In the Shadows of Magick

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  1. You have been chosen.


    To be selected as a member of the elite guard to the king is the highest honor that a warrior can achieve. Men and women alike are selected from the region for their prowess in the art of battle. They enter the guard as skilled warriors but the members themselves are of a class all their own. Their talents have led to rumors that they have been blessed.

    To become a member of the guard is a responsibility not taken lightly. It is the duty of every member to defend the king at any cost, even their own life. The king is the foundation upon which everyone stands, for it is he who keeps at bay the foul magicks surrounding Yndheim.

    Since the time of the king's ancestors five generations back, there have been foul magicks that weave through the world. The wicked beasts in barren tundras to the west, the capricious seas in the north with their uneasy waters, and the foreboding forests to the south all threaten the safety of the entire population. It is the king alone who wields the power to keep these foul magicks at bay.

    Keeping him safe will be no easy task.


    • Though the environment surrounding Yndheim is treacherous, there have been gifts bestowed upon the chosen of the gods since time before memory. The nature of the gift is determinate upon the god or goddess whose favor is bestowed, from enchanted equipment of legend to unbelievable skills.
      Mmemis (open)
      The god of shadows and protection. Like the dark of night, he is both friend and foe. He is the most aloof of the gods and his favors tend to be seldom and subtlest. The invisible and the quiet are his favored.

      Heivald (open)
      Said to be the king among gods, he is noble and valiant. Stalwart and unmovable, he is as the tundra mountains, looking down but never bending. He takes especial interest in warriors who are true of heart and steadfast in spirit. His favored are the defenders.

      Sinnon (open)
      The lady of the waters, consort to Heivald. She is graceful and fluid, adaptable and enigmatic like the depths. She praises those who are creative and warriors who seek to create new solutions to old problems. The inventors and mediators often bear her mark.

      Brai' ari (open)
      Brother of Sinnon and fond too of adaptability. Brai'ari is said to live in the clouds, spying on people from above to play tricks and bring rain when they are at work. He is lighthearted and chooses his favored for fleetness of foot and good humor.
      Virvaxi (open)
      Child of Heivald, he and his sister are the youngest in the pantheon. Virvaxi is humble and dependable, the god of crops and growing things. His favored are those who seek to protect and create stability above all else.

      Veithi (open)
      Youngest beside her twin brother, Veithi is the goddess of the forest. She thrives in the hunt and the thrill of the kill. The magic that seeps from her forest is the purest and she is said to have enchanted the pools within to converse with the others in the pantheon. She is the duality, favoring both hunters and those skilled in magick, as long as they possess her fiery spark.

    • [​IMG]
      The current king of Yndheim. His forefathers have been kings, tasked with the protector of Yndheim and its surrounding villages, as well as with appeasement of the gods. The heir to the throne of Yndheim has a particular burden on their shoulders and must weather danger from every side. The few friends that a king can have must be dependable without equal, meaning that a king will often only truly let his guard down with his elite guard. He selects these guardians by hand, watching demonstrations of their prowess and carefully evaluating their character.

    • Noble families:
      Weirin (open)
      Established by Tolth Weirin, brother to the first king of Yndheim in legend. The oldest of the noble families, they cling to the traditional ways. They keep a robust staff and train many aspiring warriors. Strict on hierarchy and staunch allies. Currently headed by Lord Avsten Weirin.

      Lesyt (open)
      The only noble house established by a woman, the warrior of legend known as Mercy. They focus primarily on charitable acts and their guard often doubles as child minders for orphans. They have a strong affinity for those with skills in magic. Currently headed by Lady Jeda Lesyt.

      Eidor (open)
      Establish by Eidor, the mighty hunter who is said to have left his wife and children to live the remainder of his life a bear in the service of Veithi. His house still trains proud hunters and is also the head of the tanners. They are known to be the most aggressive of the houses, often challenging each other to fights to prove superiority. Currently headed by Lord Mymon Eidor.


      Camphari (open)
      Said to have been established by a man from outside Yndheim who spoke of tundras with burning ice, the line has notably darker skin and features than the other houses and have guarded many family secrets for generations. They train warriors who reach true mastery in some of their ancient secrets. Currently headed by Lady Sanais Camphari.


