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  1. So yeah, just officially enlisted into the military, or rather DEP'ed in (Delayed Enlistment Program). I'm gonna be a CTT in the Navy. In other words, I'll be working with hi-tech radar systems and the like. At least that was it says on paper :3 I ship out for boot camp December 20th, though that's subject to change
  2. I'm warning you now, the Squid jokes will follow.

    Hahaha... You're going to be a "Seaman"...
  4. You know what they say about lonely men on boats...
  5. <_< There are some females....I think.....

    She said her name was Raqelle.... she said she had a growth hormone imbalance, that's why she had more facial hair than me....

    I'm scared T_T
  6. Don't drop the soap.
  7. <iframe title="YouTube video player" src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="390" width="640"></iframe>

    Hell yeah. Being able to play this at parties has to count for something.
  8. CTT, right?

    I'm an ex-Gunners Mate, got out as a Petty Officer Third Class.

    Now you're going to want to sit down for this.

    You won't be working on radar systems. You'll be working Electronic and Signals Intelligence.

    FC, Fire Controlman, does radar systems.

    If you want some advice on how to survive, talk to me. I've been there, done that. Got a command ballcap and leftover uniforms.
  9. Congratulations!!! (: Have fuuuun!


  10. also, if you get lonely take some warm liver, put it in a milk carton kinda folded in half like....
  11. lol da neivy is gheyyyyyyyyyy
  12. don't worry bro, i got your back too.
    MASN in the reserve, hopefully soon to be a 3rd.

    best advice i can give you once you're out of boot and school is to not screw up too much, god's glorious navy is looking to downsize hardcore
  13. Entire military is doing that, except for the marines I think.
  14. I was in the Infantry.

    So I have no anecdotes, no acroymns and no advice.

    Except this:


    It never ends well.
  15. [video=youtube;2XfkRmh_hiA][/video]