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    “In the Shadow of the Mountain”

    They all come here eventually. The talent that rushes through their veins, that drives them to seek out challenges, to throw themselves into danger, is the very thing that brings them here.

    Reminiscence is not what one would call an average town. In fact, it is less than average, a forgotten remnant of a mining town, resting in the crease of an old mountain. The closest school is in the next city over, there is no stoplight, only one service station sits upon Main Street, and the solitary restaurant is a simple greasy spoon that caters to the remaining miners and those who cling to yesteryear.

    But lately, the town of Reminiscence has experienced a growth spurt. People are moving in, buying and renovating old houses, fixing up the old stores that have been long since boarded up, and even refurbishing the crumbling theatre house. Something or someone seems to have breathed life into Reminiscence.

    Before the small but steady trickle of twenty somethings began to flow in three years ago, the town was mostly populated by retirees and a few conservative families. The retirees seem of varied opinions about their new neighbors, and the most conservative families act downright paranoid.

    This is not without reason, for it seems that in every group of newcomers, at least one is a bit... strange. Rumors are flying that these young folk are blessed-- or perhaps cursed-- with powers, abilities, and gifts that normal humans should not have access to. Some whisper that these new citizens are witches, others seem to think them psychics, and still others claim that here is the next step in evolution. Words like “devil worship”, “heretic”, and “freak” are whispered by those who hold suspicion like a blanket.

    The newcomers, all inexplicably in their mid twenties, just shrug it off and try to go on with life, knowing only that something has called them here, to Reminiscence. Something has called them home.

    Welcome to Reminiscence. You will be playing a newcomer to the town, someone aged twenty-four to twenty-seven. You have always been a bit odd, something about you either making you stand out or fade into the background. You may have been the class president or the silent nerd sitting in the back of class, hoping not to be called on. No matter what your quirks, they seemed to grow and change as you grew to adulthood. You found yourself blessed with small abilities. At first, these were easy to dismiss, but soon, they began to manifest with greater strength and frequency.

    You found yourself drawn to stories, tales, and rumors of magic and psychic ability, and you may or may not have dismissed these stories, but you kept coming back to them. And as your abilities increased, you also felt a pull stir within, a need to get up, to pack and go. This need drove you to Reminiscence. Rumors are there are others here like you. Others who might understand the trials of a witch, or a firestarter, or a telekenetic.

    Though your character will not remember until triggered in the game, they are part of an experimental group of psychic super soldiers created by an independent group called The Grey. Thus, before the age of 12 or 13, your character should have manifested no powers whatsoever. Around this time, your character will have gaps in their memory ranging from a few hours at a time to a few days and spanning around six months. The truth behind these gaps will be revealed gradually.

    You will be making a character who is still discovering their power set. A power set should consist of three related powers. You will begin the game with only a minor understanding of these powers. Thus, there may be malfunctions and mistakes made. As the game goes on, feel free to have your character develop and become stronger. Your character should only know of one or two of the powers to start with, the strongest being undiscovered. A list of powers to choose from will be provided. Please choose related powers.

    This is a predominantly good and neutral aligned game. However, if you have a good reason to play an evil character, talk to me about it and we will see what we can do.


    If you have an interesting NPC to spring upon people, run it by me. There will be numerous small encounters to give characters a chance to develop their gifts.

    This game is meant to be a mix of science fiction, mystery, and romance, though it may have a modern fantasy feel at first.

    If you have a personal plot you wish to integrate, let me know! Otherwise, I will be developing sideplots for each character.

    I would prefer seven players. Please be able to post often. IF I end up with more players than anticipated, I will work them in.

    Summary: Seven twenty-somethings find themselves in a town in Southeastern Kentucky, drawn there by a feeling they can't explain. These young people are more than normal folk, each with three psychic or magical gifts that they've sought answers about for years. They are about to find that each is part of a private research group's experiments into creating super soldiers and discover just how much of the world is out to kill them, use them, or corrupt them.