      Taivo (open)
      Adventurers and explorers who routinely send their men into the tundras for training in survival. They have given offerings at the foot of some of the precipices there, earning the house the early favor of Heivald. Currently led by: Unclear. The leader, Samit Taivo has been on an expedition two weeks longer than expected.

    Character Information

    • Viking inspired medium fantasy!
      Human characters only.
      Magical characters possible, send me a message if interested. Expect low magic, though, nothing too conspicuous.
      Flexible writing styles but no one-liners, please!
    • Name: Name your warrior
      Age: 18 - 60
      Appearance: Detailed description or image. If you use an image, please have the face visible or include a second image for the face.
      The Outward: The way that your character presents themselves to others, how they are perceived, and their reputation amongst the people.
      The Inward: Your character's thoughts, phobias, obsessions, personality, secrets, etc. go here.
      Patron: A warrior who attains the level of skill to be included in the guard typically apprentices beneath warriors from one of the noble houses, who sponsor them, offer them some connection, pay for their training and equipment, etc.
      Deity's Favor: See Pantheon above
      Background: Character's upbringing, current life, and relationships as well as how they were selected for the guard, how long they've been a member, etc. here

    • Signe Vitmurin, House Eidor, Veithi: Kitti
      Johan Solberg, House Weirin, Sinnon: Wolk
      Thorn Beowsson, House Camphari, Virvaxi: RiverNotch
      Nisi-Ha Pio-Ne Faya-Ig, House Taivo, Mmemis: Blighted_Agent
      Fiske Knuteson, House Lesyt, Sinnon: Skilletzorz
      Gunnar Gunnhildasson, House Eidor, Veithi: Seiji
      Hallbjorn Sorensen, House Weirin, Mmemis: XC

    • CLOSED SIGNUPS - In the Shadows of Magick
      Chapter One: The Bear of the West : A quest to locate Samit Taivo commences.
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  2. Captain of the Guard

    Name: Signe Vitmurin
    Age: 25

    The Outward: There has been much talk over the promotion of Signe to Captain of the Guard. Though none would openly dispute the king and his decisions, there has been much speculation over her age and temperament. While many of the previous captains took their training from House Weirin, Signe was trained by house Eidor, a house known for its sometimes merciless nature. It can be said, however, that she has never been undeservedly ruthless. She is ambitious, proud, and driven but has never given reason to suspect a wrothful disposition. She has high standards and is not given to softness, something that can cause friction between herself and others. She has worked to temper her attitude since inclusion in the guard, aiming toward a more understanding and merciful stance to be more diplomatic.

    The Inward: The fire that others feel is nothing compared to the one that burns inside. Signe has a restless heart and is never satisfied. She cannot let herself have a moment's pause and is always striving to improve, to become perfect. Her perfectionism takes an internal toll, creating great self-doubt that she allows to build in secret. She worries that if she were to slip for even a moment, she would be abandoned by all she holds dear. She also worries about disappointing those she looks up to and torments herself over any misstep. She does not appreciate coddling and struggles to understand why anyone would want her to speak anything less than the truth. She can be overly blunt or critical without meaning to wound or offend.

    Patron: Eidor
    Deity's Favor: Veithi

    Signe has few memories of her earliest childhood and few of them are happy ones. Her father was a driven man who had made mistakes in his past that he credited with limiting him in life. He was thus determined to live vicariously through the successes of his children. Unluckily for his only daughter, his wife was unable to bear more than a single child. Upon this child were laid all of his expectations.

    Despite his ambition, Signe's father was given to drinking and was accused of being unfaithful to his wife on more than one occasion, which caused his family a great deal of shame, in addition to his strict treatment of his daughter. Signe grew up willful and obstinate, resenting his expectations of her while failing in his own life. At the age of nine, she was technically skilled from repetition and practice but had no love for her training.

    At this time, in an act that was out of mercy, even if she did not understand at the time, Signe's mother apprenticed her to one of the only swordsmen willing to take on such a willful student, the then young Lord Eidor. He saw potential in her that no one else saw and could appreciate the fire inside of her that hearkened back to the spark that they honored in Veithi.

    Through time and patience, Signe relearned her lessons with the sword and found passion where she had once felt only loathing. She credits Lord Eidor with changing her fate and has served him loyally throughout her life. She considers him family and he was there to support her when her father passed away from drinking overmuch in his short life.

