In the Shadows of Night (HTTYD role play)

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    .:: шнλτ ψσυ τнιπκ ψσυ sεε, шнλτ ψσυ τнιπκ ψσυ κπσш,
    шнλτ ψσυ ғεεl, шнλτ ψσυ ϐεlιεvε...
    ιτ ιsπτ λlшλψs τгυε ::.


    Welcome to my little role play based off of the
    movies, not the books, of "How To Train Your
    Dragon"! I may have written a lot, but it's just
    mostly the rules and characters, which you can
    basically just skip over. The History might catch
    you up on what's happening through out the role paly
    though. I advise that you just skim the history,
    otherwise it might take you a while to join! ;)


    Basically, this is a role play based off of the
    amazing movies and episodes of "How To Train Your
    Dragon". This is based twenty-five years after the
    first movie and twenty years after the second movie.
    If you have not seen the second movie, I advise not
    to really look at the plot, as the plot
    gives away the ending of the movie and the history
    tells you exactly what happens in the movie. So
    there are spoilers!

    Rules { it's all basically the same thing. just be
    literate and respectful and active.

    ☄ site rυleѕ ☄
    Just a reminder to you all, that before you join
    this roleplay, I ask of you to be following the site
    rules. They are the rules that give us the privilege
    to be here so I advise that you follow them. Got it?

    ☄ ѕpαммιɴɢ ☄
    Nobody likes spammed so if you come here to
    advertise I ask that members ignore them and mods to
    tell them to be in their way. I don't like it when
    people randomly ask for us to join their role play
    or clan or group. I don't follow if you spam us. I
    will not allow spamming and I will report you
    Now of you are asking someone to come somewhere,
    that's a different matter. Then I will allow it once
    every hour or once every page. Whichever takes

    ☄ lιterαcy ☄
    This is going to be a very literate role play and I
    expect you to make full sentences. That means proper
    grammar, from the country you were taught in, proper
    spelling, despite auto correct sometimes, and longer
    posts. For each character you role play, I expect
    six lines. That's right. Six lines. Not sentences.
    Lines. That's not too hard, considering your
    character has five senses, some even have that
    special sixth sense. Use them to describe your post,
    as it's more fun to role play with larger posts
    rather than smaller posts and not get enough
    information from it to fully reply.

    ☄ αctιveɴeѕѕ ☄
    I expect you to make a commitment when you join this
    role play. I know that school is going to start soon
    for most and that we like to have fun when we can
    during the summer, but I want you all to be active.
    I have a life outside of forums too. But I still
    made this and am still here when I can be. I want
    you, as a member or mod of the role play, to be one
    at least once every five days. If you are not on,
    but still posting else where I will give you a
    warning. If you are not on this role play within 48
    hours of the warning, you will be deleted.
    A post will count only if you role play. No just
    saying "Hi, I'm here now," or "Hey sorry I haven't
    been here," and then poofing off for four or five
    days only to come back. If I have to warn you three
    times, you'll be deleted when I have to warning for
    the fourth time. I worked very hard in this with the
    help of my Mods. If you ruin our work by making this
    a dead thread, we will not be happy.
    The only exceptions are if you were:
    • grounded
    • on a vacation
    • had a natural disaster
    • moving
    • had a family emergency
    • in the hospital
    If you tell me ahead of time, I will be nice and let
    you off the hook for being inactive. Being grounded
    is also an exception but I would expect that you
    wouldn't be posting anywhere else and I will check
    your activity wall to see if your words are
    supported by proof. Please don't make me delete

    ☄ вαѕнιɴɢ/flαммιɴɢ ☄
    If you don't know already, this is a big no-no to do
    on anything. These two things are basically the same
    thing. They are hating in a person, layout, idea
    and/or role play and I will not tolerate any of
    that. You come here to make fun of anything and I
    will be very angry.
    Members, if this happens, please tell the
    basher/flammer to leave and please report them. If
    they do not leave then stop posting and wait for me
    to come online and I will fix the problem. If you
    have to stop posting, please wait for me.
    This is to prevent anyone to get reported, banned or
    anything of the sort. I love my members so if anyone
    has to pay the price for defending this thread, it
    will be me. Mostly I will ask the person to leave
    and give them a nice little speech and then report
    them. Once I am sure they are gone, I will post the
    little saying and everyone can come back here. I
    love you guys so please do as I ask. =)

    ☄ trollιng ☄
    This is another thing that I find as very agitating
    when I am part of a role play. For those of you who
    don't know what trolling is, it's when a person
    joins to go against every rule you have and to be as
    annoying as possible. I personally hate this and I
    ask that if a troll comes along, to ignore them.
    This is so hopefully no member gets suspended/banned
    nor this role play get deleted. Thank you.
    And just to warn any trolls who would want to do
    that on my role play-I will personally try my best
    to get you banned and I will report you immediately.
    Trolling is not allowed on this role play and I will
    get very angry very fast if you break this rule.
    Thank you for not doing this. =)

    ☄ role plαy ѕtαɴdαrdѕ ☄
    We all love to role play, but since this is more of
    a advanced role play, I don't want to have any
    problems with forum rules and things like that. I
    want you guys to remember what I expect to see and
    what not to see in your posts.
    Short posts. As described in one of the rules above,
    I don't want any short posts. Short one sentenced
    posts are generally hard to respond and reply to.
    And they aren't as fun.
    Drama. Don't make the role play revolve around your
    character. Unless they are apart of the main plot
    and one of the main people in it, don't make drama
    just for the heck of it. Don't just suddenly have
    them fall on a rusty nail and have to have super
    dangerous stuff happen with them or suddenly be
    attacked by a ravage wolf pack. If your character
    has too much drama around them, people tend to not
    like it. When you have your character over reactive
    it tends to be annoying when of do it all the time.

