In the Shadows of Magick

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  1. [BCOLOR=#160461]
    They say that long ago, the first king of Yndheim stood
    against the forces of evil that massed around his people,
    no more than a tiny settlement at the time.
    Together with the warriors that he trusted most at his side,
    he drove back the dark forces and founded Yndheim,
    the place where his people could find peace at last.
    The bloodline of this king has remained on the throne since then
    and it is thought by many that the blood coursing through their veins
    still rings with the power that has safeguarded the land for generations.

    Chapter One: The Bear of the West

    The sound of seabirds and the crashing waves of the sea could be heard clearly in the silence of the halls leading to the throne room. The only other accompaniment were the noises that Signe herself made as she hastened to the doors, the hard breathing from her rush and the pad of her footfall over the stones. Within the minute, she reached the heavy wooden doors and pushed it open forcefully, for some force was required to fling it open by virtue of its natural heft and the metal reinforcing it. Care had been taken to make this room as secure as it could be, though few mortals would dare to threaten the man who not only was descended from the founder of Yndheim but was also protected by a group of the strongest warriors one could find.

    "My king" she said, exhaling the words in a sharp breath as she dropped to her knee before the throne. She was greeted by an impatient huff from the man sitting in front of her, who was waiting for her to lift her eyes so he could beckon her to stand once more.

    "Signe, must I tell you again how uncomfortable it makes me for you to kneel any time one of us enters a room? I understand that you want to prove yourself but it's unnecessary. I chose you because I trust that you will be a more than worthy captain of the guard: you don't have to try to impress me."

    A small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. At times, it was easy to forget how long they had been friends, for he regarded every member of the guard his friend. He knew her thoughts well and was usually able to provide the appropriate encouragement to buoy her spirits.

    "I've alerted the other guard members to assemble, now, and they should all be arriving shortly. When they have gathered, we will be able to discuss the situation further in depth. When I called upon House Taivo, there had not yet been any further word about their Lord and I fear that we will have to act after all."

    The expression on the face of the king sobered, for she had touched on the intended purpose of the meeting and they both knew it well. It would be nearly a full moon cycle since Samit Taivo had taken a host of men with him into the tundras and there had been no word from any of them since. Both turned to the door with an expectant expression, awaiting the other members of the guard to report in and begin the meeting.
  2. Again the door opened and in stepped Johan, who previously sat in the forest, carving figures out of wood with his seax. Signe eventually found him and informed him of the gathering. Over the years she had figured out his usual whereabouts when he was off-duty, although finding him could still be somewhat of a hassle. As he had nothing else to do, he put his carvings into a bag and quickly went home to drop them off before heading to the throne room.

    Letting the door close again, he walked towards them and raised his hand in a friendly greeting, “Hello, Seidall. Signe.”
    While he had his fairly reasonable assumptions – so he thought – what the meeting was about, he mentioned it not.
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  3. Thorn pushed open the door with his shoulders; his hands were busy fidgeting with something in a towel. "Milords", he greeted, bowing lightly to the small assembly. "I hope I'm not late -- with summer's arrival, father's business is having its usual boom --" He swaggered over to his place next to Johan "-- asked me to help out with some goats, what with my brother having caught cold --" dropped the towel, revealed his blood-stained knife "-- sure wish he had some spare blades in his workshop --" bent down to pick up the dropped towel "-- interrupted my morning meditations --" stood back up, looked around, pursed his lips at each absence "-- oh, I guess I'm not late after all. Well, er --" and finally smiled awkwardly, his nervousness at this being his first official day on the job returning to him. "-- er, how is everyone?"
  4. "So much for off-duty time. At least I managed to complete the hunt; hope I'm not too late. Surely they won't begrudge me dropping off the prize at the shop? At least I didn't have to change clothes..." Such thoughts went through Nisi-Ha's mind as she approached the throne room. She moved in her usual noiseless manner and opened the heavy door, entering the room with spear on hand, her large overcoat with the emblem of House Taivo plain to see on her back.

    "Nisi-Ha, reporting as summoned." She offered a polite nod to Thorn and Johan, then faced Signe, saluting her while curtly saying, "Captain.", then finally turned to the King and, hand over heart, bowed deeply, and said "Sire."