    When Lord Eidor endorsed her as a potential recruit to the King's guard at twenty, she vowed that she would vindicate his belief in her. She views him as an elder sibling that she never had and looks up to him.

    In the time that Signe does not spend training or on duty, she enjoys playing board games and puzzles with others. She delights in riddles and word games. She occasionally makes extra money alongside the town apothecary as she has a good mind for formula and equations.
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  3. Name: Johan Solberg
    Age: 26
    He is about 1.91m (about 6'3") tall and sturdy in build due to his occupation. Most of the time he carries his reddish brown and curly hair at shoulder-length, and his beard only a few fingers long. His face is angular in shape, with blue eyes posessing a piercing aspect. A helmet, gambeson and mail are his armour, though he wears regular clothes unless he expects to be in combat.

    As his sidearm he carries a sword that was commonly called Gaddhjalt or “spike hilt” because of the quillons on the guard, which he keeps in a leather-bound wooden scabbard. In his other hand he uses either a round shield or buckler, depending on which he has with him, as bucklers are less unwieldy to carry around.

    Sword statistics:
    Total length: 104cm
    Blade length: 91cm
    Weight: 1.1kg
    The Outward: Calm, quiet, autonomous, stubborn, sometimes inconsiderate, skilled swordsman, dependable, adaptable, self-centered at times, has a dry sense of humour making it difficult to distinguish whether he is being serious, joking or sarcastic.
    The Inward: Self-critical, unsatisfied, ambitious
    Patron: Weirin
    Deity's Favour: Sinnon
    Johan grew up together with his six year younger sister, Sonja, trained by his parents, though mostly occupied by himself. A lot of his time was spent alone in the forest, practicing with various weapons that he could get a hold of, yet he was also regularly sent to gather food with his sister or to hunt with his father or mother. Other times they went to catch fish in rivers and lakes. As both his mother and father were mercenaries, they were occasionally gone for longer periods of time, they did however try their best to teach Johan all that could possibly be useful and would even take him with them if the task wasn't too dangerous.

    In later years he himself began working as mercenary and visiting the inn semi-regularly, usually sitting at a table on his own, lost in thoughts, but every so often with close friends. Despite the fact that many of his friendships had lasted several years, the same could not be said of his relationships, which were more on and off than committed to. However, his career proved much more successful, as his passion for combat arts and the training he received redeemed themselves. He earned renown for being reliabe, adaptable and a skilled fighter as well as being creative in his fighting style and tactics, giving birth to the rumour that he had been blessed by Sinnon.

    Seidall took notice of this and tasked him to fulfil several requests in order to proof his worth as an elite guard, which he did within several weeks and months. Shortly after the house of Weirin sponsored him and he was initiated to the guard, in which he has served for three years now.
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  4. Name: Gunnar Gunnhildasson

    Age: 33

    Appearance (open)


    The Outward: Quiet and reserved, most of the people of Yndheim and the surrounding country-side avoid Gunnar for his appearance alone. His mysterious background adds nothing helpful to the enigmatic air he carries and drives people even further away. It cannot be denied however, his fierce reputation as a woodland ranger and unparalleled archer.

    The Inward: Gunnar is fiercely independent and his being ostracized from normal society has done nothing to harm his ego or hurt his feelings. As a matter of fact, he prefers the solitude, hardly ever thinking of his state of being as 'lonely.' He has extreme confidence in his abilities, and when he says he'll do something, he does it; he never half-asses things, and always fulfills promises.

    Patron: Eidor

    Deity's Favor: Veithi

    Background (open)

    As his namesake reveals, Gunnar was the sole child of a woman named Gunnhilda who was known as a wild-woman to the people of Yndheim. She lived deep in the woods and birthed Gunnar alone, using nothing more than the spirits and her knowledge of herbs to bring him to life.

    Before Gunnhilda's death, she taught him everything he knows now: ranging, archery, swordsmanship, spearmanship, medicine, animal handling, falconry, fletching. He is the consummate hunter and unmatched in his skill with the bow, and brought this skill set with him to Yndheim when he one day emerged from the woods to become a part of civilization.

    He was soft-spoken as a younger man, no older than a teenager, but was quickly brought into the bosom-embrace of House Eidor when his skills came known when he brought a boar with him one night-- alone. It had a single arrow shaft through it's eye, buried deep into its skull.

