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  1. Critical X, a substance of unimaginable power. When this special substance comes in contact with a normal human being. It alters their genetics turning them into a literal super human. These super humans are called hunters and it's their job to fight against a race of soul sucking fiends that normal people cannot see. They have been fighting a war for the past two hundred years searching for a certain key to win their battle, and that key has yet to be found.

    The night was cool and clear and the wind made it colder then it seemed. As things were slowing down for the evening people were shutting down things for the night. As two figures were making their way through the crowd everyone around them didn't even notice the girl with the overwhelmingly large weapon or the man that walked alongside her smoking a cigarette. Rei's eyes darted from left to right a natural habit of hers as they walked in case they got jumped. Though feeling it before the being had attacked them. Her scythe was already out and she lunged foward slicing through the figure that went at her and her parnter Xanthus. Sliding to a stop she stood up straight and Xanthus found the cigarette swiped from his hand. His left eyebrow twitching in agitation as she stomped it into the ground he glared. "Dammit Rei that was my last one!!!" He snapped pissed. "That's a nasty habit you got Xanthus you don't need to pollute the air anymore then it is." Rei said making a face of disgust at him. "You know it calms my nerves woman..." Xanthus grumbled patting himself down to see if he had one more at least but he was completely out. Sighing he said, "This moon I don't like it..." "You can feel it can't you... Something big will be happening at some point..." Rei said calmly. "Your senses are sharp as ever..." Xanthus spoke shoving his hands into his coat pockets.
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  2. Axel stood back and walked among the streets before seeing a begger begin to ask someone for money. He stopped there and before the begger could come back he left a nice stack of coins where the beggers home was. He smiled widely before continuing. They never said thank you and never said anything to him. He didn't think it was odd but felt it was them unable to find words for their new found small fortune. It was normal for him to do such things but he never had money for his own food. That being so he had to rely on the people for his food. He saw a girl and another figure walking down the street and approached them. He raised a hand and tapped her gently on the shoulder "Spare some food for me?" he asked plainly without any kind of melodramatic additives.
  3. Rei suddenly jumped scared and her instincts kicking in her weapon was out and she whipped around and turned it on him her eyes narrowed. Though seeing him just stand there in tattered clothing and not even showing even the slightest bit of fear or malicious intent she was in shock. Xanthus saw it immediately from the color of his eyes. "Xan... how many do you see like this... I thought I was the only one..." Rei softly spoke lowering her weapon. Xanthus just shook his head saying, "You're far different... I can smell the human in this one more then you." "My father was a hunter right... he was human so I'm not any more special..." Rei spoke looking sad. "If we bring him back it'll be harder on him then it is here..." Xanthus said. "But he won't be alone at least..." Rei said. "If you insist very well.." Xanthus said grabbing Axel around the waist lightly, "We have no food on us right now but come along we can get you something better." Xanthus said and the two headed back to HQ after that. Axel would find himself brought into a massive building and brought into a room. "Picking up more strays?" Asked Joel smiling as he appeared. "Yeah blame Rei for being a softy anyways have him a look over doc." Xanthus said.
    "But of course as usual it's Rei's fault." Joel said teasing and he took Axel's wrist checking his pulse and going over the rest of his vitals within seconds. Pricking the guy's finger lightly he wiped some blood on a glass slide before saying, "Everything checks normal I just have to see this sample to be sure." Joel disappeared and Xanthus lightly plucked Rei's nose only to be walloped by her.
  4. Axel was swept up suddenly and had no idea what to do at the moment. He had o way to say no or to sat let me down. He just went as limp as a fish as he was carried. "What are you doing? Im just a begger! Don't eat me! O- Food... alrighty. I am quite famishted my good lady and lord." He said exhibiting an overwhelming sign of education. When he was brought to the building he found himself on a table with another doctor moving around him. "Hey, I see what you are doing... Don't you have a Centrifuge." He asked the doctor showing he wasn't an idiot. "You know... you are one of the first people who actually gave me food.... Kinda weird... I normally got food from people with red hair. They didn't attack me like you almost did though...." He said. His yellow eyes looking around. "I need to get back to my beggers. I have to keep a watch over them. I am just happy I was able to give a good bit of money to one of them in the hopes they live a better life before I was brought... here. So! Where are we?" He asked.
  5. "I think this guy is crazy." Xanthus whispered to Rei who rammed her elbow into his gut making him yelp. "Be nice Xanthus." Rei said going over and taking a seat by Axel, "Don't mind him he's just a big fat jerk." "Well excuse me princess..." Xanthus said and he got walloped again yelping.