    ☄ cнαrαcter ѕtαɴdαrdѕ ☄
    Yes, we all love our character but please remember
    that we don't like certain amounts of certain things
    in your character. Please review this rule before
    making your character or characters.
    Mary-Sue/Gary-Stus. These two are not allowed in
    this role play. Not even the slightest. If you
    notice, all of my characters have their three (or
    more) fatal flaws. For an example, Robin has a bad
    temper, is so stubborn he can become narrow minded
    and he often means what he says but soon sometimes
    won't follow through with his promises. No perfect
    features either. Meaning they can't have flawless
    skin or perfect make up all the time. They can't
    have perfectly straight, white teeth. Make them your
    version of perfect, but if they seem too perfect to
    me, I won't permit them to be on this role play.
    God-Modeling. No, okay? No. This is not allowed!
    Robin gets hurt, Nightwing gets hurt and even
    Toothless and Hiccup get hurt! No one is immortal!
    Everyone can get hurt. Night Fury, Stormcutter,
    Timberjack or Scauldron. Everything can get hurt.
    Realistic. No other dragon is as fast as a
    Night Fury. No one can withstand a plasma blast
    without getting hurt. No one can easily escape a
    Stormcutter's grasp. No dragon-besides baby
    dragons-can ALWAYS evade a Alpha's command. Keep it
    realistic. Okay?
    Drama Queens. Yes, drama is always fun but having
    way too accident prone characters that act out of
    proportion aren't fun to role play with. We don't
    like sob story's. If your character brings too much
    drama for it to be fun, I will ask that you try to
    make them different. If it continues, I will delete
    your character. Drama queens aren't fun to role play

    ☄ oυt of cнαrαcter reмιɴderѕ ☄
    Please keep in mind of the Golden Rule that we are
    all taught in school. "Treat others as you wish to
    be treated." Don't go out of your way to make
    someone feel annoyed, mad, hurt or left out. That is
    not okay and is a form of cyber-bullying. I will not
    tolerate that and if you do it I will delete you and
    report you immediately. We are all friends here, and
    if you like it or not, you have to act like it as
    Bartering. Not many know of this special little
    thing but the few who do tend to love it. Bartering
    is where we bend the rules of chatting and role
    playing and bring our characters out to chat with
    us. For instance, you can be out if character
    normally and you can pretend your character is on
    your account too. So they chat with you and everyone
    else. Just make sure to have everyone know when it's
    you and when it's them.
    When you talk out of role play, make it obvious what
    is role play and what isn't. If you don't, I will
    ask you to make it more clearer. If you get me
    annoyed by doing this repeatedly I just might ask
    you to leave. More than likely not, but if you do it
    ten times in one day, I might be very annoyed.

    ☄ otнer ☄
    Please respect me and other rpers, remember to be
    respectful, be nice and don't make everything about
    you and your characters. Be literate and keep this
    alive and I think we all will get along just fine.

    ☄ fυɴ ☄
    Remember to have fun! That's the whole purpose of
    this role play and I intend to fully enjoy this with
    everyone. Thank you for joining, if you do! =)


    Background History { sorry it's so long, but it's
    needed to know the setting of the role play

