In the Name of the Queen

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  1. Cellion looked down the long wooden table at the group of nervous diplomats and generals. She tapped her perfectly manicured nails against the surface as one of the men finished his report, then waved them off with disinterest. "Dismissed. And next time, try not to bore me with a detailed account of your failures. I want progress next time."
  2. Ronald had stood at the door during this meeting with a staff in hand. He was the queens royal soldier and he took pride in protecting her at all cost. As the diplomats came out, he stood aside and allowed them all to leave. He then walked in the room to check on the queen. "Everything all right my lady?"
  3. Her green eyes slid over to him. "As well as it should be given the news." She stood and stretched, weary from sitting in the stiff chair for so long. Her curly, snow white hair fell over her shoulders, and she pushed it back gracefully with a hand. "Why did I ever agree to have such incompetent underlings, Ronald? I swear... you are my prized possession."
  4. Ronald smiled at her compliment. He took a vow to protect his queen with his life and he did that physically and emotionally. "Being queen of (name of town) is not an easy job." He looked around and saw that he was alone with her. He then gently placed a hand on her forearm. "I wish I could take away the stress you are experiencing, your highness."
  5. Ronald smiled at her compliment. He took a vow to protect his queen with his life and he did that physically and emotionally. "Being queen of (name of town) is not an easy job." He looked around and saw that he was alone with her. He then gently placed a hand on her forearm. "I wish I could take away the stress you are experiencing, your highness."
  6. The gesture called back several memories for her. She stood on tiptoe and leaned in to whisper in his ear. "Perhaps another time," she said with a sly grin, patting his cheek. "I have more appointments this evening that need my attention."
  7. The guard bowed to her in respect. "Very well. Is there anything I can get for you?" He asked. He wanted to make sure the queen was happy in every way possible.
  8. "Call on the kitchen staff and tell them I am ready to take my tea out in the garden," she ordered, glancing out the large window at the colorful landscape. "The eastern king is coming to arrange the terms of our so-called truce, and I want to enjoy his surrender with a view." Her eyes darkened. "I want you to watch him, Ronald. I am sure you are aware that he is very unhappy with me over the recent defeats our armies have dealt him. I wouldn't put it past him to try to stage some sort of attack on my life. You know how cornered animals can be..."
  9. "Of course your highness." He answered quickly. He would risk his own life if it meant to protect hers. He knelt down on one knee and took her hand. Then he bowed his head in respect. "You are my life and I will make sure you stay safe."
  10. She stared down at him. "I am confident you will. I trust no one but you, Ronald." She leaned down and kissed his forehead, smiling for once that day. She knew that she was cold and cruel, and she was well aware of how demanding she could be. But no one ever lived up to her standards and stuck by her side like he had.
  11. Ronald smiled softly as he felt the kiss laid upon his forehead. He then stood and left the room to buff up security and get the tea ready in the garden. He told the ladies in waiting of what the queen wanted and they went to set up everything for her in the garden.
  12. Soon after, Cellion walked through the immaculately kept garden outside her palace. The winding pathways were lined with all manner of colorful, flowering shrubs and bushes, pink roses being her favorite. Stone fountains sprinkled crystal clear water into their basins. As she walked, she held a hand out to brush against the leaves as she passed them. The small gazebo came into view with servants already waiting for her arrival.

    She sat and held out a hand for her tea, turning to one of the young women with a sharp look. "Bring him." The maiden scurried off in the direction of the castle.
  13. Ronald went to the front gates to great Sir Francis. He was waiting outside the gate impatiently. When Roland appeared, the king exhaled. "Finally. I've been out here for over ten minutes" he said with frustration. "I'm very sorry sir. Her majesty is ready to see you." Roland responded and he took her to the garden.

    Sir Francis walked in and bowed a little at the queen. "It's nice to see you again." He lied and took a seat at the table.
  14. Cellion stared down her nose at him. "I bet it is, Francis. So glad that you have finally come to your senses and agreed to a harmonious conclusion." She stirred her tea, giving him a knowing smirk. Seeing him come crawling to her feet was proving immensely enjoyable. Her eyes flicked to Ronald briefly, a signal for him to stay alert though she knew it wasn't needed.
  15. Ronald stood by, keeping an eye on everything. Francis didn't seem to be overjoyed to be there. He only came because the queen invited him to discuss important matters. "So why are we here?" He asked, wanting to get down to business.
  16. Cellion snapped her fingers and one of the maids produced a document finely accented with gold leaf trim. The queen took the paper and held it loosely between her fingers, swaying it in front of Francis. "We're here about the treaty, dear. This petty war has got to stop at some time, don't you agree? Word on the street is your people are practically starving as you're trying to fund it. You made a little headway taking one of my villages to the south, that's true, but I've already sent reinforcements twice your number to reclaim it."

    Cellion placed the paper on the table and slid it across to him. She leveled her gaze on him, and her eyes became ice cold. "You will sign and agree to peaceful subordinacy under me and pay me tribute for the pleasure. The terms are, shall we say... non-negotiable."
  17. Sir Francis was shocked that someone was talking to him like that and he gave her a look of shock. "You can't be serious." He said, thinking she must be bluffing. Ronald could sense the tension rising in the conversation and kept an eye out all around.
  18. She crossed her legs, leaning back in her chair. "I can and am. You would do well to accept my treaty with some civility. Heavens knows you could use the practice..."
  19. Sir Francis stared coldly as her but she was right. They were losing the war and his kingdom was starving. The smart decision would be to accept the treaty. He would just have to find a way to get rid of the queen. He took the pen and signed the treaty.
  20. Cellion took the treaty back with a gentle smile. "That wasn't so difficult, was it? Now I will be expecting my first tribute payments before the end of the year. And to commemorate this new peace, how about...." she tapped her chin in thought innocently, "..a statue of me in your palace courtyard. That would be lovely. Now unless there is any other business you would like to discuss, you are dismissed, dear Francis. I hope your visit to Viridia has been enjoyable, as I have greatly enjoyed having you here."