    After a moment she straightened herself and stepped back to right next to Thorn, a small grin on her face as she rested the butt of her spear on the floor. The young man certainly aroused some suspicion in her, given what she'd heard during House meetings. Still, he was a member of the Guard now, so mysterious or not, he was one of the best, and Nisi-Ha tried to quell her doubts by looking at the door expectantly. "Now then, who will get here next...?"
  5. Wandering in Fiske glanced around the room, and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

    Damn looks like I'm the last one in. If Ivar wasn't such a pain maybe I would that's not fair he's still...

    With a slight bow the young man shuffled into his usual spot in the congregation, looking a bit frustrated.

    "Pardon the delay captain, my king, the young ones were rather energetic tod...oh..."

    Picking up on the mood Fiske stopped himself, the guard had been gathered and their leaders were very obviously on edge.

    A death among the nobles..? No, not quite that grim yet, but that look on the captain's face isn't too far off.

    "...Forgive my impertinence, but it seems like we are in for some bad news, are we not?"

  6. As the final member of the group that Signe had gone to fetch arrived in the room, she gave a nod to King Seidall that that was the last of the members expected to make an appearance today. There were, of course, a couple members missing from the number for reasons relating to injury or, in the case of one of them, a particular mission of his own that had rendered him unavailable for this one. It was not ideal for their number to be as few as it was but each of them was skilled and were those that Seidall most trusted to be at his side. Whether they were confident in their own abilities or not, he had seen something in each one of them that he believed was worthy of being a member of his guard. Whether his choices were wise, well... the man was still alive, which had to count for something. Some had muttered excuses upon entering and looked more than a little unprepared but they had been summoned on short notice. She gave them each a small nod as they arrived but kept her silence, shaking her head at any questions. They would be answered in their time.

    Taking Signe's cue that this would be the full company at his disposal, Seidall beckoned them to follow him and led the way to one of two doors on the wall opposite where they had entered. Obediently, the members filed after him, expressions ranging from abashed to concerned as they passed Signe, who intended to bring up the rear and close the door after her. She could tell that the number had some inkling of why they were all here today when it was not their turn to be on duty. As the last walked through the doorway, she too entered the smaller chamber.

    At the center of the room stood a large table, of great enough size that they could all easily fit on the benches surrounding it. Shelves lined with walls filled with various things, though the majority held tightly rolled scrolls. At the center of the table, a map lay unfurled, held into place with delicate eagle pins in shimmering gold. It was Signe's first temptation to examine the items on the shelves that were not scrolls, like a delicate model ship made of wood, but she restrained herself and shifted her gaze back to Seidall.

    "Please, sit. I have something that I wish to discuss with you." His voice was sober and carried a quiet dignity. This was the voice of a king and a certain pride swelled in Signe's heart that she was here, serving as the captain of his guard. She swallowed the feeling, however, to do as requested and sat herself down at the table, giving a good view of the map. When everyone had done as asked, Seidall sat as well.

    "As you may have guessed, the matter at hand is the disappearance of one of my lords, the brave Samit Taivo. I have received some reports from his house that he has been gone far longer than anticipated and they have begun to worry. Not only is it a dangerous task at hand but I am told that Samit took with him many of the more capable members of his house. That leaves little option for who can be trusted to go and search for Samit. I would... understand if you were hesitant about this request. It is a dangerous thing that I ask of you. In light of the risk, I would remain here with the castle guard and the few remaining members of the guard as my defense."

    Seidall looked around the table, meeting the gaze of each member briefly before taking a spare pin in his hands and indicating a location toward the west of the map.

    "From the accounts of House Taivo, this is the general area that Samit told them that he would be heading. I am fortunate to have a member of House Taivo on the guard. Do you know of this place, Nisi-Ha?"
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  7. "Didn't know this was behind the throne room...", thought Nisi-Ha as she entered the room full of scrolls. After being asked to sit down, she'd leave her spear against the wall, next to the door, and do so, proceeding to listen grimly to the king's words. "At last! It's been far too long."

    Upon being addressed by the king, Nisi-Ha nodded and stood up, cleared her throat and said, "I do, sire. I've not been there since I joined the guard, but I remember the area enough to get there. Lord Samit intended to be away for at most a week. He and his host of veterans were to visit a shrine that I haven't been to. I only ever was allowed to see the cave where it is located."