    List of Powers: (note: Those in the original game have first dibs on their old powers)
    Telekinesis (small objects)
    Telekinesis (large objects)
    Rapid Throw (mentally hurl objects)
    Empathy (reserved)
    Shapeshifting (reserved)
    Telempathic Projection (reserved)
    Mind Reading
    Memory Implanting
    Earth control
    Fire control
    Water control
    Air control (not including flight)
    Psychic Vampirism
    Sonic Attack (reserved)
    Vocal Healing (reserved)
    Vocal Forgetting (reserved)
    Object Summoning
    Detail Focus (reserved)
    Locator Savant (reserved)
    Discernment of Value (reserved)
    Cellular Regeneration (reserved)
    Organic tissue manipulation (reserved)
    Body Break Down (reserved)

    Character information:
    Short bio:
    Former home:
    How long have they lived in Reminiscence?
    What do you want to get out of this game? What will make it fun for you? (If this is something specific, feel free to talk to me about it instead of putting it on the character profile.)


    Cast List:

    Alexander Smith
    Idony Travers
    Richard Brian Kennedy
    Samantha Tavarez
    Crystal Sitaro
    Lydia Caldwell
    Perry Winkler
    Jackson Davis

    IC thread.
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    Name: Idony Travers

    Age: 24

    Description: Idie has bushy, thick-banged auburn hair; big brown eyes behind coke-bottle glasses; and a mousy, boyish frame. She also has a noticeably thick Southern drawl in her soft tones. Uniformly, she wears a hoodie, gloves, and long sleeves/pants. No exposed skin if she can help it.

    Short Bio: Idie's mother died from AIDS when Idie was ten years old. Her father was an alcoholic, and her childhood was spent between caring for her sick mother to caring for her drunk and hungover dad. Her mother's HIV and then AIDS status got out, and Idie was ostracized for it in school, leading her to be shy and socially awkward.

    Since high school, Idie had been working part-time at her local library and volunteering at soup kitchens and homeless shelters around the city. She befriended some of those she worked with, other outcasts and rejects like herself, even helping one of them- an addict and mentally ill young man named Seymour- to get clean, take his medication, and get a job working for the city.

    She never went to college, although her grades would have qualified her for scholarships. Instead she stayed home with her father, whose dependency issues interfered with, well... anything resembling a life. Secretly, Idie always dreamed of just running away one day, but she never had the confidence to follow through. The farthest she ever got was to the nearest bus stop before she turned around and went back.

    Then Seymour showed her the thumb drive, and everything changed.

    He'd always been a conspiracy theorist, even after he started to see the doctors. Sometimes he would speculate on the most ludicrous things, and Idie would sympathetically listen to him even when others turned away and pretended not to hear. But the night he called her over and waved the little blue drive in her face, he sounded so unbalanced that she suspected he was off his meds again. Until she was followed home from Seymour's apartment. Until she realized she wasn't safe.

    Until Seymour vanished.

    Until one of them caught up to her, and something terrible happened. And then she knew she had to run.

    The name of a town came to her as she sat nervously in the line at the ticket marquee, gloved hands shoved into her pockets and hood pulled forward as far as it would allow. A name from Seymour's incomprehensible ramblings, one that almost sounded make-believe until she looked it up on a map. Maybe she'd find him there... Maybe she'd find answers...


    Former Home: Birmingham, AL

    How long have they lived in Reminiscence? Just arrived.

    Powers: Rapid cell regeneration, organic tissue manipulation in others through skin contact (currently uncontrollable), and ability to break down her body into a putty-like substance (currently undiscovered). At present, the reaction to her touch is painful and varies between individuals similarly to an allergic reaction. At higher levels, she will have conscious ability over how she manipulates tissue and will also be immune to diseases/radiation/etc.

    Let's Play... How Will Your Character React to Idie Touching Them Happy Funtime Roulette!