    Two years after Drago and his Bewilderbeast were
    defeated by Toothless and Hiccup, there is a
    disturbance on the horizon. Determined to protect
    his village and yearning to go for a flight alone
    with his dragon, Hiccup goes off on his own, not
    telling anyone where he's going and when he's
    leaving. He chooses to leave on the night of a
    horrible storm to cover their disappearance with the
    storm. Flying in the worst storm both Hiccup and
    Toothless had ever seen or heard of, they try to get
    to one of the islands that has been reportedly
    having troubles with Dragon Riders. Looking at his
    map, the wind soon snatches it out of Hiccup's hand
    and within the raging storm with powerful and
    dangerous winds, pounding hail and stinging rain,
    the two are lost.
    Going against all odds, Hiccup and Toothless fight
    to get out of the storm. Lightning strikes
    incredibly close to Toothless' tail, causing alarm
    in both dragon and rider. Hiccup tells Toothless to
    fly lower, towards the sea. This turns out equally
    as dangerous as the wind is even worse, the hail is
    even bigger and the rain his blinding as well as
    stinging. The waves seem to leap high out of the
    water, trying to take a hold of the two and bring
    them into watery graves. Managing to stay in the
    air, Toothless tries to fly him and Hiccup to the
    safety of land.
    Having a tug of war between life and death, the team
    and the storm seem to battle each other through out
    the entire night. With the waves becoming larger,
    lightning striking closer and the wind getting
    stronger, there seems to be no avail from the
    torture. Toothless is becoming exhausted and they
    need to find land quickly. Hiccup sees a rocky
    outcropping of a island and tries to guide his tired
    reptile friend to the safety. Just as they are
    almost there, lightning strikes Toothless' right
    wing, causing the two to plunge into the raging sea
    in tremendous pain. Separated from Toothless, Hiccup
    is unable to swim on his own. His metal leg gets
    caught in seaweed and rocks and he's unable to swim
    or move anywhere. Then Hiccup proceeds to black out.
    When Hiccup regains consciousness, his black dragon
    greets him. One look at him completely makes Hiccup
    horrified. Toothless' right wing is broken and beat
    in many wrong ways and his tail flap that Hiccup had
    made was gone as well as his saddle. Hiccup also
    seems to be missing his metal leg. With the help of
    his dragon, the boy manages to get onto Toothless'
    back. The two looked around the beach and there was
    nothing that could help them. A storming sea greeted
    them on one side while a rocky cliff was on their
    other side. Unable to go anywhere or fend for
    themselves, Toothless and Hiccup seemed doomed.
    Walking around the beach that seemed to save as well
    as kill them, there was no way off the island or on
    any part of the island besides that small beach.
    Prowling at the edge of the beach, near the water's
    edge, Toothless and Hiccup look for some way off the
    island without swimming. They had nearly drowned
    once and they didn't want to do it again. Taken by
    surprise, Toothless and Hiccup have a extremely
    heavy chain net thrown over them and are unable to
    move from the spot. Toothless growls at the
    strangers that approach them and Hiccup is found to
    be knocked out again through a cloth held to his
    mouth. When he is taken from Toothless, the
    Nightfury goes crazy, trying anything and everything
    to get his rider back. The strangers in the gray
    outfits and strange masks manage to take him onto
    their ship through their own dragons.
    When Hiccup wakes up for the second time, he is
    cuffed to a wooden chair. But, he does have a wooden
    leg, which was better then the other option. A
    large, muscular man enters the room and removes his
    silver mask. He has blue eyes, though his right one
    is cloudy and has a scar down it. His black hair is
    back in a ponytail and he claims to be called
    Reyorke. He is the leader of the Dark Ryders and had
    been looking for a man named Hiccup who rode a
    Nightfury as was the best dragon tamer. This makes
    Hiccup laugh and he tells the man that he is Hiccup.
    This makes the man laugh in mockery at him and he
    leaves the room, not believe in him.
    Meanwhile, back in the island of Berk, everyone is
    in a frenzy. Astrid fears about Hiccup and Toothless
    and has the original group of riders come together
    to go find Hiccup and Toothless. They had been
    missing for a week at this point. Flying in the
    course they had thought Toothless and Hiccup had
    flown in, they found things that only made them fear
    the worse. Torn bits of Hiccup's map. Shreds of
    Toothless' tail flap. Torn tidbits of Hiccup's coat.
    The two things that made them believe the worst was
    when they found the torn up and beat up saddle that
    belonged to Toothless and Hiccup's metal leg. The
    group picked up the remains of what used to be the
    dragon and rider's gear and headed back.
    Back with the Dark Ryders, Hiccup grew more and more
    restless, anxious to see his dragon. Every day
    brought Reyorke and his tauntings. He heard the
    anxious roar of Toothless quite often, along with
    the hostile snarls. The riders didn't seem to give
    up easily and before long they came upon a new
    island. Darke Island.
    Upon being brought onto the shore of the island, the
    charging blast of a Nightfury sounded from above.
    Hiccup ducked and took advantage of the careless
    Dark Ryders. He looked back at his black friend and
    a new curiosity came upon Hiccup. If that wasn't
    Toothless then who was it? Blasts coming from the
    dark night sky above, people gave up on him and
    Toothless to protect themselves. Hiccup limped
