In The Shadows (Male character needed)

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  1. Here's how I tend to do a lot of my 1x1 rps. If I'm doing a 1x1 rp, I prefer to do it through PM.... Idk why... I guess it's just easier to keep up with. Also, I like to post a 1-2 paragraph intro to get you guys interested. This intro is typically where I start the rp. The stories usually start out very similar and then depending on how my partner responds, each rp will start to go down a different path. I just think it's cool seeing all the different ways one story can advance.

    Anyways... enough of that!! If you like the intro I post, you can PM me with your character sheet and we can get get started!!

    Character & Intro (open)

    Malia Nova (2).jpg

    Malia Sophia Nova is a sophomore in college going for her bachelors in teaching. Her father had other plans for her future that she wished she could follow and be happy with. Unfortunately, being a doctor was never her thing. She found herself happiest when she was around kids, so that's where she decided she wanted to be.

    Malia is a very soft spoken girl, preferring to keep to herself. It's when other people make the effort to get to know her that she gets to talking. She is very serious about her schoolwork and therefore, thinks very little about friendship and boys. Fortunately, her workaholic life changes when she meets a man in one of her core classes as he strikes up the kind of conversation that Malia finds difficult to ignore.

    The two become very close and very inevitably so. But just as Malia is starting to develop feelings for this man, she finds out that he had been watching her since before she knew him. Malia's trust in the man she came to love begins to waver, and despite his attempts to reassure her of his good intentions, she anxiously begins to distance herself. Will Malia's almost-boyfriend be able to convince Malia that his feelings are true and harmless and save their disastrous relationship? or will Malia be forced to break all contact?
  2. This probably is not the direction you want this to take but this is a really good opening for a supernatural roleplay i wanted to do, let me know if your interested ^.^
  3. I don't mind. :) I'm just bored and want to start some sort of romance roleplay!! :) I very rarely come up with a set plot anyways. I usually just wing it. My writing comes out easier and better that way. :) I think it will be fun! :D what are your plans for the plot? and do you mean supernatural as in kinda like the show, like demons, angels, and other monsters?
  4. The show is a possibility but i was thinking more like magic and ghosts and mythical creatures, and shes like half-something or other, or the daughter of a powerful magical figure and thus he was hired to protect her
  5. Well she does have a power that I only use in these supernatural/fantasy roleplays. She has the ability to see the full history of an object by touching it. This includes where it's been and who it's belonged to. What do you think??
  6. Hhmmm....we could use greek gods and she'd be the daughter of odin? If im not mistaken hes the one who gave up an eye to see the past present and future
  7. Sure. :) although isn't Odin a Norse god?? Or we can make up our own god. lol I like making things up. :)
  8. oh yeah i think he might be o.o oh well, shoot me a pm when you have time ^.^
  9. so do you want to just start at the college campus and see how it goes from there??
  10. Yeah sure, shoot me a pm
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