    001-005 Immune
    006-024 Skin/external reaction
    025-042 Blood/chemical reaction
    043-060 Muscular reaction
    061-078 Internal organ reaction
    079-095 Skeletal reaction
    096-100 Seizure/anaphylactic shock/explosive horrible gooey death

    Revi will be rolling for these! Enjoy.
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    Name: Alexander Smith

    Age: 26

    Description: Alexander is a tall man, standing at six foot four. Bright gray eyes are set in a gentle face and framed by long lashes. His hair is brown, where it isn't sunbleached blond, and is often tousled looking, no matter how hard he tries to keep it slicked and styled. He looks as though he hasn't shaved in a few days, scruffy beard giving him a more masculine appearance despite pouty lips and high cheekbones. Ander is muscular but not bulky. When he walks, it is often in a slow, relaxed gait. Sometimes, when he must move quickly, he can be seen to limp with his left leg. Ander wears a variety of styles of clothing, seeming comfortable in most fashionable or social settings. In fact, he seems to know how to talk or act in most places, right down to the facial motions and gestures. The one feature that seems to remain the same, no matter what, is a chemical burn scar on his right hand, the skin pitted and discolored.

    Short bio: Ander was born into the lap of luxury, and has lived a privileged life. He attended expensive schools, had pricey tutors, but had a lonely childhood. His father owns numerous small television stations, newspapers, and magazines, and his mother is a socialite, coming from a wealthy family herself. Ander learned early on that if he wanted attention, he had to go out and find it. Thus, as a child and adolescent, he took up several hobbies, teaching himself how to debate, to cook, to repair things, and to play piano and harp. He attempted chemistry at one time, but managed to burn his hand badly. Another time, while playing football in middleschool, he managed to break his left leg.

    He found that as he got older, he could make friends with greater ease than other children, blending into different groups with an almost supernatural ability. He also discovered that this was not always a desirable place to be. He was nearly always caught in conflicts when groups dissolved or came into disagreement, he found himself making friends he did not necessarily want, and more often than not, friendships seemed to end in ruins because of his unwillingness to take sides. When the powers started to manifest, things only got worse.

    Being able to feel the emotions of others was first, making it even harder to take a side or stand up for himself. He began to seek places of solitude, but no matter where he journeyed, people seemed to find him, and it seemed that these people always needed council or help. Unable to shut out the feelings, he found himself compelled to lend aid to these people.

    Ander attempted to go to college, but the needs of others often pushed him to choose to miss classes to be of help. He failed out his freshman year, despite having the intelligence necessary for his major: communications. His father was furious, mother indifferent. Ander fled for a time, vowing that he would not give in to the feelings, that he would not help others, but the matter intensified, and he found himself surrounded by people with larger problems, all of them needing his help.

    One night, in a bout of rage, he punched through the wall next to a mirror. He glared at his reflection, but something in the expression was foreign, almost unhuman. He'd always been able to mimic the mannerisms of groups he had been in, and had been told that even his face had subtle changes depending on what he was doing, but this was the first time it had ever been so noticeable.

    Now frightened, Ander started researching, turning away again and again from stories of shapeshifters and instead looking for a place where he could live a secluded life. He found himself going back repeatedly to stories of a small mountain town. An inexplicable draw began to act upon him, pulling him toward the town.

    He returned to his father's home to gather his things, and found himself on the receiving end of his father's inquisition. When he finally revealed where he was going, his father was surprisingly accepting. The family owned several media outlets in neighboring towns and this was the perfect opportunity for them to do more, gain a favorable reputation, and document the revitalization of the small mountain town. And Ander would be the force used to do so. Even as he wanted to resist being put in such a position, he realized just how much help he could be to the town, getting it going again, getting the people out of poverty by making the city flourish. Maybe it would be enough to make the feelings stop!

    He went along with the plan, knowing that to his father, it was only a way to make some profit while getting a sterling reputation as a “humanitarian.” But to Ander, it would become much more. He moved to Reminiscence, and found upon his arrival that he had been given charge over a large amount of property his father had been buying up since learning Ander's interest in the place. Most of this property was in desperate need of repair, and the old theatre would need to be gutted completely before being reworked, but if Ander could do this, could make the town breathe and live again... yes, maybe it would be enough.

    Former home: Lexington, Kentucky

    How long have they lived in Reminiscence? Two years.

    Powers: Empathy (mild-moderate, not controlled), Shapeshifting (mild, mostly mimicking expressions and mild ability to shift features), Telempathic projection (the ability to project an air of a desired emotion in both mannerism and psychic waves. Not yet discovered. This will not force people to feel something at lower levels, instead just putting it out there to be picked up upon. At higher levels, it will make others extremely receptive to feeling Ander's projected emotion of choice, almost as though they are empathic to him.)