    Since that day, he has fought and trained beside the House, including in training men and women older than him. This earned him some resentment, but he carried himself with nary a care in the world over it. Any fights that broke out over his assumed arrogance was swiftly taken care of.

    The day he was selected to the King's guard, he had been out hunting (again, alone). That night, he brought home a large boar, which would serve as the center piece for his honourary feast.
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    now someone say that last thing
  6. Name: Thorn Beowsson

    Age: 20

    Appearance: 180 cm tall, about 90 kg heavy (thus, roughly average). Hair dark brown, somewhat curly: on his head, about a finger's width from the ear, and two fingers' width down the neck; and about his face and chin, always full, yet kept clean at a nail's length. Eyes sea blue. Face generally unremarkable -- perhaps a little old for his age, with the somewhat too-many wrinkles and scars -- but often the fixation of those attracted to him, or perhaps moreso to his confident manner of moving and speaking. [Or, simply put, imagine a younger Lindybeige.]

    Being from a well-off family, his regular clothes are all of fine wool or linen, never patchy, with stylized braids round the hems. A conceit of his, though, is that all his undertunics are left undyed (and thus, beige), and all his overtunics and trousers are dyed cheaply, in darker browns and greens. His cloaks, also dark, are always held in place by a brooch shaped into his family's sigil, a bee -- his armor, meanwhile, is composed of a pink gambeson and a bluish nasal helm crested with the tail of his sponsor's sigil, a scorpion. His sidearm, which as a status symbol he always carries around, is a long-knife, Sting, with runes he himself etched -- (R) Ride, (O) Aesir [Or whatever they generally call their gods in this world], (X) Elk-Sedge, (A) Oak, and (N) Need.

    Patron: Camphari

    Deity's Favor: Virvaxi

    The Outward: Though Thorn's father the shaman Beow is much beloved, his mentor from among the Camphari, Thrott, is treated with much distrust and superstition, with these feelings blending together in how the community views Thorn, to them little more than a respectable foreigner. Of course, with Thrott having served the Camphari since his youth, and with the Camphari having been themselves in this same situation, this never affected the choice of either Lady Sanais or even King Seidall himself, who recognized only his unique blend of his father's northern ways and his mentor's far-southern mysteries.

    The Inward: True to his deity (or rather his deities, since as much as his favors belong to Virvaxi, he, or at least his family, owes as great a debt to the god's twin, Veithi), Thorn represents the duality of dualities that is nature -- just, yet in his justice cruel, and pious, yet in his piety lustful -- as tempered by man's fundamentally vain struggle for order. He keeps a calm, almost stoic attitude in all manners of distress, and finds himself much too busy, either in action as a warrior or in inaction as a mystic, to dedicate himself to love. But again, duality, with, in times of extremes, his passions well-showing, most notably his intense love-hate relationship with the wilderness, his unbreakable loyalty to the gods, and his quaint fondness for romantic poetry.

    Background: Thorn grew up in Yndheim, the youngest son of Beow, a respected, if a little unrecognized, local shaman. He had a good childhood, his time alternating between the necessary assistance he offered his father's practice, and the many myths he eagerly heard from his accommodating siblings, though he made few friends, preferring instead the (perhaps imagined, perhaps not) company of Virvaxi and Veithi, the god-heroes his father most evoked. At age nine, when he expected to officially join in the family business, his father, already burdened with ten acolytes (Thorn's three older brothers plus a few cousins), decided instead to offer Thorn up to his practice's most generous patron the Campharis, who, having a more-than-usual amount of goodwill for the household, chose to put him under the direction of one of their (at that point, semi-retired) warrior-mystics, the aforementioned Thrott. Thrott, recognizing Thorn's strength, decided to take the boy to the wilderness, and to teach him the greater mysteries of his discipline. Ten years later, deeming Thorn worthy enough, Thrott initiated him into his order, then sent him back to Yndheim -- and, after just a few months of fruitful service, Lady Sanais recommended Thorn to the Guard.