  6. Axel turned his head towards the girl "Well, Hello beautiful." He said before breaking out into a laugh. "Don't mind my overly flirtatious personality. I was said to have gotten it from someone... Though... I don't rightly know who and why... So, you were the first of many to react to me... why?" He asked as his yellow eyes studied her body. "Also, I do not mind his input. I think about it and will eventually respond with something that will probably make him be quiet for a decent amount of time." He said before yawning. "I had money back where you stole me from. I must give it to the other beggars. I was planning on distributing it to all of them before I was taken. Luckily I was able to give one homeless family something to keep them happy for a good while." He glanced around the room "So, who are all of you. I gathered that you my dear are Rei and your friend is Xanthus."
  7. "You really are a natural air head aren't you... Normally we aren't approached by people asking us for food. If you want to do charity work why not just stick with us you'd do better saving lives then trying to feed or supply the homeless..." Rei said standing up. Joel came back and handed a chart over to Xanthus who looked at it. His eyes wide he just looked from Rei then to Axel. Tossing it back to Joel Xanthus said, "Rei take care of him I need to go speak with our boss." He then was gone and Rei wondered what that was about.
  8. Axel watched them all "I do save lives.. I tend to peoples wounds and I figure out what is wrong with people. So! What do you say about that.. Really, an Airhead? I am far from an idiot sir." He stated plainly. "So, Saving lives.. you mean medical? Or what? I don't see why so many people need to save lives. What... are you? Part of a hospital. I never saw a girl carry a Sycthe around. I mean I saw some people with hair like yours and red eyes before. I thought they were Albino so I helped tend their wounds and such. I mean... they are the only people who notice me and I get paid for it. So.... Uhmm... whats with him?" He motioned to the person running from the room.
  9. "What's going on Joel?" Rei asked the doctor. "I think it's better I tell you later..." Joel said and a pop was heard and then the place went dark. "Damn Xanthus pissed off Mana again..." Rei said with a sigh. The secondary power kicked on and the lights flicked on seconds after that. Hearing a stream of cursing Xanthus came back in nursing a black eye and a pissed off voice of a kid came after him saying, "This better be good Zane is a busy man and I don't like playing messenger for idiot's like you." A boy walked in after him and Joel gave him the chart. "Hm... just run me a copy and send it up Joel." Mana said before chucking it at Xanthus who wasn't looking and a yelp was heard when it landed on the guy's foot. "Of course will do." Joel said and Xanthus said, "You little shit!!" "Suck it up daisy." Mana said leaving the door slamming shut.
  10. Axel just watched and listen to everything unfold around him "Am I free to go yet? I really need to get back there... those people who come back to be mended may need my help I cant just leave them" He said before trying to stand up. He didn't know what was going on but he knew he needed to get back. These people were starting to freak him out with all the yelling and the questions and the people getting pissed off. More over he was getting really confused as if everything around him was going absolutely insane.
  11. Though he didn't get far when Xanthus grabbed his wrist saying, "Kid I think that's the least of your worries..." "Easy on him Xanthus." Rei said but the door opened and Mana came in along with two other men. "Go ahead take him he's the one Xanthus has in his grip right now." Mana said and the two walked over and Axel found his wrists bound before he was lead out by one of them. "EXPLAIN YOURSELF!! This is not right or a normal protocol!!" Rei snapped and Xanthus grabbed her. "Listen you're obviously too kind and caring for your own damn good! I've been watching surveillance since you brought him here that was a dangerous move so until we determine he's safe he's to be locked up!!" Mana said. "Fine then lock me up with him! I've never been wrong and he's not normal yes but to treat him like an animal because of it!" Rei yelled. She found herself jerked over and her wrists bound as well. "Really... Rei you don't have to do this they aren't going to hurt him. It's a quarantine measure is all." Xanthus said. He got no response and she was lead out. Within ten minutes she and Axel were both locked together in a cell and she sighed taking a seat hugging her knees to her chest she cried silently. "I'm sorry I ever brought you here..." Rei whimpered.
  12. Axel just let them do what they had to do and didn't resist at all. "Am I sick or something? I bet I am.. So what that I decided to live on the streets.... Pfft." He said as he was led out. Moments later when he was in his cell he saw the girl come in with him. "Oh, are you sick as well? I mean you look healthy except for the red eyes and the beautiful red hair. So... Who are you? I mean all I know is that I am Axel... No one ever said I had a last name... I saw an Axel on a car after I woke up one day... I couldn't remember how I got there or where I was. So... I called myself Axel. So.... Miss. What brings you here to this cell?" He asked her obviously not upset or worried at all. "I mean we are in a hospital and all. Is the epidemic over in the east really getting that bad." He continued forward.
