In The Past.....

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  1. YOu ever wonder what your heros Lives are in the past?

    Ever wanted to play them as Children/Teens and make your Own; Why did this Hero/Villain turn evil/Hero

    here your rp You play who ever you want... Note Somethings Are not what they seams ^^

    Character sheet:
    Hero/Villain Name:
    Bio: (If want ^^)

    Name: Selina Kyle
    Hero/Villain Name: Cat woman
    Age: 15
    Bio: a teenage orphan, street thief and skilled pickpocket who is suspicious and wholly unpredictable

    Selina sighed softly to herself. she was bored hungry and bored. she wanted to do something to get over her boredom. "what to steal.... Food?" she said and her stomach growled. "Food it is" she smirked getting up from her spot in one of Gothems many Parks. she ran off to see where to eat at the same time trying to get some cash at the same time. 'Food food what type of food..... Fish?' she though then bumped into someone. "Oh sorry Sir!" she said with out him known she stole his wallet. "Really I'm sorry!" she said then walked off. with out the male realizing she stole his wallet. "that was easy." she said walking into an ally to see how much she got from the wallet. '50 bucks nice' she smirked then dropped the Wallet and walked away putting the cash in her pocket. 'Food'
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    Name: Remy Lebeau
    Hero/Villain Name: Gambit

    through the small alleyway that the young lady walked hapily through, through the sounds of water sloshing though large pipes, or the sounds of smal lrats scurring away from her foot steps, a sound of shuffling was being heard, not to far out towards the alleys end. in the distance stood a small stand, not very viable, nor was it very professional, just a cardboard box folded into its box shape to make as a small table, on the side of the box sat a boy, hair long and wild, on his body he had on a dindgey looking trench coat and a tank top, purple in color and a pair of rugged looking jeans, matched with a pair of combat boots that were black in color.

    The boy sat behind the box, shuffling the cards in his hands, doing all sorts of professional card tricks, playing with the cards in his hands to get the attention of anyone that sat to watch, and watch some did, but card tricks was not what draw the crowd, no what drew the crowd was the frustration of one man that sat with this boy, almost to the brink of beating the boy sensless as he was losing to a simple game with the boy "This has to be a set up you little punk" the large looking man yelled to him angrily. The boy tilted his head back a little, the smell of liquor obviously lining the mans breath "oh no good sir...its merely a game a luck...and a bit of skill should you have it" he said with a coy smile, the man had already wasted over 150 bucks trying to beat the boys game, a game that he obviously was not going to win. By the look in the mans eyes, he was not happy with the boys answer, dropping down a twenty, he starred down the boy "one more game you little thief..." he said to him angrily. The boy smiled as he then grabbed four cards from the deck he was shuffling in his hand, he then showed the ace of spades "all you have to do is find it" he said to him smiling, as he set down the four cards, he then slowly began shuffling them, making the ace easy to spot at first glance, then at the blink of an eye, he began to shuffle then faster, making the ace simply disappear out of sight from the man. The man stared, his breathing growing a bit heavier as he was certain he had it this time, but as if the card vanished from his eyes, he lost it. But what the man didn't know, was that the game was laced, with a slight of hand, the ace was switched as the shuffling grew faster, He then stopped shuffling "make a choice and i can guarantee all ya money back good sir" he said waiting for the man to lose yet another twenty out of his pocket. waiting for the mans decision, he saw a girl walk her way through, he gave a smile at her "good lady, care for a small game of luck...any amount will allow you play" he asked her, hoping to gain her attention, he then sat down the deck of cards in his lap, holding a lard wad of cash in his hands, counting out what he had won so far.
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