    towards Toothless and undid his bonds that made him
    unable to fully move. When the last of the Dark
    Ryders disappeared, a Nightfury landed close by the
    two. It was a girl dressed in black armor, with long
    blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She and her
    Nightfury helped Toothless and Hiccup get off the
    island, bringing them in another long flight over
    the sea. Feeling weird being on another Nightfury
    and the fact that Toothless had to be carried made
    Hiccup's head spin.
    Once upon the new island, the girl and her dragon
    gently dropped off Hiccup and Toothless at the mouth
    of a cave. Leaving the two boys confused when they
    left, Toothless and Hiccup went into the cave to get
    comfortable. It was better than being with the Dark
    Ryders. But how were they going to get down or back?
    Hiccup had no clue where they were. The girl and her
    dragon came back, carrying quite a big basket of
    fish. The girl introduced herself as Raven, her
    Nightfury named Stormnight, who was also female. Her
    voice, her looks and her eyes were all familar. It
    took only a moment before Hiccup knew who it was and
    her name was deffinately not Raven. It was Astrid.
    After confessing it was her, Astrid began to tell
    why she prefurred to be called Raven. Stormfly was
    killed by th Dark Ryders, as they flew to find the
    two boys. But within Stormfly's last moments, a
    strong female Night Fury had escaped the clutches of
    the evil riders. Thanks to Stormfly and Astrid, she
    got away. Draongless now, Astrid was stuck. Not for
    long, though. Just as she thought she was going to
    share the fate of her beloved Deadly Nadder, the
    Night Fury swopped down and saved her, taking her to
    a far away place in which they now stood.
    Together, Astrid and Stormnight helped the two lost
    riders get their strength back and fully heal. But
    there was one bad thing. Toothless would never be
    able to fly again. He would be able to still jump
    high and glide. But never fly. Due to his wing not
    healing correctly and only healing in the angles
    they were broken in, his right wing was beyond
    repair. Hiccup also found a big problem. His balance
    was a bit off. He learned to cope with it, but from
    nearly drowning, Astrid suspected that Hiccup lost a
    part of his abilities to keep his balance.
    Days, months and years passed by. Astrid and
    Stromnight never ceased to surprise the two boys.
    Bringing different types of meat for cooking, new
    ways to fight, different places for Toothless to
    practice his gliding skills, different ways to help
    Hiccup stay on a dragon's back, they all became
    quite close.
    Another year had passed, only there was a new thing
    that happened. Hiccup and Astrid had a newborn son.
    With darker blonde hair, like Astrid's, yet brigh
    and curous forest green eyes like his father's,,
    Hiccup wanted a name that wasn't horride, but held
    power and peace that he was sure the little being
    would make. He and Astrid had decided upon a name
    that brought peace and tranquility. After the gentle
    flow of water that flowed nearby, he was named
    River. Their son was named River. But that wasn't
    the only new addition to the group. A little baby
    Nightfury came within that year as well. With more
    of yellowish eyes then Toothless, but more greenish
    then Blackwing, Raven and Hiccup agreed to name the
    new little one after what he seemed to bring; Chaos.
    Toothless and Stormnight seemed to approve of the
    Only a month after River and Chaos had came into the
    little group, Astrid and Stormnight had gone off on
    a flight. They didn't return alone. A dark group of
    dragons had flown over the island. Upon them, sat
    the Dark Ryders. Terrified for the two young ones,
    Astrid and Stormnight convinced Hiccup and Toothless
    to run with River and Chaos to a secret and hidden
    tunnel that led to a very safe cave. Barely managing
    to get to the hidden spot, Hiccup and his dragon
    went to return. Only to find that the Dark Ryders
    had won the battle. Unable to fly and unable to
    fight, Toothless and Hiccup could only watch
    helplessly as the Dark Ryders destroyed the island.
    Through the fire and flames, it seemed that the Dark
    Ryders lasted an eternity destroyed what the two had
    once called their home. When the evil group finally
    left, Hiccup and Toothless dared to leave Robin and
    Nightwing for only a few moments. The two were
    desperate and terrified. Upon the entire island, the
    only things they found broke their hearts. The iron
    armor of Astrid along other her saddle and sword.
    Lost scales and a broken claw of Stormnight. Those
    were the only hints familiar they found.
    Seventeen years passed by and many things changed
    for both the four on the island of Mystic Waters,
    named after what beauty the island held, and the
    village on the island of Berk. Fishlegs had become
    the leader after Hiccup had "died." They were also
    attacked without mercy by the Dark Ryders. Hiccup
    lost full ability of being able to ride in the
    saddle. But he and Toothless had pushed and pushed
    their sons to become better and the best. Finally
    able to go on missions, River and Chaos, who were
    both now fully grown, fought in patterns against the
    Dark Ryders. Always hidden. Always unnoticed. The
    two always won their battles. Sometimes they flew at
    far lengths to be able to battle. But always came
    back to report to their fathers, Toothless and
    One night, River and Chaos were attacking the Dark
    Ryders when a new group came in. The riders of Berk.
    Fighting without knowing that the team of River and
    Chaos were upon them, they fought and won against
    the Dark Ryders. But this was one battle of many.
    There is now a war between the dragon riders of Berk
    and the Dark Ryders...