    Nisi-Ha would lean over a little towards the map, looking intently at the pin. She thought it was not quite right, but maps had never been her forte, so after moving her hand clumsily, as if she were to point elsewhere, she simply withdrew it and sat down.
  8. Johan followed into the meeting room without further ado, quickly settling himself on one of the benches beneath the table, where he took a quick glance at the map before Seidall began speaking.

    It was, as he had expected it to be, the matter of House Taivo, however he hadn't heard of more details, thus Nisa-Ha's comment stirred his thoughts. Most importantly, the fact that they went to visit a shrine located in a cave. After giving some thought to it, he remarked:
    “If they went into a cave, it could mean that they are trapped, unless perhaps if it has another entry point. I think it either it caved in, which it probably did not, or some sort of creature or bandits are keeping them trapped in there. Needless to say, I'm eager to find out.”

    Shortly after he stopped speaking, he wondered why Nisi-Ha hadn't moved the pin like she first attempted, but decided not to ask and instead kept looking around the map for anything that could be of importance.
  9. Fiske quietly rested his head on his fist, leaning on one of the shelves...

    Some of our best outdoors-men and strongest warriors all in one place in a familiar location huh...

    Fiske glanced over to Nisi-Ha's instinctive movement to re-position the pin. Getting lost or taken head on was unlikely, even she knew the area too well for that so...

    "I'm not sure, did anyone else know that this expedition was planned prior to the band's departure?"
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  10. Thorn blushed as he passed through the threshold, noting the map laid square on the table. His first official day on the job, and it seemed to be a prelude to some expedition -- not that he hadn't the feeling already. Just a couple of days ago, the matriarch of house Taivo herself appeared at his father's doorstep, goat at hand and sullen expression in face, and a couple more days before that, the first rumors had already arrived, through conversations with one of his father's colleagues. And house Taivo was a very important link in the chain, being the one family that was so wont to go on adventuring in the wilderness -- and thus, finding trouble.

    But what troubles had the house found this time? Thorn remembered the scene of his father's sacrifice for the matriarch -- as they opened up the goat, Beow immediately noted the pale color of the beast's liver, but even after getting his hands dirty for a good half-hour, the organs revealed nothing else, they were too mashed up, too confused to say anything specific. And this, Thorn had heard, was also the case with the other shamans -- ominous signs, sure, but how so, never clear enough. Which was in itself another threatening sign.

    Of course, this didn't threaten Thorn's resolve one bit -- it was, after all, demanded of him to keep to his duties, and whatever troubles he was destined for were troubles set by the gods, whose wisdom was far beyond his own. In fact, as the king continued with his address, Thorn even smiled, hiding it behind a bashful turn of the head -- and there, it caught his eye: the king's coronation armor, a shirt of splinted mail hanging proudly between two shelves at the wall furthest from the door, its links glistening in the candlelight, its plates shaped into the faces of various beasts, all alternately smiling and snarling, praising and condemning his every thought, his every feeling, his every gesture.

    Thorn's smile widened. It was a piece he'd only heard about, having been forced by his master to continue working on his foraging skills that day. What a pain, that he'd missed such a splendid sight, for the sake of a few berries -- and yet what a wonder, that such punishments by his master and the gods ultimately led him back there, to the room behind the throne, to his exclusive view of the armor. His smile quickly disappeared, however, as the king ended his speech, addressing the person seated next to Thorn, Nisi-Ha.

    ....Lord Samit intended to be away for at most a week. He and his host of veterans were to visit a shrine that I haven't been to. I only ever was allowed to see the cave where it is located. Thorn raised a brow as Nisi-Ha's hand lingered over the map, but ultimately pointed nowhere -- then, he listened to Johan's remark, and an uneasy feeling developed. Underground shrines were never built without the advice of a proper surveyor, and the visitors were a band of Taivo veterans, who no mere beast nor band of bandits should have so easily subdued, at least not without the return of some sort of messenger. And then he remembered: supposedly, Nisi-Ha received the blessings of Mmemis, and she was almost as new to the guard as Thorn...

    But then, the concern of house Taivo's matriarch returned to him, and the question of some sort of anti-royal conspiracy quieted down. "Lady Taivo visited the house just a few days ago, and she seemed worried sick, though I couldn't tell if she knew about the business beforehand or not. All we got were useless signs -- I mean, sure, bad, but useless -- as with all the other priests she visited. Something's definitely up, though it's probably more than what you think, Johan --" a subtle look at Nisi-Ha "-- or maybe something less. But I am eager, just a little unready --" a whisper, so as not to break the conversation's flow "-- that is, unless the lord's got us supplies already?"

