weight and appearance. Mishka has short, ear-length wavy brunette hair. He's a little pale around the edges, the lack of sunlight makes him look a touch unhealthy. He's got blue-green eyes, nothing unusual.

Personality: Mishka can be defined as 'soft'. He doesn't really seem like he's got both feet in reality. He's quiet but not all that shy and can be gregarious when the mood hits him. He's a hopeless dreamer though.

Job: He currently works at the florist but is looking for other options.

History: His parents divorced when he was 11, he never really talked to his Father again as he had moved back to his own home town. Mishka lived with his Mom all his life only getting the occasional card or letter from his Dad asking him to come and visit but never offering to pony up the cash for it. He certainly wasn't expecting the letter from his Dad's lawyer after the man's death. His Mom helped him move to the town, leaving college and his failing grades behind. There had to be jobs in the town and there was a few.

Current: The florist doesn't pay enough for him to not take a roommate and he is currently searching for one. He's not made many friends yet but he's got a few casual acquaintances. He wasn't expecting the small town shut-out but he's slowly warming the locals up to his sweetness and how quiet he is. Mishka spends a lot of time outside in the forests, taking pictures of the plants.

Favorite Flavor of Milkshake: Vanilla.

Name: Modest Konstantinov
Nickname: Desya

Physical Description: Thin and weedy with long limbs and messy black hair. Desya has high-set cheekbones, an up-turned nose, and particularly striking golden-brown eyes (often with bags under them). He's on the tall side of average, about six feet even. There is a silver barbell piercing high on the bridge of his nose, as well as a ring on the left side of his bottom lip. His fingernails are ill-maintained, a little too long and often chipped.

Personality: Desya keeps his cards close to his chest. He's not the sort to strike up conversations with a stranger, and can come off as a bit unwelcoming. In reality, he's just socially awkward. He tends to rely on deeds more than words to convey how he feels; he might never say thank you, but you'll find your favorite dessert (the one you mentioned once, offhand) waiting at your place at the table when you come home.

Job: His full-time job is a musician, but his part-time job is working at the local gas station, because his music isn't paying the bills.

History: Desya moved into town as a young teenager when his mother remarried. After his little sisters were born, he found himself fading into the background of his new household, faced with chatterbox half-siblings and an overbearing stepfather. He loved them, but never quite felt as if he fit in with them.

Current: Recently, he began working at the only gas station in town. Since he's a legal adult, not going to school, and working, he's looking for a roommate to split the cost of a house. When he's not at work, he's usually reading, having a quick smoke out back, doing yard-work or housework (he finds it relaxing), or playing with new ideas for his songs.

Favorite Flavor of Milkshake: Mint chocolate chip.
:D Yay! Shall I start us up our IC thread then? I was thinking of starting them off on a weekend after Mishka put his ad up in the local paper. Would you like to play Desya finding the ad or answering it, or a combination of both?
Yeees, IC thread time. A weekend sounds good. I'll probably go over both him finding and answering it in my post.
It's funny but I'm starting to think that Mishka's Dad was a very interesting man. Or at the least has the capabilities to be interesting. :)
Perhaps he could be a reason things get really weird, either his spirit or perhaps he's not really dead at all! Either as a trap for MishMish or he's been kidnapped by the Wild Hunt on their rounds.
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