    ... and now our story begins...


    {_} River, Hiccup, Chaos and Toothless are going to
    reunite with Berk, eventually. Right now, they are
    allies with their old home and are fighting at the
    best they can against the Dark Ryders. But, they
    have a very deadly secret weapon that will change
    everything. With Toothless unable to fly and Hiccup
    unable to ride, there is going to be a tough battle
    with this returning, horrific threat. Worse of all,
    leading the dark group of riders is someone of
    Hiccup's dreams, riding the same dragon she had when
    she rescued him. Who will win, the Dark Ryders or
    the Riders of Berk?


    { ჯX ƨтσямբlყ Xჯ } -- Game Master -- Midnight, River, Hiccup, Stormnight, Iyce, Chaos and Skye --
    { screen name } -- rank -- characters --
    { screen name } -- rank -- characters --
    { screen name } -- rank -- characters --

    Dragon Species

    • Bewilderbeast [[ Tidal Class ]]
    Species Limit: 2 [[ 1 left ]]
    Type: Very Rare
    Very Special Permission Required to Role Play

    • Boneknapper [[ Mystery Class ]]
    Species Limit: 6 [[ 6 left ]]
    Type: Rare
    No Permission Required to Role Play

    • Changewing [[ Mystery Class ]]
    Species Limit: None
    Type: Common
    No Permission Required to Role Play

    • Deadly Nadder [[ Tracker Class ]]
    Species Limit: None
    Type: Common
    No Permission Required to Role Play

    • Fireworm [[ Stoker Class ]]
    Species Limit: 6 [[ 6 left ]]
    Type: Rare
    Queen Fireworms are the only ones to be Ridden

    Permission Required to Role Play

    • Flightmare [[ Mystery Class ]]
    Species Limit: 4 [[ 4 left ]]
    Type: Rare
    Permission Required to Role Play

    • Grapple Grounder [[ Unknown Class ]]
    Species Limit: 8 [[ 8 left ]]
    Type: Rare
    No Permission Required to Role Play

    • Gronkle [[ Boulder Class ]]
    Species Limit: None
    Type: Common
    No Permission Required to Role Play

    • Hackatoo [[ Sharp Class ]]
    Species Limit: None
    Type: Common
    No Permission Required to Role Play

    • Hideous Zippleback [[ Mystery Class ]]
    Species Limit: None
    Type: Common
    No Permission Required to Role Play

    • Hobblegrunt [[ Stoker Class ]]
    Species Limit: 12 [[ 12 left ]]
    Type: Uncommon
    No Permission Required to Role Play

    • Hotburple [[ Boulder Class ]]
    Species Limit: 16 [[ 16 left ]]
    Type: Uncommon
    No Permission Required to Role Play

    • Monsterous Nightmare [[ Stoker Class ]]
    Species Limit: None
    Type: Common
    No Permission Required to Role Play

    • Night Fury [[ Strike Class ]]
    Species Limit: 4 [[ 1 left ]]
    Type: Rare
    Very Special Permission Required to Role Play

    • Raincutter [[ Sharp Class ]]
    Species Limit: None
    Type: Common
    No Permission Required to Role Play

    • Rumblehorn

    • Sand Wraith

    • Scauldron [[ Tidal Class ]]

    • Screaming Death [[ Boulder Class ]]

    • Scuttleclaw

    • Seashocker [[ Tidal Class ]]

    • Shockjaw

    • Skrill [[ Strike Class ]]

    • Smothering Smokebreath

    • Snafflefang

    • Snaptrapper

    • Speed Stinger

    • Stormcutter [[ Sharp Class ]]
    Species Limit: 4 [[ 4 left ]]
    Type: Rare
    Permission Required to Role Play

    • Sweet Death

    • Terrible Terror

    • Thunderdrum

    • Tide Glider [[ Tidal Class ]]

    • Timberjack

    • Typhoomerang [[ Stoker Class ]]

    • Whispering Death [[ Boulder Class ]]

    Character Descriptions

    characters here


    Hiccup X Astrid { a.k.a. Raven }

    Character List

    Riders of Berk》
    • River Haddock || male || ჯX ƨтσямբlყ Xჯ
    • Midnight Whispers || female || ჯX ƨтσямբlყ Xჯ

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Dark Ryders》[/BCOLOR]
    □ Reyorke Kniegt || male || specified role players

    ¤ Astrid Hofferson (Raven Nosreffoh) || female || anyone/open
    ¤ Hiccup Horrednous Haddock III || male || ჯX ƨтσямբlყ Xჯ
    ¤ Fishlegs || male || anyone/open
    ¤ Snotlout || male || anyone/open

    ¤ Ruffnut || female || anyone/open
    ¤ Tuffnut || male || anyone/open

    ♢ Chaos || male || Nightfury || taken
    ♢ Iyce || female || Deadly Nadder || taken
    ♢ Skye || female || Stormcutter || ჯX ƨтσямբlყ Xჯ [[ wild ]]

    ♢ Dark Death || male || Bewilderbeast || specified
    role players only

    ♢ Stormnight || female || Nightfury || ჯX ƨтσямբlყ Xჯ
    ♢ Toothless || male || Nightfury || anyone/open
    ♢ Meatlug || female || Gronkle || anyone/open
    ♢ Hookfang || male || Monsterous Nightmare ||
    ♢ Barf and Belch || male || Hideous Zippleback ||

    Human Total Count: 9
    - female: 3
    - male: 6

    Dragon Total Count: 9
    - female: 4
    - male: 5


    Joining Form

    Dragon Name -- Age -- Gender -- Species -- Wild or
    [ crush ] -- [ family ] -- [ rider ] -- [ other ]
    { screen name }

    Full Name -- Age -- Gender -- Berkian or Dark Ryder?
    -- Dragon?
    [ crush ] -- [ family ] -- [ dragon ] -- [ other ]
    { screen name }

    -- YES; you do have to make a form for a character
    from the movies! I know, it's hard work but if you
    need me to, I can maybe eventually make your form,
    if you're really that incapable of making a form for
    one of them. --


    I am still working on this, so please give me
    feedback, even if you don't join! Thank you very

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  2. [​IMG]

    ιт ιѕ ѕιмρℓє; тнєяє ιѕ gσσ∂ αη∂ тнєяє ιѕ єνιℓ. вσтн ѕι∂єѕ αяє σρρσѕιтєѕ; αѕ ∂郃єяєηт αѕ ∂αу αη∂ ηιgнт, αη∂ тнє ℓιηє вєтωєєη тнєм ιѕ cℓєαя. σя αт ℓєαѕт, ιт'ѕ ѕυρρσѕє∂ тσ вє...



