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  1. In the small town of Lupuson nothing too unusual ever happened. Families lived there for generations, and no one new ever moved to the town. No one except for a small human family. On the first day of summer, rumors immediately flew around the town. A new family moved to town! Who were they? Were they like everyone else? Or were they human. The smell immediately told them that this was a human family, not another of their kind. The next question then arised. What were they to do with this new human family?

    The local teenagers held another question. Who would dare to let this human pup into their gang? The kids were divided into three very different groups. The jocks, the geeks, and the artsy kids all fought over who had what territory and where each gang was allowed to hang out. At the current moment the jocks had control over the mall, but the intrusion of a new young boy had thrown everybody into a loop.

    The secret of Lupuson was in grave danger if this human boy was accepted into any of the gangs, but they couldn't really make him and his family leave. The jocks mulled over what to do as they hung out at the mall, unaware of the fight that was going on nearby...

    "Get out of the way, nerds. This is jock territory and you know it!" The young girl growled, standing in front of about a half a dozen boys. She stood between them and the a bit too low railing that looked over the main center of the mall, one floor down.

    The leader of the nerds, a more muscular boy compared to most of them, took a step toward the girl, fully intent on possibly pushing her off the railing. "It may have been, but now it's geek territory. Get lost!" He bared his teeth at the girl, pushing his chest out in a very threatening manner. The girl pushed against the edge, looking down with frightened blue eyes. She looked back at the geeks, her brown ponytail flipping quickly against her cheek. Tan hands clenched the railing, refusing to let go in case she was thrown or worse.
  2. Zeke was getting tired of this.​

    In general, he hated social gatherings, especially such a thing as a mall - but his parents had told him the best way to make new friends was to go somewhere that all teens of his age would go. Some place 'hip' and 'cool'. (He wanted to gag when they tried to sound like they know how teenagers are.) Though, he didn't really have much of a choice. Going to public school suddenly after being home schooled ever since he was five was a big life change, and he especially didn't want to make any new friends - but hey, malls have a Game Stop - don't they? Might as well go to see if there's anything new in stock.

    Which, unfortunately got him caught in his current situation.

    With his head phones plopped onto his head and on full blast, The lanky teenager was perusing through the mall - his fists stuffed into the pockets of his purple-plaid hoodie. His disheveled black hair was all over the place - not really styled in any purpose or way as he watched everyone talk and mingle together. He was confused as to why some were looking at him - he wasn't anyone that particularly tried to stick out, yet there they were...Just....Staring.

    That's what the yelling caught his attention.

    The only thing he could make out over his music was: "GET LOST."

    Instantly, he looked up, his mouth slightly open as he tried to make sense of what was going on.
  3. The smell of human distracted the group of teens, making them look down to see the boy staring back at them. The geek boys, seeing a chance to get the young human on their side, puffed themselves up even more, trying to look more powerful than the jock girl before them. The brunette would have none of it, however, and simply spit at the leader's face, glaring before growling loudly. "This is OUR territory. YOU get lost!" The lead boy took a step back, a bit surprised by the spit before letting out a loud yell that sounded a bit too dog like. With a fist raised, he punched the girl in the face, using enough force to send flipping over the railing. Barely keeping her grip, the girl dangled in the air. She screamed, not liking how high up from the ground she was.

    "Um, dude I think we should get out of here before Drake comes back!" A smaller boy whimpered, backing away from the girl in danger of falling. "I-I mean it is his territory, and we shouldn't of-"

    The leader glared at the boy before turning back to the girl, moving to start picking off her fingers. "Well, now this is OUR territory and you won't soon forget it!" The girl yelped as the man started to pry her fingers off, kicking uselessly as she dangled. Others started to gather around below the girl, yelling but not doing anything to try and help her. She was down to one hand, a couple other boys helping to keep the girl's other hand off of the railing.
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