    Richard Brian Kennedy




    Rich IS the guy you want to meet in an alley. 5'9 and 230lbs with a fedora to boot. Defining physical characteristics include: Blue eyes, short brown hair, glasses, and a chubby/beefy body composition. In term of threads, the only real consistent thing is the fedora. Whether it's, with a shirt and jeans, dress suit, or birthday suit the fedora seems to just follow.

    Short bio

    Even since Richard Brian Kennedy was a boy, he knew that great things were going to happen. It was just a feeling he had. Then again, there wasn't much else to do where lived besides dream and hope. Little did he know of the future that behold.

    Growing up his main hobby was singing. He loved it. His family recorded many concerts on vhs. Rich would always watch them and pretend that he was there. Chorus was a great help in terms of getting the mechanics for a good singer. It was his dream to be the very best that no one ever was.

    All throughout highschool, he always played at coffeehouse, lounges, etc. for tips. After doing this for such a long time, Rich though it was time to take it on the road. The young man took his talents all across the country. Not once was he lucky enough to play when a record label showed up.

    On his 24th birthday, it was time to take a break from his self-proclaimed mini-tour. Rich wanted to settle and get himself together. The first town he moved to was here this whole thing started to look weird.

    One night, on stage there was a common drunk heckler. The whole (short) performance this man was yelling curses to several people, in the lounge. There were no bouncers to speak of. After the second song cover, Rich stood up. It was about enough. Unable to see the man he challenged him to possibly GTFO. The crowd roared as the drunk ran to the stage. Brief words and shoves were exchanged before a punch was thrown. It floored Rich. Never was he disrespected like this, in his life. The wasn't a present reaction to give. The drunk starting yelling into the microphone. Rich was so angry that he just let loose. For angle the audience had, all that was heard was a bellow and the drunk flew off the stage. A table broke the fall and neck blood started spewing everywhere. Over come with shock, he ran all the back to the stupid apartment.

    That night, the musician was gone. It was time to go into hiding. After driving for one day straight, a mountain town was found. This would be his new home.

    Former home

    Olean, New York

    How long have they lived in Reminiscence?

    About a week or two.


    The powers center around his voice. However, they are very limited at this point. First, Rich found out that the sound waves could by turn into straight force. For now, the best he can do it knock a man to his back. The next two are at this point not uncovered. Second, his voice can cause a person to forget a portion of time in their life (at most a day at this time). Lastly, the sound of hums can heal wounds (nothing major for now).
  5. Count me in, sounds very interesting indeed!
  6. Kazesei and Psi Chisym, I'm sorry, but it is an invite only RP. I thank you for your interest, though, so maybe next time.
  7. Heh, whoops! Reading is tech. XD

  8. Name: Samantha Tavarez

    Age: 25

    Description: Samantha is a skinny individual who wears multiple layers of clothing (generally of dark colors). There are always a pair of gloves upon her hands as well. She's about average height at 5'5" and doesn't seem to smile often. You will often find her either near a piano, with a book in her hand, or most frequently with a painbrush or some other form of artistic media.

    Short bio: Living in a military family, Samantha moved a lot as a kid. She lived a normal enough life, but it was hard to make friends when they were constantly moving. She, however, remedied this by immersing herself into music, art, and literature to pass the time. Her father was often away for his work, but she remembered on her 10th birthday how happy he was to see her. He was a good father, but could still be distant due to his job. Nonetheless she loved him. On that birthday she remembered after she'd blown out her candles her father beamed and placed his hand on her shoulder, "I'm proud of you" he said in his fatherly tone, "I know one day you'll grow up and do great things." It was a good compliment from him and one she would remember for the rest of her life.

    Life went on as normal and eventually her father was stationed down in Maryland again. Samantha was busy with highschool, a top ranking student at her private school. She still didn't have many friends, but she had enough not to worry her mother. Tragedy struck right before her senior year of highschool when her father suddenly went missing. Something in her mother snapped and their relationship began to fall apart. Samantha was able to hold things together until she graduated highschool, dropping to a midranking status as her grades slipped, but she just couldn't take it. When she was done with highschool she moved out to Pittsburgh and attended the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University, promptly cutting her ties from her estranged mother to start on her own.