    .::.:_ cнαt _:.::.

    .::.:_ яσʟε ρʟαч _:.::.



    тнєяє ιѕ gσσ∂ αη∂ тнєяє ιѕ єνιℓ, вυт тнє ℓιηє вєтωєєη тнєм cαη вє αℓмσѕт ιмρσѕѕιвℓє тσ ƒιη∂. ιη тнє єη∂, тнє αηѕωєяѕ ∂ση'т cσмє єαѕу. ιт'ѕ ѕυρρσѕє∂ тσ вє ѕιмρℓє, вυт ιт'ѕ ησт...

  3. [​IMG]

    ιт ιѕ ѕιмρℓє; тнєяє ιѕ gσσ∂ αη∂ тнєяє ιѕ єνιℓ. вσтн ѕι∂єѕ αяє σρρσѕιтєѕ; αѕ ∂郃єяєηт αѕ ∂αу αη∂ ηιgнт, αη∂ тнє ℓιηє вєтωєєη тнєм ιѕ cℓєαя. σя αт ℓєαѕт, ιт'ѕ ѕυρρσѕє∂ тσ вє...



    .::.:_ cнαt _:.::.
    Alright! Sweet! Still have to work on the characters and on the dragon species information, but otherwise, I hope this is a good role play for this site... still probably a little long but I can't help it. cx

    .::.:_ яσʟε ρʟαч _:.::.



    тнєяє ιѕ gσσ∂ αη∂ тнєяє ιѕ єνιℓ, вυт тнє ℓιηє вєтωєєη тнєм cαη вє αℓмσѕт ιмρσѕѕιвℓє тσ ƒιη∂. ιη тнє єη∂, тнє αηѕωєяѕ ∂ση'т cσмє єαѕу. ιт'ѕ ѕυρρσѕє∂ тσ вє ѕιмρℓє, вυт ιт'ѕ ησт...

  4. [​IMG]

    ιт ιѕ ѕιмρℓє; тнєяє ιѕ gσσ∂ αη∂ тнєяє ιѕ єνιℓ. вσтн ѕι∂єѕ αяє σρρσѕιтєѕ; αѕ ∂郃єяєηт αѕ ∂αу αη∂ ηιgнт, αη∂ тнє ℓιηє вєтωєєη тнєм ιѕ cℓєαя. σя αт ℓєαѕт, ιт'ѕ ѕυρρσѕє∂ тσ вє...



    .::.:_ cнαt _:.::.
    Ah... time for bed. Good night in case anyone decides to join! cx

    .::.:_ яσʟε ρʟαч _:.::.



    тнєяє ιѕ gσσ∂ αη∂ тнєяє ιѕ єνιℓ, вυт тнє ℓιηє вєтωєєη тнєм cαη вє αℓмσѕт ιмρσѕѕιвℓє тσ ƒιη∂. ιη тнє єη∂, тнє αηѕωєяѕ ∂ση'т cσмє єαѕу. ιт'ѕ ѕυρρσѕє∂ тσ вє ѕιмρℓє, вυт ιт'ѕ ησт...

  5. {{ Good morning. And it appears no one has joined yet. Oh well. Allergies suck. Especially when they come from something you can't really get rid of in your own home. }}
  6. [​IMG]

    ιт ιѕ ѕιмρℓє; тнєяє ιѕ gσσ∂ αη∂ тнєяє ιѕ єνιℓ. вσтн ѕι∂єѕ αяє σρρσѕιтєѕ; αѕ ∂郃єяєηт αѕ ∂αу αη∂ ηιgнт, αη∂ тнє ℓιηє вєтωєєη тнєм ιѕ cℓєαя. σя αт ℓєαѕт, ιт'ѕ ѕυρρσѕє∂ тσ вє...



    .::.:_ cнαt _:.::.

    So.... I am really hoping someone joins at least... I know this site isn't literate really, but maybe someone on here is?

    .::.:_ яσʟε ρʟαч _:.::.



    тнєяє ιѕ gσσ∂ αη∂ тнєяє ιѕ єνιℓ, вυт тнє ℓιηє вєтωєєη тнєм cαη вє αℓмσѕт ιмρσѕѕιвℓє тσ ƒιη∂. ιη тнє єη∂, тнє αηѕωєяѕ ∂ση'т cσмє єαѕу. ιт'ѕ ѕυρρσѕє∂ тσ вє ѕιмρℓє, вυт ιт'ѕ ησт...