    Show Spoiler
    Name: Thorn Beowsson

    Age: 20

    Appearance: 180 cm tall, about 90 kg heavy (thus, roughly average). Hair dark brown, somewhat curly: on his head, about a finger's width from the ear, and two fingers' width down the neck; and about his face and chin, always full, yet kept clean at a nail's length. Eyes sea blue. Face generally unremarkable -- perhaps a little old for his age, with the somewhat too-many wrinkles and scars -- but often the fixation of those attracted to him, or perhaps more so to his confident manner of moving and speaking. [Or, put simply, imagine a younger Lindybeige]

    Being from a well-off family, his regular clothes are all of fine wool or linen, never patchy, with stylized braids and trimmings round the hems. A conceit of his, though, is that all his undertunics are left undyed (and thus, beige), and all his overtunics and trousers are dyed cheaply, in darker browns and greens. His cloaks, also dark, are always held in place by a brooch in the shape of his family's sigil, a bee -- his armor, meanwhile, is composed of a plain shirt of mail, for dexterity's sake lightly padded, and a nasal helm crested with his sponsor's sigil, a scorpion's stinger. His sidearm, which as a status symbol he always carries around, is a long-knife, Sting, a blade he himself forged, with runes he himself etched: (R) Ride, (O) Aesir, (X) Elk-Sedge, (A) Oak, and (N) Need.

    Patron: Camphari

    Deity's Favor: Virvaxi

    The Outward: Though Thorn's father Beow is much beloved, his mentor from among the Camphari, Thrott, is treated with much distrust and superstition, with these feelings blending together in the community's views on Thorn, to them little more than a respected foreigner. Of course, with Thrott having served the Camphari since his youth, and with the Camphari having been themselves in this same situation, this bias never affected Lady Sanais, who witnessed clearly Thorn's unique blend of his father's northern ways and his mentor's far-southern mysteries -- and so, he is one of the Camphari's recent recommendations to the Guard.

    The Inward: True to his deity, or rather his deities, since as much as his favors belong to Virvaxi, he, or at least his family, owes as great a debt to the god's twin, Veithi, Thorn represents the duality of dualities that is nature -- just, yet in his justice cruel, and pious, yet in his piety lustful. However, he does tend more to his proper patron, Virvaxi, often keeping a calm, stoic attitude in all manners of distress, and finding himself much too busy, either in thought or action, to dedicate himself to love, at least when he isn't too troubled, and his stomach for what he considers to be too much trouble is still in development.
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  7. Looks good overall, Notch. If I could ask just one little thing: a bit more on any thoughts or fears maybe? Just a little more that might help get a feel for him as a person and then it looks overall pretty good.
  8. Name: Fiske Knuteson
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Fiske is a slightly long haired young man, who wears a hooded leather jerkin, a green tunic and grey trousers, as well as a pair of worn fur boots, a thick plain seax strapped to his boot and a mammen axe strapped to his belt. His hair reaches over his ears and freckles dot his cheeks, his light blue eyes often unable to remain at rest as something new catches his interest. He's somewhat short, at 5'5" though his frame is relatively well honed for his size, thanks to his time in the guard.

    The Outward: Fiske is a slightly jaded young man, though it's clear he tries his best to keep his eyes on the bright side of things, sarcasm only occasionally seeping through. Despite his cynicism he's known as a kind and well meaning individual. His father's reputation reflects favorably on him however and from those who knew his work before joining the guard he is often viewed as dependable and hard working. His reputation in the guard was well built through the time of service, Fiske has come out a fierce and steady fighter, relying on his axe to chop down his opponent's defenses and or his dagger to sneak around them and finish fights quickly if not entirely honorably.

    The Inward: Fiske tries to believe in the best of everyone though, he often doubts that people truly wish to meet their potential and as a result of harsh lessons from his childhood Fisk finds himself questioning the motives of others to an unhealthy degree. His common upbringing has made him weary of authority and often he feels himself growing frustrated at the decisions others make and how they drag everyone else down around them. This internal cynicism gnaws at the cheery person he desires to be. Often Fiske finds himself deep in reflection trying to keep himself from falling further into doubt by keeping himself busy and trying to help others to assure himself people can do things without ulterior motives ironically with one of his own. Time in the guard has taken it's toll on Fiske however and he's been unable to fully contain his malcontent with the world, and while he believes he's doing what he can to make it better, he can't help but feel that there is more wrong with the world than can be made right by human hands and he has a slightly strained relationship with religion as a result.