    Samantha was very talented, and soared to the top of her class. Her classmates said her sculptures and artwork were so convincing it was as if she could almost get a glimpse into whatever she was conveying and bring it to life. Granted most of her artwork was centered around history or objects from the past. Her new start had worked out, but she couldn't shake the feeling that she was going to have to pack up and move again for one reason or another. Things were happy for her, though, so she just shook it off as nerves.

    Over the years, Samantha had noticed a curious trait about herself. Whenever she got too physically close to certain individuals it was as if their personality and energy would change. Occasionally she would get weird headaches and thought she'd see quick glimpses of things as well. She'd always shrugged it off as nothing much before, save her imagination, but that all changed. One night when her boyfriend was over he'd left his keys on the table after leaving. Being nice she decided to grab them and take them down to him. As her fingertips wrapped around the keys her head began to familiarly throb as she felt as if she were being pulled away. Before her eyes she saw the inside of her boyfriends car and a pair of pink panties in the back seat. The icing on the cake was the clear picture of her boyfriend making out with another girl. On his phone, which sat on the dashboard, an incoming call from 'Sam' was being ignored. Pulled from the vision, dazed and confused, she stumbled a few steps and tried to shrug off what had happened, but she couldn't. No after she knew that a few nights ago Sam had called her boyfriend late one night to talk and he never answered. She'd called a few times actually and when he returned her call he'd simply said he'd been out with friends. She believed him then, why shouldn't she? Then what had she just witnessed? Moments later her boyfriend returned to claim his keys and Samantha questioned him about who he'd been with the last few nights, sparking an argument.

    Determined to prove to herself she was just losing it she stormed down to his car with her boyfriend following and opened the back door. Her eyes fell upon a pair of pink panties, just like in the vision she'd seen. Words were said and the argument escalated. Angered, she reared her hand back and slapped him across the face. As she made contact she felt the familiar pull of energy as she tried to pull her hand away, but found herself unable to. When her hand was finally released her boyfriend's face, he collapsed to the ground unconscious and looking rather sickly. The tips of her fingers tingled with the energy she now felt through her body, but that was trumped by the gut feeling of fear. Terrified she called 911 and he was taken to the hospital where he was said to be in a coma-like state. Suspicion fell to Samantha of what happened and she knew then this life wasn't meant to be. Hitting another low, she broke her ties with everyone in Pittsburgh and once more packed up to move out. So her feeling had been right, it was time to go. Two days after she left her ex-boyfriend awoke without any recollection of what had happened.

    Determined not to let history repeat itself, Samantha went out to buy a pair of gloves to cover her hands, refusing to ever take them off again. Letting her will guide her, she found herself drawn to a town in the hills called Reminiscence. It just felt right to be in this place, and so she stayed. So she rented a small place to stay and prepared to start over again. This was a year ago.

    Former home: Pittsburgh, PA

    How long have they lived in Reminiscence? one year

    Powers: 1. Psychic Vampirism (uncontrolled): as the name suggests she has an ability to 'feed' off the energy of living creatures (mostly humans) through any physical touch. She is unable to control when this happens as of now, but she will begin to control it as she grows stronger. She will also gain the ability to control the amount of energy she siphons from the individual as she gains power. Her psychic vampirism ability is used as a booster for her other two abilities.

    2. Retrocognition (emerging): Still very weak, when in contact with an item or even a person she is able to have postcog visions related to the object/person, but she doesn't know when it will happen or how clear the vision will be. Again this relies on her having physical contact. For now it's just brief glimpses with little detail, but as she grows stronger and devlops her PsyVamp ability she will be able to obtain more detailed information from the items/individual and produce the vision on command.

    3. Memory Implant (not discovered): Again she must rely on physical touch for this ability to manifest. In its weakest form she is able to impose simple memories into the individual but as she grows stronger she can create more elaborate memories and even transfer someone else's memories. This is a very draining ability, and the effects may be weakened depending on the willpower of the individual, but it works well as a cover for extracted information.

