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Fanta Sea, Science Fiction, Anthropomorphic, realistic, personified countries (excluding Hetalia)

I'm OrenjiGatsu. I’m kind of new towards Iwaku as I've been in only one roleplay here. However, I've been doing a lot of roleplaying for over a year and a half. I am looking for somebody to be a partner with.

What you want to know:

I'm okay with post just being above two sentences and nothing more. I'm a person to do a little more than that. For grammar, if you just attempt to follow grammar rules, then you're fine by me.

I tend to play characters who are usually non-native to their area (Ex: an elf living in human land). I don't care about the gender or sexuality of my characters.

Anything can be done with furries.

When things get sexual, I'd rather have it fade to black.

Using characters that you had in a previous roleplay is alright with me as long as they are modified enough to fit into the roleplays. If they are mostly verbatim to what they were in prior roleplays, then that will not be okay.

I roleplay in threads only.

Any other information can be found on my resume.

The Long Dark+:​
This is just random people surviving the cold, Canadian wilderness.

Stranded Deep+​:
This is just random people surviving the hot, Pacific ocean.

Trespasser (Jurassic Park)+​:
This is really justt rand people surviving Isla Sorna in 1998 (This will be between The Lost World and Jurassic Park III) and trying to get off it.

Get Smart:
There'll be secret agents of the 60s (or modern times) fighting the agents of KAOS.

Gilligan’s Island:
This will be surviving on an island while trying to get off it. There will be some more focus on survival.

In this, it will be about a new set of ghostbusters in [city, probably European city].

Romeo and Juliet+​:
This will be about the years prior to Romeo and Juliet, where it's just Montagues and Capulets fighting.

Madcuff, Prince Malcolm, and Siward will be making their campaign with an English army and some defiant Scottish over into Scotland to end MacBeth's reign.

Things Fall Apart:
A group of English settlers land right into the smack dab of the Igbo regions of Africa. With that, they'll bring their religion and government.

A new group of students start off at Greendale Community College.

This will be about those ninja who are neither redshirts, or legendary ninjas. They'll be about those ninja who need to perform enough missions to pay rent and expenses, while keeping up a social life. "The mediocre."

There’ll be two people of a Shinto shrine in Japan that can see the messenger of the gods, a kitsune. The number of people and heralds can be changed.

This is where there will be two “lab rats” testing out the portal gun.

Black Mesa+​:
As aliens get into Black Mesa, a scientist and security guards must get out of there through all the hazards.

After the failure of the rebellion, a group of former rebels must live together in the outer rim.

This will basically be the plot of the first movie.

The Escapist+​:
Two prisoners, one goal: getting out.

The Office+​:
Dunder Mifflin just opened up a branch in Toledo, OH (or another city). Therefore this will be about the people of that branch.

Scandinavia and the World:
The Scandinavia countries have built a cottage and they are letting any nation use it.

Tommy Boy+​:
After the death of a factory’s owner, his son and assistant go on a road trip to sell a lot of the factory’s product in order to keep it working.

+I prefer these to only have or mainly have OCs.
Anything in orange is definitely preferred.


I'm more into using original characters for pairings, but I like to do relationships using canon characters from stories of I can see it happening. I don't have any real preference on who I want to be in relationships. I can be any part of pairs. I'm not going to give a list of pairings.
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