    Patron: Leyst

    Deity's Favor: Sinnon

    Background: Fiske was not born of a warrior lineage, instead hailing as the son of a innkeeper in an impoverished section of the town, his mother passed very early in his life from illness. His father was his only family and often his only friend in his youth, his studies often consuming his time, though their relationship is quite warm and much of Fiske's life philosophy comes from what he learned from his father. Under his father Fiske would work as a errand boy often running and speaking to merchants on his behalf or ferrying smaller payments for shipments himself. On his own time Fisk would use his time mimicking guard training routines that he had seen, and listening to tales of far away lands and old heroes from travelers in the inn. One day while on one of these errands he encountered a Leyst houseman trying to discuss terms with a merchant on provisions, Fiske intervening once he realized that the deal was unfavorable and helping negotiate the prices to be more in line with what would be acceptable. Thankful for the service Fiske provided, the Leyst houseman recognized the young boy and offered him a recommendation into the house, which a surprised Fiske eagerly accepted. A year passed since then and while still green, Fiske earned his way into the house and often works to help with the children of the house, acting as an older brother figure to the orphans if need be. Over his tenure in the guard Fiske developed his strength and despite his size, developed into a power house of a fighter that could be counted on in the toughest of times.
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  9. Hey Skille! I like the character idea well so far but unfortunately, I think at this stage in his development, he might end up left out of some of the big, dangerous King and King's Guard adventures which would be a real bummer for you. Maybe you could think on what he would be like a handful of years down the line with lots of combat training?
  10. Sure sure no worries, thanks for letting me know so I can work on it. Should I resubmit in a separate post or edit the original post?
  11. Name: Finri Jormundskr

    Age: 35

    Appearance: Tall, but not too athletic. Handsome, but not in the rugged, warrior-like way. Dark hair, short beard and deep blue eyes many a fair maiden drowned in, and subsequently was removed from her maiden status. Ever-present warm, devilish smile. Soft hands, unlike those of a man actually skilled with a sword. A well designed posture that invites for a friendly chat, rather than for a battle. Taste in fine, foreigner clothing.

    The Outward: Always friendly, diplomatic and never needlessly provocative. Never misses a chance to enjoy a fine meal or taste a well aged vintage. Always tries to avoid full-out aggresion.

    The Inward: The outward persona is a well crafted ruse, made to get people around at ease and more pliable and forthcoming. Inside, he's rational, calculating man, who sees all of his actions as a necessary lesser evil to thwart the larger one. That is to say, he is certainly enjoying his work, and by no means wishes to end his service to the king. He is a loyal servant, and is a reliable and trustworthy compatriot.

    Patron: N/A

    Deity's Favor: Brai'ari

    Background: Some men are born to do great thing. Offspring of great and glorious men, they rise high to form an unyielding, true and awesome shield wall against all the evils of this world, facing it openly and with strength. Finri dreamed to be such man, but the fate had other plans for him. He was not a high-born man, who could call upon his great ancestors, but his father's business often took them away from Yndheim, sometimes to wonderful and alien far off lands. He realized a good monarch needed his eyes and ears everywhere, even though it might not be eyes and ears of his own body.

    He proved to be a very capable person on the field of work that was not as glorious and flashy as the King's Guard, but ultimately it tacked more serious problems. Nobody would sing a song about a well struck trade deal on barley and beans, but while the Guard kept the King alive, his, and his colleagues, work kept the Kingdom alive. Finri rose through the ranks of the King's diplomats and spies quickly, providing indispensable service to the state, and while he can't truly see himself as a personal friend to the king, as the Elite Guard does, he knows much of the King's mind and proves himself, time after time, a person who can be depended upon when the Kingdom needs it.

    I decided to be nonconformist and try for something different.
    Disregard the constabulary. I regret nothing.

    If it doesn't work for what you have planned, Kitti, then just let me know and I'll rework it into something that... works? Wrote this late in the night, and it might not be as a good idea as it seemed to me at the time.
  12. Hey hey you takin' one more? Profile's almost ready.
  13. Editing the original if good, thank you!

    Sure thing, go ahead!
  14. He looks lovely and I would love to let you have him, but several of my plans involve "go to the dangerous place and do the dangerous thing" and I worry that you might not end up getting enough chances to shine with a non-combat character. I could try to work you in if your heart is set on it but I worry that even still, you would feel like you don't have much to do if you're left hiding under things for combat scenes.
  15. It's absolutely fine, Kitti. I'll rework him into a something less squishy.
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  16. Neato and a'ight; extra crunch coming in da "inward" "outward" thing, after dinner.