    With all these abilities she requires intense concentration, physical contact, and a good amount of energy to perform at her highest ability, which can leave her vulnerable.

    What do you want to get out of this game? just to have fun and explore the development of the character : D
  9. Name: Crystal Sitaro
    Age: 24
    Description: [​IMG] Note: Crystal is three months pregnant, sporting a small bump.
    Short bio: Crystal didn't want much in life, she really just wanted to settle down and become a house wife with her long time boyfriend. True she had some odd... Quirks but for most of her life she ignored it. She worked as a receptionist at a hospital, answering and making calls all day long. It was a decent job, she didn't have to be on her feet all the time and there were good benefits. Soon she and her boyfriend moved into an apartment and all was good. Or so she hoped...

    She couldn't understand why she was so stir crazy as of late. Her boyfriend had noted such a thing and tried to calm her. They traveled whenever they could, but the sights did nothing to quell her. Instead it had the opposite effect, Crystal became insatiable. She wanted to pack up and leave - she didn't even care if she had to walk. Her boyfriend, fearful that Crystal was using this as a way to cheat on him, decided that it was best for them to break up and move on. Half heartedly agreeing, Crystal said her goodbyes to her boyfriend, realizing at the same time that she carried his child. Three months from then she is in Reminiscence.
    Former home: San Diego, California
    How long have they lived in Reminiscence? 2 weeks
    Powers: Water Control, Intuition, Aqua Healing.
    Water Control: She is able to control the flow of water, albeit weakly. When it becomes stronger, she is able to conjure from the ground and move it with a great amount of force.
    Intuition: The first power she can use, Crystal knew right away that she was pregnant. She also knows when the weather is changing or whether or not someone intends to hurt her. When the power becomes stronger she will be able to tell if a stranger not only intends harm to herself, but to others as well.
    Aqua Healing: When it does it is extremely weak and needs water to be done. At first Crystal can heal minor cuts and scrapes. At it's peak it will be able to heal wounds that would otherwise require stitches. Can only heal physical wounds, not the emotional kind.
    What do you want to get out of this game? What will make it fun for you? I also enjoy character relationships, seeing how they become stronger or complicated. I also always enjoy a good plot where communicate with each other, not just the GM's.

    ((Gonna add a little bit more to the history later.))
  10. Thanks for the invite, Revi. I spent a while now trying to create a character out of the remaining list and such, but I don't feel comfortable with it. Sorry but thanks, maybe next time.
  11. Name: Lydia Caldwell

    Age: 24

    Description: Average height. Kind of petite, but toned and athletic.
    View attachment 9041

    Short bio: Lydia had an explosive temper as a child, and threw violent tantrums. It caused a strained relationship between her parents who struggled to control and raise their child, and keep her from being kicked out of yet another school. Finally, sometime around middle school, her mother left her life, and she found herself on the track team. At the biggest time of upheaval of her life, Lydia found her calm. Until recently.

    He had swept her off her feet, initially. He was kind, and funny, and encouraged her running and her burgeoning health store business. And he was an abusive alcoholic. The dream did not last long, and one night, she snapped.

    The next day, he promised not to press charges if she just left. Left and didn't come back. So, Lydia packed up her truck and started driving. The freedom of the road reminded her of the freedom she felt when she ran. She stayed on the road for months until she finally found herself in Reminiscence. When she reached the small town, she once again found her calm. This was where she was meant to be.

    Using the rest of her savings, she found a small storefront building with an apartment above it. Using the equipment she'd kept from her old store, she opened up a juice bar and is currently slowly building up her inventory to being a full health food store once more.

    Former home: Northern California

    How long have they lived in Reminiscence? About a month

    Powers: Kinetic Manipulation

    - She can increase, decrease or completely stop her own internal momentum, which can give different effects such as increased speed, increased height when jumping, and controlling her own falls, even some levitation.

    - With objects, she can throw them and affect their energy until they leave her hand, giving them an extra push which can increase their speed and distance. She can also decrease the energy of things coming into contact with her.

    - As the game progresses, she'll learn how to use her internal momentum to give her an effect similar to increased strength. She doesn't know she can do that a bit now, because she works out and is already fit, so she thinks she's just strong from working out, but she can lift/carry things that are a bit heavier than she should be able to.

