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  1. Hello there, Lillian Gray at your service.

    Before I start, here's a few things you might want to know about me. I love to write, even if my skills aren't top notch, I get pretty excited about plots and ideas, so never be afraid to shoot me a message if you have an idea as well! As for what kinds of things I like? Romance is a biggie, send it my way, and I'm all yours. Along with that, fantasy, sci-fi, slice of life, anything with a hint of mystery, horror, and humor is fine.
    A New Kind of World - this is the plot I currently want to do. Character A falls into a book she picked up, it's a run of the mill dragons and ogres and knights (oh my!) kind of deal. This will have some elements of fantasy, and a touch of romance. I'm looking for a partner who is interested in expanding a bit more on the plot before beginning! There are definitely some details that need to be decided on!


    This story follows that of a normal girl, from a normal world, who loves the tales she reads of knights in shining armor within the ivory pages of her books. It's safe, easy, and requires no mindful effort to keep up with the story. All is not normal, though, and she soon finds that the curious old book she found on the back shelf is much more than it appears to be. She falls inside, to a world of dragons, ogres, and a few men of valor. Now, all she has to do is get back home - somehow. It certainly helps that there's a kind young knight at her side. It won't be an easy task to get home, as a civil war is in the air as conspiracies come out against the King. Those who support him rally to the capital, while others stay on the outside borders in preparation for war. Nearby kingdoms are itching to know what will become of the land.

    These are some preferences and requests I ask of my partners.
    • Post regularly. Daily is nice, but if I don't hear from your for a a week or two, I start to assume you're no longer interested.​
    • If you are no longer interested, please message me!
    • Help guide the plot, don't just follow it. It would be both of our story, and we both have input to what we want to write and read.​
    • Your standard posting length should be between 2 to 4 paragraphs at a minimum. One liners are not acceptable.
    • Intermediate level and above.
    • I will only post on Iwaku in a thread. No exceptions.

    Adored Themes
    Slice of Life
    Fairy Tales

    Disliked Themes
    Animals / Furries
    Angels and Demons
    Overly furturisitc

    Feel free to either PM me or leave a message! I would be more than happy to plot something else with you if this is not appealing.
  2. Still looking!
  3. This seems so interesting! I'd like to roleplay the plot, it's a very nice idea!

    Do you mind if I am the girl though? Or would you rather roleplay as her?
  4. I apologize, I forgot to tick the request as fulfilled! I am in the process of talking to someone about the idea. I'm so sorry!
  5. It's fine ^^
    Perhaps another time~
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  6. Oh, I didn't see the themes you set out already. Are you looking for a roleplay with a different plot?
  7. I set it there just for a general idea if someone were to message me looking for something else. Right now, I'm a little packed in terms of partners, but if you have an idea I'd be more than happy to hear it, otherwise keep me in mind for another time :)
  8. A mysterious stranger saves a princess from drowning when she was very little. The King, glad his daughter is safe, offers the young man whatever he wants. The man surprises them all by wanting to marry the Princess, when she is of age. Years and years later, when the Princess is all grown up, the man comes back to fetch her. Much to everyone's surprise and horror, he is the same age as when he saved the Princess all those years ago. He brings her to his palace, and as time passes, she realises there is more than meets the eye to the cursed king.

    I was thinking of something like this, if you're willing.
  9. I feel like I've heard a story like this somewhere! It's interesting, but for now I'll have to pass, I apologize.
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