  7. { Yay. .. lucky me... sick once again... on a day I have three tests and s make-up test to take... }
  8. (Hey! I'd love to join. I'll probably be filling the forms tomorrow. Just a question, is this thread for both the RP and the OCC? And I'd like to reserve the Night Fury if it's possible... I just love that dragon so much *-*)
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  9. { Sweet! Thanks! Yes it is, so we can talk as well as role play. As for the Night Fury.... I would love to say yes, but I want to see your role playing skills first and other things. But there is a good possibility you may. :) }
  10. Totally interested! I love night furies, and they have the highest stats, but I don't think I'll end up asking for one. Still not sure yet. I'll try to have a CS up in a few hours. Suggestion: Shorten the beginning, especially get rid of the plot synopses of HTTYD. Anyone about to join already knows. It might help reel people in.
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  11. { Alrighty! Thank you very much! }
  12. { My character forms... which are obviously quite a work in progress... cx }

    River Ravenous Haddock -- 17 -- Male -- Berkian
    -- Has a Dragon
    [ no crush ] -- [ Father is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and his mother is Astrid Hofferson-Haddock ] -- [ Chaos ] -- [ n/a ]
    { stormfly }

    Midnight Mysterious Whispers -- 15 -- female -- Berkian
    -- Has a Dragon
    [ no crush ] -- [ Unknown family heritage ] -- [ Iyce ] -- [ known as Luna ]
    { stormfly }

    Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III -- 41 -- Male -- Berkian
    -- Has a Dragon
    [ is the fiancé to Astrid Hofferson ] -- [ son is River Ravenous Haddock ] -- [ Toothless ] -- [ Chief of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe ]
    { stormfly }


    Chaos -- 17 -- Male -- Night Fury -- Tamed
    [ no crush ] -- [ Mother is Stormnight and father is Toothless ] -- [ River Haddock ] -- [ n/a ]
    { stormfly }

    Iyce -- 15 -- Female -- Deadly Nadder -- Tamed
    [ no crush ] -- [ unknown family ] -- [ Luna Whispers ] -- [ n/a ]
    { stormfly }

    Skye -- 19 -- Female -- Stormcutter -- Wild
    [ no crush ] -- [ unknown family ] -- [ no rider ] -- [ n/a ]
    { stormfly }

  13. Oh goodness. I finally managed to get onto my computer. Sweetheart! Make your font bigger and spread your text across the page. I don't think centering versus left-handing the text matters, but with all the text in a skinny little column it immediately makes people not want to read it. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't have read any of it if I hadn't been on my phone! And the premise is really interesting! Spread your text out. Make it a color easier to see than grey, SHORTEN THE RULES, make the initial picture smaller and don't put giant lines in between each section. I think it's especially important you summarize the rules, because if no one reads it, there's no point writing it, and the longer it is, the less appealing it is to read (since they're just rules). It also makes the RP feel restricted when, as far as I can tell, it's basically just the same set of rules every RP should have: respect the other roleplayers, be active, and don't have ridiculous characters. Fix the layout and more people might join. It was also a great idea to use the banner. Banners = more exposure for other people. Your "welcome" and "about" sections are also completely unnecessary. A question I see asked a lot (and ask a lot) is also how many characters you're allowed to have. Might want to add that in.
  14. { Eh, it's what I'm used to. XD It was how I was taught to make role plays. On a site that I got banned from (for stupid reasons that the Mods won't clarify) which is the site I learned all this stuff, the more detail and the more of a color theme, the better. Long, literate, narrow things are the way of that site. XD I guess I'm trying to adjust being that I went from supreme literacy to... this. XD I am trying and trust me, I narrowed it down a LOT. XD I can show you the original layout, if you'd like. }
  15. Huh. I don't know why long and narrow is considered more literate, considering in actual literature, the only things that are long and narrow are poems, for the obvious reasons. I'm not saying you have to shorten the premise. As a matter of fact, the language feels distinctly truncated, which I suppose is your way of trying to switch from introducing the premise by telling a story, to introducing a premise by explaining it. In any case, I don't have any problems with the content of your story. I only have problems with 1. redundancy/clarification where none is needed (such as the over explanation of the rules and the "about" and "welcome" section) and 2. the format in which you set it up - which makes it essentially look like a poem.. in grey. Neither of which speak at all to the literacy of yourself or your readers. Please don't belittle the site and the people here.
  16. { I didn't mean to belittle or anything. But I am used to tons of literacy and this is taking a bit to get used to. The forms I am from was basically a super very literate ting while this site doesn't have as much literacy or explaining. I like the way it looks, as it's nice and neat. I love reading so... ^_^ I don't mind though. I get it... sort of. The more you explained, typically the more people wanted to join on the site I'm from, as you could say. :) }
  17. Humans:
    Haldor Nederfjord -- 18 -- Male -- Berkian
    Has a dragon
    Buff, with long, reddish-brown hair and well-formed beard for such a young person. He has a sharp, angled jaw, and small, sharp facial features, including a slightly squinty pair of blue eyes. His eyes were made for either scowls or laughter, and he always seems like he's on the borderline of both when he's not really feeling anything in particular.
    He tends to be pretty calm and laidback, not easily roused. In better times he might have come to love a good brawl or two, but he grew up in times too dark to appreciate any more violence. Still, he's got a brawler's blood, as most vikings do, and it's little wonder that his weapon of choice is a nice, strong hammer for bashing. He's a rough guy, not always good at expressing himself, and definitely not eloquently, but he's got a good heart, always trying to do his best to help others.
    [ no crush ] -- [ father Markus Nederfjord, mother Thyra Nederfjord, both alive and well ] -- [ Draugr ] -- [ Hal ]
    { firejay1 }