    What do you want to get out of this game? What will make it fun for you? Um, a good story? That's all I ever hope for, really.
  12. Construction, yeah? Under it.

    [TABLE="class: outer_border, width: 500, align: center"]
    Name: Agnes Raye Elder
    Short bio:
    Former home:
    How long have they lived in Reminiscence?
    Object Summoning
    What do you want to get out of this game? What will make it fun for you? (If this is something specific, feel free to talk to me about it instead of putting it on the character profile.)

  13. Guys, be sure to read all the info and come to me with any questions regarding powers.
  14. I'll be putting up additional powers so people have more choices. Just need to brainstorm.
  15. I thought i read something about age but i couldn't remember/find it XD looked back and it was infront of me the entire time anyways I edited the profile of mine a bit...(that's what i get for making my character in a half awake state haha) let me know if i need to add/change anything revi
  16. Character information:

    Name: Perry Winkler

    Age: 26

    Description: Dirty, disheveled, and slovenly, Perry does not cut an imposing or even likeable figure. He is generally stooped, making him appear shorter than he actually is. When not digging in a dumpster or rooting through a pile, Perry is generally seen with his face toward the ground, eyes shifting back and forth. Were he to stand up straight (something he is actually capable of, but doesn’t do often) Perry would be roughly 5’10 depending on the state his current pair of shoes is in. He keeps his facial and head hair short, but it is usually uneven thanks to the uncertainty of cutting implements available to him. Perry’s facial features are hollow, a combination of drug-use, malnutrition, and genetics playing part of what keeps him perpetually skinny. Though he is homeless and dirty, Perry hates hand-outs seeing them as the reason other bums stay poor. In general he is nervous around others. Were he to be cleaned up, dressed well, and fed regularly, he would be mediocre looking at best. Handsome is something his mother might call him... but likely no one else would. Despite the food provided he would remain extremely thin thanks to his ectomorphic body type. His height would only serve to exaggerate this look.

    Short bio: Perry’s childhood was typical for an introverted sort. School, home, school, home... it was routine. Never outstanding as a student, Perry’s only saving grace was his ability to recall details, though he rarely followed directions or paid attention. His parents worried that he would underachieve and sent him to many a private tutor. His most common punishment was for a snarky recounting of exact verbiage when asked ‘did you hear what I just told you!’ or other such common angry parent statements. Perry’s happiest times were those spent in Reminiscence when his parents moved their because of work. At the age of 17, Perry was peer-pressured into drug use. He found that he liked the mind-altering substances, and finding that the downers in particular helped him not be overwhelmed by detail all the time. Best of all, he found himself to be drug sensitive, so he could get his highs cheap. Shortly after his parents, who were fed up and strictly against drugs, kicked him out of the house until he cleaned up. Now homeless and destitute, Perry couch-surfed as long as his welcome lasted among friends, but for the last few years he’s simply been living on the streets, surviving with what he can find. He turned to drifting, remembering that one place where he had been truly happy. Reminiscence.

    Former home: Phoenix, AZ

    How long have they lived in Reminiscence? Only recently arrived.

    Powers: Attention to Detail: Perry can become overwhelmed with details if he pays any attention. Largely this is made up of trivial minutia, but can sometimes be exceptionally helpful. He can notice things out of place, detect bulges in clothing that might be weapons, and generally notice inconsistencies or unique features. This causes him problems if he concentrates on any one thing. Perry often takes depressant drugs or simply tries to ignore things around him to keep from being inundated with each and every feature of any person or thing he encounters. Note, this does NOT provide him with any sort of technical knowledge or retro-cognition and he CAN forget things and often does. However, when he remembers something, such as a birthday present or perhaps the molestation by his uncle, he recalls every detail he perceived then. Also note that simply because he can tell details, he may not know what to do with them. An example might be that he notices the dentition of a key he found on the street once. This does not give him the knowledge or expertise to replicate the key, find what it goes to, or even know what sort of key it is.