  11. Until this moment, Signe had held her tongue - she knew that she could at times subdue the quieter forces around her without intent and had thought it wise to let the rest of her guard have their say and express any doubts in the mission before she committed them to it - but she stood up from the table now that Thorn had spoken. It would be a lie to say that she was not nervous, for this would be the first time that she led the entire guard and to take this motley group to search for seasoned adventurers who should have been in their element when they disappeared was a daunting prospect. All the same, though, if the king has requested it of them, surely it meant that he had faith in their ability to return successful. It was also an important task, not only to prove her worth and the mettle of the guard she commanded but because the lives of townsfolk both dear and valuable were in the balance.

    These thoughts flashed through Signe's head but her proud expression did not waver and any hint of indecision could hardly have glinted in her determined gaze. They needed her to be strong and she would not let them down. A strong leader would ferry their concerns to let them cross easily. Their conviction would only strengthen her.

    "Then it is decided, we are of one mind. We will seek out and rescue Lord Taivo and his men if it is within our power to do so."

    She splayed the fingers of her right hand across the table while the index of her left hand traced a rough path between the town and the location of the pin. She herself had been to the mountains only a scant number of times, few enough to count on one hand, but was grateful that Lord Eidor had seen to it that she could find her way there at least. While they were not as old friends to her, the paths would nevertheless be familiar and she could reach the edge of the mountains with reasonable haste.

    It was the king's turn now to stand and he clapped Signe on the shoulder as he did so. His expression was more reticent and he wished that there were a solution to this problem that exposed fewer of those that he had come to trust and care for to the dangers that may have befallen Samit.

    "House Taivo plans regular expeditions for any number of purposes. Insofar as Sa- er, Lord Taivo told his house, this was little more than a common journey to the shrines to make an offering to Heivald. The house has offered to provide extra equipment to all of you to meet the demands of the task at hand. I had little doubt that you would accept and sent word ahead to the members of the house to prepare for you. You have an hour to prepare what you need to leave, say your goodbyes... and then you'll meet at the watchtower at the edge of town, where House Taivo will have sent people with the equipment."

    With a nod in Seidall's direction, Signe had moved to the door and swung it open once more. She would wait for the rest to leave and ensure as she left that all was in order. Her thoughts drifted to what of her own she would take with and what would be provided. It was likely that there would be furs to weather the freezing winds and certainly food...

  12. If they still breathe. Even if my initial impression is wrong there's just too much bothering me...

    With a clench of his fist Fiske gave a bow as he left, a wry smile crossing his lips.

    "The king has spoken I suppose...Let's not disappoint him."

    Fiske thought to himself about informing the children of his departure, or approaching his father alone for advice but...that seemed altogether too passive and fatalistic. Indeed addressing the matters at hand with his fellows felt like a more relevant endeavor, and thus as the group began part ways Fiske spoke...

    "Actually...While I trust the king's judgement in choosing to send us, am I wrong to feel ill at ease?" Quickly motioning to Nisi-ha, Fiske continued. "To these men, visiting that shrine was like strolling through the main plaza, Nisi isn't strictly a formal member of the house and even she knows the location with some familiarity."

    Fiske turned to newest member of the guard. Fiske had heard of the young man from some of his Leyst superiors, a young prodigy of house Camphari that was expected to become brilliant, even with his family's more pagan behavior. Fiske always felt like such talk was somehow...both condescending and rather overbearing for a young man yet to truly make a name for himself, and Fiske wanted to make sure that the newcomer was welcome and more self-assured...

    "Thorn, was it? With all due're not the most familiar face to me at the moment. You seem to have good judgement at least, but in case things get rough, how much practical experience do you have with these sorts of affairs?"
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  13. Upon being dismissed, Nisi-Ha would bow to the king and snap a crisp salute to her captain before, picking up her spear and exiting. While doing so, she heard the freckled young man, and upon being gestured towards, she responded in kind by silently moving closer to hear what he had to say...