    Sigrid Ingersdotter -- 17 -- Female -- Berkian
    Has a dragon
    Looks pretty innocent for a battle-worn warrior girl. She's got freckles, light red hair, and wide, innocent green eyes. Her cheekbones are high, and her sun-burnt features are small and rounded, making her face in general open and friendly.
    Despite her physical attributes, Sigrid isn't a delicate person, though she definitely can be called friendly. She's not averse to hurting someone, but she can't ever kill anyone, for any reason. She gets childishly vicious when she's angry, but is otherwise a very kind and empathetic person. She can be a bit of a crybaby when she's hurt, though.
    [ no crush ] -- [ father Gunnar Arneson, mother Inger Valdisdotter, both alive and well ] -- [ Vigge ] -- [ Siri ]
    { firejay1 }

    Ylva Falkis -- 19 -- Female -- Dark Ryder
    Has a dragon
    Her long, jet-black hair is uncharacteristically (for a viking) thin, and instead of tying it back in a thick braid or two, like most vikings, she keeps it as a thin pony tail tied both at the top and the bottom, so it doesn't go flying everywhere. She's got sharp, angular features that make her look intense or dangerous no matter what her mood is, but her face is free of most wrinkles, since she isn't vastly expressive.
    She's a harsh, hard-lined person, known largely for her quiet, unsociable manner and her independent spirit. Like all vikings, she hates taking orders, unlike her brethren, rather than voice any actual sign of disobedience, she rebels by pretending she heard and not listening anyways. As she is not a team player, she naturally feels hindered by others' attempts to help her, so perhaps it's better that way, as it is.
    [ no crush ] -- [ father Varg Falkis, mother Njala Falkis, both deceased ] -- [ Wavesting ] -- [ n/a ]
    { firejay1 }

    Wavesting -- 16 -- Male -- Seashocker -- Tamed
    Looks like a regular seashocker, but a darker blue with deep violet instead of reddish brown accents.
    A strong, but playful creature, he mellows out Ylva in a way no one else can. Even when times are tough, he's ever determined to break her bad moods with what is a fun ride in his mind - mainly consisting of almost traumatically roller-coaster-like spins and swoops in and out of the water. He doesn't always listen to her, but is always looking out for her best interests, including executing practiced maneuvers on her call.
    [ no crush ] -- [ unknown heritage - washed up on the beach as an egg ] -- [ Ylva Falkis ] -- [ n/a ]
    { firejay1 }

    Vigge -- 19 -- Female -- Grapple Grounder -- Tamed
    As a Grapple Grounder, she has the distinct, Chinese-dragon type body with smaller wings. She is bright gold in color and has been said to resemble lightning strikes when she moves.
    She's got a naturally vicious and snooty nature, not really one for much play, but is fanatically loyal to her rider, almost military in the way she follows her rider's orders. She is also extremely protective of Siri, warning other dragons and riders away from her if she sees them as a threat.
    [ no crush ] -- [ mother and father were also island residents, but were both killed in the battles ] -- [ Siri Ingersdotter ] -- [ n/a ]
    { firejay1 }

    Draugr -- 24 -- Female -- Flightmare -- Tamed
    She's a Flightmare on the smaller side, with a flatter, sleeker design than most. Instead of being blue, she's a ghostly white, somewhat resembling the moon when she does quick little spins.
    Despite only being 24, she's a very mature, calm, sensible soul, much like her master, but she was born in the wild and is a strong believer in using her own senses, instead of blindly listening to her master's every command, when she knows for a fact she sometimes knows better than him. She never panics, no matter how bad things get, and she's never afraid, but she's smart, and knows when to withdraw. She's also got a strong maternal streak.
    [ no crush ] -- [ unknown heritage - discovered on the edge of the glowing algae river with a torn, but curable wing and no one else around ] -- [ Hal Nederfjord ] -- [ n/a ]
    { firejay1 }

    Mistdancer -- 12 -- Male -- Tide Glider -- Wild
    He's still smaller than the average adult Tide Glider, but a typical, slightly translucent aquamarine color.
    Being young and tempestuous, he's wild and vicious, in that proud, joyful, wild way. He hates taking orders above all things, and won't be tamed, because he doesn't care for anyone who curries favor. He sticks around Berk, a general nuisance, just for whatever resources they might have. Sometimes he contributes to them, because it allows him to have a consistent roost, even when the Berkians are running low on supplies.
    [ no crush ] -- [ unknown heritage - just popped up one day and hasn't left since ] -- [ no rider ] -- [ n/a ]
    { firejay1 }

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  18. { You may have a Flightmare. =) }
  19. Thank you!
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