    EDIT: there, edited. I'm working on an edit of the background too, to flesh it out a bit, and to make the prose less clunky. But nothing's really changed, just dem additions.

    EDIT: nevermind about the background -- it's functional.
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  17. Name: Nisi-Ha Pio-Ne Faya-Ig
    Age: 27

    Out: Nisi-Ha is known to her casual acquaintances as a meek, slightly eccentric woman that speaks little and looks always amused, as if privy to some joke only she's heard. Quiet though she may be, times when House Taivo is being badmouthed or unfairly/poorly/improperly treated/represented bring about an uncharacteristic zeal, prone to sending her into rants otherwise unthinkable. Outside of these outbursts, she seems to naturally be able to avert people's attention on herself, appearing demure and non-threatening, and being able to move near-noiselessly. This has the effect of people she isn't familiar with not taking her very seriously, which makes her sudden tirades all the more contrasting. Often plays up obliviousness or outright ignorance regarding romance and its intricacies…

    In: Nisi-Ha knows too well that contrary to her ever entertained appearance, she is a woman who greatly struggles with humor. Her demure act and apparent meekness extend only insofar as need be and frankly are little else than guises of convenience. Nisi-Ha's allegiance to House Taivo, in spite of not being a member, is unusually strong, owing to how she sees them as the ultimate source of her current path in life - from her early training and he family's survival to her later education and joining of the guard. She, however, accepts that while her devotion is right, exhibiting it too strongly only leads to trouble, which is why she chooses to remain quiet most of the time. Her current life is most certainly not what she'd imagined as a girl, but overall it is something she is proud of and wishes to preserve. She values efficiency and pragmatism over lofty concepts not out of disdain, but because of her many years of hunting and experiencing the wilderness - nature is a harsh mistress, after all.

    Patron: Taivo
    Deity: Memmis

    Appearance: Standing at 172 cm, Nisi-Ha mostly wears clothes unadorned save for the Taivo emblem on the back. While she prefers to let her long blond hair down and wear long skirts with fur warmers on her legs, a simple tunic and an oversized coat that hides her well-developed figure for what little leisure time she has, Nisi-Ha is aware of its impracticality during expeditions. For those, Nisi-Ha opts for some tight warm leather pants, dark brown and unassuming with some additional black protective pads around the thigh area. She binds her chest and ties her hair into a bun for comfort, and combines the pants with an inconspicuous tightly-wrapped dark brown blouse/tunic that has some black protective pads on the shoulders, small of the back, on the sides (from right below the chest to right above the hip) and around her forearms. While it has strips of furs, it is not optimized for warmth and she must take along her oversized coat - when necessary, she discards and then retrieves it.

    Background: Nisi-Ha was born to a family running a pelt shop somewhat in the center of Yndheim. Loving the outdoors and lacking the patience to cure and manage pelts she decided to help out the family shop by learning how to hunt. She was taught how to hunt with a spear by disgruntled acquaintances of the family - most of them low-ranking members of House Taivo, regular clients to the family business.
    As the years passed, the pelt shop continued to exist but fell into hard times, and Nisi-Ha grew from a girl to a young woman. Her skills and constant dealings with the lower level of the House eventually caught the attention of a few higher-ranked members, while most dismissed her, one of them offered to formally sponsor her. Recognizing the opportunity, Nisi-Ha accepted, knowing full well of the benefits that such a sponsorship meant both for her and her family. She trained for years in spearsmanship and was introduced to many people, which helped her secure more work and better deals for the family business, leading to some kind of a rennaisance. At age 26, after several recommendations, the unwedded daughter of a pelt worker joined the Guard, much to her own surprise.
    It should be said that unlike most hunters, Nisi-Ha never developed the so-called thrill of the kill, in spite of being capable of great stealth and efficiency while hunting. Treating the hunt as little else than means to an end (doing her part for the pelt shop), along with her tendency to seldom speak unless spoken to, earned her the favor not of Veithi but of Memmis. Similarly, while House Taivo earned the favor of Heivald, Nisi-Ha's way of life is rather incompatible with him.
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