    He made good points, Nisi-Ha admitted to herself as she nodded at his words. The cave shrine was not one the House visited often, as far as she knew, but never had there been any unforeseen debacles like the one currently happening. The Lord and his companions knew when nature would be at its harshest and deliberately avoided those days. Still, she did not like the suspicion these thoughts brought about - that somebody, or something, had deliberately caused this disappearance. It sounded a little pessimistic to Nisi-Ha, but frankly after thinking it over a little, he was likely right. Nisi-Ha offered him a subdued, concerned smile and a nod.

    After, he directly addressed Thorn. Knuteson was doing everybody a favor in trying to learn more about the Camphari champion, but they needed Johan's input too. As Fiske spoke to Thorn, she demurely looked at Johan and pointed at the two by tilting her head a bit, then she looked back at Thorn and Fiske,

    "Beowsson can pull his weight, I am sure. Yet, a little more knowledge is in everybody's interests. To better cooperate and survive."
  14. Thorn felt a certain weight in Fiske's question, and so he took his time before answering. "Well, I suppose I've had plenty of experience living in the wild, as my master Thrott often took me out there to train --" he swung his knife, casting a brief glance at the whipping scars on his hands " -- but the woods he took me to were well-managed, or at least well-traveled. I can surely take care of myself, just not lead myself, or anyone else, back home, if we get lost. I'm sure others have better skills than me in that area --" he cast another glance at Nisi-Ha, a warm look hiding his creeping doubt " -- perhaps the sponsored of House Taivo, although....pfft, maybe you meant something else?" he finished with a grin -- then sheathed his knife and found his way out the chamber, second in exiting to his captain and his king.
  15. Getting supplied by House Taivo certainly was unexpected, though he wouldn't hesitate to accept the offer. Perhaps they had a horse that he could use to carry some of his own supplies and equipment, meaning that he wouldn't have to rent a horse additionally to his riding horse as he usually did.

    His thoughts were interrupted by the dialogue that followed about Thorn's experience, Nisi-Ha stressing the importance of this knowledge, giving both him and the questioned a questioning look and Beowsson responding. Johan weighed in his considerations after giving them some thought, “I trust there's a reason for him being in the guard, unless I've misjudged Seidall in that he values his and others' lives. However, self-doubts can be had afterwards, they'll only hinder you during the task. Anything we can say about what happened is guesswork at best, so don't worry about it… We can better assess our situtation when we're there. If you really want to talk about it, we'd better do it on the way. The sooner we get there, the better.”

    True, they might have a difficult task at hand, but he had confidence in his abilities and could count on Signe after having worked with her since he became a member of the guard three years ago. He has overcome many challenges in previous endeavours and would never cease to rise up to them. This would be no different.

    Because he was previously around the forest and carving some figures, he was clad in regular clothes merely carrying his sword and seax around. Besides, he still would have to visit House Taivo and get a horse packed with the equipment, which'd also take some time.
    “Now, if there's nothing else, I need to prepare for the journey.”
  16. "That's fine, if that's the case you'll do better than this dumb tavern rat in the wilderness, if nothing else."

    Fiske grinned at Thorn and gave him a pat on the shoulder, his expression slowly turning sour as Johan spoke, looking back to the young man.

    "Oy, Johan, that's...I just said I trusted both of..."

    Taking a deep breath Fiske forced a crooked smile. Johan was always like this, gallivanting ahead, brazenly stating what was on his mind irrespective of those around him. When Fiske was still cleaning this man's mugs for a living, he would have taken the accusations of distrust personally. But with service along side Johan, Fiske understood more that Johan was the type to act on his own and obsess with his own personal perfection to the fault of his people skills. After the last year, Fiske would admit that Johan was his senior and his superior in many ways, but sometimes that ego would...With a shake of his head Fiske, looked over to Thorn.

    "Don't mind Johan, he's a real charmer when he eases up on the brooding a little...he's right about idle speculation, but we've done this dance before. Sometimes later doesn't come."

  17. As soon as all the present members had left the strategy room, they had fallen into more casual stances and begun to chat a little, something that Signe heartily approved of them doing. However, it took barely the space of a breath before they had begun to speculate on the reliability of one another and other such things. As they were all cautious individuals who bore mind of the weighty burden they each carried, the protection of the king, it was only natural that they would have high standards and doubts when it came to those whose abilities were yet unproven in their eyes.