  13. "Enough moping Rei you're getting out of here for now." Xanthus said coming in and grabbing her while she cried, "Let me go dammit I won't move not until they release him too!!" She swung her fist at Xanthus who moved and a thump was heard when she hit Axel instead right across the head. Wincing she cried, "Oh crap see what you did Xanthus!!" "Me I wasn't going to let me be the one hit damn!" Xanthus said frowning.
  14. The moment he was hit he went down like a bag of bricks. He held his head before groaning loudly. He put a hand on the wall and ran it across. "Ugh... Where the hell am I?" He groaned before shaking his head. "Oi, Who the hell are you two? What the hell... how did I get... What the fuck." He said before standing himself up and looking at his clothes. "What am I in? Oh god was I out in the streets... What did you do to me? Do you work for my grandfather? By god I will strike you two down immediately." He said before feeling the lump forming on the side of his head.
  15. "Real smooth Xanthus as if he didn't have enough issues!!" Rei said but she was shoved out of the way as Xanthus heaved the kid up saying, "Really all it took was a thump to the head to make you come to your senses... Before you start pointing fingers let's get some ice for that bran damaged skull of yours. Oh and Rei you're taking the heat for me bringing him out. The kid will flip if he finds out." Xanthus managed to push Rei along as he brought the brain dead idiot kid with him back where he started. "Really why i it he has a black eye I don't get paid for overtime." Joel said.
  16. Athelian stared at his hands "Well, it seems so... So... who the hell are you and who are you my dear." He said before brushing himself off. "Also, What am I doing here? Why am I in these clothes and are my Grandfathers goons closign in on me? All I remember is running then... Now.." He said looking around. He extended his hand and smirked "I could get out of here honestly if I want to and Ice isn't needed. So.... What do you say you tell me what is going on before I loose it. If I am in that god forsaken Vampire lair again... I can't stand his ramblings any longer!" He said through gritted teeth. "To think... Wait... where are my guns! I love my guns! FUCK!" He screamed as he began to pat his sides. "DAMNIT! And my claws!"
  17. A crack was heard when he got slapped by Rei and she said, "Will you calm down!" "Like she said when we brought you here you had no weapons on you and if you make any threats I'm armed and ready to kill you." Xanthus said calmly. A crack was heard when he got slapped by Rei who said, "That ain't helping listen you're nowhere near vampire territory you're in the hunter's main base of operations." Re said. Though the door blew open suddenly and footsteps were heard as a man came walking in. His face was completely hidden from them due to his dark hood he snapped his fingers and the door slammed shut locking. "I think that's enough outbursts." Zane said calmly. Walking up to Rei and Athelian Zane said, "Sixteen years later thought to be dead and you were actually alive... How interesting is that Athelian." Zane said.
  18. Athelian looked at the two and just before he was slapped blinked. He had no time to react and was hit before Xan threatend him. He shook his head "Oh, then I somehow managed to get where I wanted to go in the first place! Awesome!" He said and threw his arms up in the air just before a man came in and the bars slammed shut. Athelian walked up to the bars "Sixteen years ago.... Yeah... it is really somthing isn't it. I know who you are... My Grandfather.... may he drop dead had told me about you." He said before extending his hand out to him "Its a pleasure to finally meet you. I was originally on my way here after a massive argument in which I kicked my grandfather into a wall. He wasn't expecting it and that is why I am still alive. To say the least I know he is pissed off and now.... I am here because I cant stand that madness anymore and.... They killed my mother. I cant let that be forgotten.. Yeah, I found that out one day while in there." He said before shifting his head "Wait, how do you know my name." He finally realized.
  19. "I'm sure it wasn't going to be that easy like he'd really let you walk out alive..." Xanthus said. Though he got plucked across the head by Zane who said, "Anyways.... now that you're here what is it you intend to do... You do realize we plan to put them soul sucking monsters into extinction wipe them out..." Xanthus just lowered his head. "If you intended to join us very well." Zane stated calmly.
  20. Athelian looked at Xan "Well, it is that easy as he wouldn't kill me. Hes spent to long training me.. I mean seriously... its bad enough he killed my mother but.... He has a use for me that I do not want to fulfill. He said I was the one to keep ahold of. Sure, I was treated half decent.. but.. I was always looked at to be less of a person." He said before zane spoke again. "Yes, I was coming here but I was stopped... I don't know how long ago that was... It could have been like three months.. I don't remember anything since I passed out. So, How do you know me? What happened sixteen years ago.. I was born I know that."
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