    Needle in a Haystack: Perry has spent a lot of time digging through dumpsters, debris, and trash. His unique talents make him exceptional at finding things, be they dropped coins, scraps of wire (recycled copper), materials for shelters, not-so-horrible blankets and clothes, and the least rotten of foods. He is actually quite proud of this ability, considering himself superior to other bums who panhandle and scrounge. He is able to look at any disorganized pile, dumpster, or heap and ascertain with general accuracy if it contains something of value. He’s like some crazy dumpster jedi.

    Eye for Quality: Perry has always had an eye for quality. Something like a pull would tell him that something had greater value than things around it. It made him the envy of the trading card community in his heyday, picking packs with the best cards each time he was able. This continues to be an asset, though it is rarely used during garbage picking. On occasion it has come to great use, like the time he found a rare penny in the midst of a jar of pennies, the sale of which helped him make it to Reminiscence.
  17. Are any of the other invitees interested? If so, I can come up with more powers. If not, I'm going to go over everyone's sheets and make a cast list.
  18. Name: Jackson Davis photo-boy-with-shotgun-basic-shotgun.jpg
    Age: 25
    Description: Jackson comes across a relatively normal man, preferring to wear dark navy jeans and a rugged dark brown jacket over a white t-shirt, often a necklace of a miniature metal eagle claw hanging in it's proper place on his person. Short dark brown hair, kept neat and tidy with a buzzcut fashion bristles on the top of his head, matched with a chinstrap beard kept haf an inch in length. Piercing blue eyes of a spiraling design emanate from the ocular orbs in his head, and usually tip off those he meets that there might be something unusual about the unassuming young man. While 6 feet tall, and a slightly muscular build about his person, he focused himself on maintaining a physique of slight power over a reserve of lean endurance. Adorning both arms are a tattoo, swirling spirals of flames and brutal hooks in a tribal style. The flames swerve and curve alongside and over his shoulders, crossing his collarbone in the front, and meeting in the center of his upper back. The flames form waves around a simple clock, held in place by hooks approaching from every angle. His right and left hands hold small scars in the curve between his thumb and first finger.

    Short Story: Jackson grew up what he considered to be an average life, at first. Nothing ever seemed to take him by surprise, and overtime he found himself left wanting, as if he would never feel his heart race and pump the blood that surely kept him alive. This was a metaphor, of course, but in his mind it always held a strong notion that it might be true. It was during highschool that his guardian first took him to a shooting range, and started a small obsession for the young Jack. Handgun or Rifle, he shortly found his way around them. It was then that he was recruited during the first of his years in university to the school's shooting team. As a distraction from his unenthusiastic career, he happily obliged and brought the school several competition awards. Now with the final days of his higher education behind him, after drifting for a short time under the notion of possibly enlisting into the armed services, he returns 'home' to Reminiscence searching for a semblance of an answer.

    Former Home: Mineral Wells, Texas & Madison, Wisconsin (University)

    Powers under development:
    1) Central Nervous System Time Elongation
    Jackson sporadically lowers time around him, causing himself to be keenly aware of the flow of events as they occur. This could be misconstrued as being extremely fast, but in reality he can move no faster than his body allows. The slow of time enables him to react with superior reflexes, and deliberate on his choices with greater clarity. It could also be perceived that he is merely thinking very fast, but those touching him would experience a slight time distortion of their own. The power is currently his second most mastered, breaking through in spontaneous events when his heart rate elevates, otherwise he has trouble controlling it.

    2) CNS Optic Field Flux
    Currently, what Jackson has most under control is a strange ability to change his visual perception, tied into his chrono-control. His eyesight is spectacular, often dismissed as the major reason for his success in the marksmanship competition at his school. Through focus, his own eyesight magnifies up to 2.5X that of it's normal discipline, enabling him to see farther at will with little disruption.

    3) Unknown Power - CNS Personal Metabolic Stasis
    Eventually, it will be that he can reverse his first power, and cause time to apparently quicken around him. The change in time allows him to nearly suspend his bodily functions, entering a near perfect stasis. The change in his field of time also leaves him more resilient, much less effected by physical trauma due to its highly decelerated velocity as it approaches the surface of his skin.
  19. Lydia and Agnes need their sheets completed. I'm ready to start as soon as you two are ready.
  20. Is there room for one more person to join?
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