    Ah, gods, give us strength. Signe closed her eyes briefly, this thought resonating through every fiber of her being. This would be their first true test as a group and there was always some growing pain to be had when taking a band of mostly self-sufficient brooding types and tossing them together to accomplish something. It would have been naive of her to hope otherwise but, if she were to admit it to herself, she had still held out that faint glimmer. They weren't at each others' throats yet, though, so that was a real starting point.

    Stepping forward toward the throng, Signe smiled and opened her arms wide in the most relaxed stance she could take on with the thoughts still swirling in the back of her head. It would not hurt for her to socialize with them either, after all. There was time left until they would need to be at the tower and it was not so far away that the trip would take much time, even with a stop to gather some personal items in preparation. Before she could speak, Seidall brushed past her, a light clap on the shoulder being his only parting sentiment.

    Seidall had his own concerns and departed the group without extra ado to go to the chambers where he met with his advisors. Between the castle guards and the remaining few members of the guard, who were still fearsome warriors even while recovering from some minor injuries, Signe had little worry that things here should proceed in a routine manner.

    "I can tell already that you've taken a shine to one another, then" Signe said, a smile playing about her lips as she looked around the group. "I'll have to ask that you keep your fraternization purely platonic, though. I've no mind to come into a lover's quarrel while I'm out dealing with Heivald's icy breath in the mountains." Her eyes were glinting and she hoped that they were in the place to take a joke. If not, this lot were going to be harder to pen in than she had thought. Fiske, though, for his part did seem in a playful mood already, which made Signe hopeful that the reception would ease the mood as intended.
  18. As Thorn answered, Nisi-Ha got the impression that perhaps she hadn't expressed herself properly. Still, it was reassuring in some way to hear from the man himself that yes he was a capable survivalist. As he spoke and referred to her, she shyly turned her head away, intending on answering that House Taivo training or not, she wasn't overly fond of prolonged stays in the wilderness even if she could do it reasonably well.

    Before she could, though, Fiske gave himself too little credit and, as she had hoped, Johan intervened. Nisi-Ha had known Johan for the better part of a year now and was well aware of his proclivities for the stubborn, professional, somewhat aloof style, so his stating to focus on going forward didn't come as a surprise. After her senior in the guard left and following Fiske's intent, Nisi-Ha smiled apologetically at Thorn and said,

    "Johan always makes his own path. Beowsson, thank you for speaking. Knuteson, maybe we can plan more while we walk."

    At this time though, her captain showed up with an easy-going pose that made Nisi-Ha smile a little. Signe's comments on the platonicity of inter-guard relationships made Nisi-Ha think for a bit; she wasn't prone to wild imaginings, but the captain and Fiske together, or she and Thorn made for peculiar couples to say the least. Naturally, Nisi-Ha's only answer was to tilt her head at the captain and offer an amused yet puzzled look.

    "Hehe, Captain, 'keeping' our relationships at this level? What kind of improvement could you have in mind?"
  19. Thorn noted the slight turn in Nisi's head, and what doubts he had about her allegiance grew to encompass her skill -- or perhaps she acted in modesty? But for Thorn's pagan sensibilities, such modesty felt more like a vice than a virtue, especially with the group's purpose, and he would have made his discomfort apparent if Fiske did not follow with something more offensive. Unlike with Nisi-Ha, Thorn had already heard a bit about Fiske's background, and he knew there was no point in correcting that godless aspect of his, or at least not at the moment. "Oh, I don't mind, Fiske -- and, er, alright, Nisi-Ha."

    Then the captain came and spoke to the whole group, this time in a more unfamiliar tone: that is, her tone of familiarity. Her joke, he doubly appreciated -- considering his youth, romance was very likely -- and he turned to her and winked. "Hahaha --" but then his face fell. "-- wait. We're going out on an expedition now, yet father blessed me only for, well, standing around. We, or at least I, will need to get a proper blessing!" His step immediately quickened, so that in a few moments he outpaced even Johan. "This shouldn't take long."
  20. Thorn's haste and urgency for a blessing lent Johan a smile.
    “Have you forgotten where we're going?”
    he called to him as he ran, playing on the fact that Samit went missing at a shrine. He wasn't sure if Beowsson understood what he meant, he seemed rather consumed with the thought of running with the speed of Brai'ari's avatars.

    Shortly after he recollected and remembered what Signe said, responding somewhat amused
    “Hmph, don't worry Signe, you know I'm not one for lover's quarrels. Icy mountains sound more like it.”
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