In the Name of Innocence

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In The Name of Innocence.

Riley Hall walked through the double doors to the 'East Stoughton Community Bank' at about 12:00. Although he had rehearsed this moment in his head a thousand times, his heart still felt as if it were about to burst through his chest. Small beads of sweat were forming along the back of his neck and his hands were shaking like windmills, but his face was calm, cool and confident. Overall, Riley was doing surprisingly well, considering he was about to rob a bank.


As he stood in line, watching as the guard took his break, right on time, he glanced at his reflection in the window. His hair was med length and little shaggy around the ears. It hung down just above his eyebrows and gave way to a pair of light hazel eyes. His cut jawline was in-cased in a light 5'oclock shadow, but it only helped to bring out his features. He had intentionally not shaved the day prior, feeling that the slightly different look might throw any witnesses off. On is body was a loosed fitting button up shirt, it hung over his chiseled physic , on top of a tight fitting, white wife beater. His Faded blue Levi 501's were just loose enough around the waist to hold the loaded .357 magnum. He prayed he wouldn't have to use it, like he did back in Arizona..

"Can I help you sir?"

Riley was jerked from his memories and was now face to face with the teller. He approached her, holding a steady, but non threatening eye contact with her.

This was it, Showtime baby.

As adrenaline pumped through his body, everything seemed to happen in frames, like watching a stop motion movie.

He stuck the gun in the tellers face….

Jumped the counter and put his arm around her neck, with the barrel pressed firmly against her temple…

The money was retrieved in large, unmarked bills…

Riley was out the door within 3 minutes….

The route was planned out. He ran down a near by side street to a spot where many cabs would wait for customers. He jumped in the back of the first cab he saw, with the cash and gun concealed. As sirens sounded in the distance, all Riley could think about was getting the hell out f here.

"Take me out towards the old airport." He said, for the moment paying little attention to the cabby.

Little Did Riley know, the police already had a rough description of him and his name...

Riley Hall was sitting in her cab, almost at the end of her break. Trying to open what was apparently a child-proof piece of gum, she barely looked up in her rear view mirror when a man piled in to the back seat. Great, there goes enjoying her last ten minutes. Sighing, she reached over to flip on the meter and turn the cab radio on. Her seat belt was re-buckled, and after she checked her mirrors to make sure those police sirens weren't about to peel on to her street, she pulled the vehicle out and got on the road.

"I didn't think the old airport was still open." she commented, leaning an elbow on the open window of her cab door. Her fingers ran through heavily highlighted auburn hair as her free hand guided the wheel. At least it wasn't the weirdest place someone requested to go. After three years of driving a cab around town, she had a lot of freaks climb in to the back seat. And the sad thing was that she actually enjoyed her job.

"Yea, I have to meet someone there. Do me a favor and step on it too, ok honey?" Riley imagined he looked a little nervous, but probably no worse than a business man late for an appointment.

Riley took a look over his shoulder. realizing that there were no cops coming down this street, and his only real concern was the fact that he was using an innocent cab driver as a getaway driver. But then again, that really wasn't any concern to him.

At the old airport, Riley was supposed to meet some 'connected' guys who could set him up with a car. They had no idea what he looked like, who he was, or really anything about him at all. Only that his name was Riley Hall. Working with gangsters like this was never Riley's thing, but it was the only choice he had.

After a moment Riley was able to relax, leaning back in the seat and letting out a deep breath. He caught the Cab drivers eye in the rear-view mirror for a moment, she was definitely not your average cab driver. She was very attractive with beautiful auburn hair.

"So you been driving long? haven't seen a lot of chicks that drive cabs." Riley said, attempting to divert his attention from the fact that if was caught he would be going o prison for a very long time.

Soon they would be pulling into the Airport and Riley would be on his way to a new life.
It was dark blue eyes staring back at him in the rear view mirror. A dubious expression on her face. "Are you gonna give me the, 'Why's a pretty girl like you driving a cab like this' speech? Cause I've gotten that line before." That was a common question. She learned how to quit getting pissy about it a long time ago. Didn't stop her from harassing the fools in the backseat that kept spitting it out, though.

"I like to drive. Couldn't be a racecar driver, didn't want to drive school buses with screaming kids, and so... here we go." And that was the truth.

Though she sped up the cab a little bit, it wasn't much higher than the speed limit. Last thing she wanted to do was get another ticket. One more ticket, she was gonna be in more debt that she could pay off and then get stuck with jail time or community service. She hated community service! The old airport was already coming in to view though, so unless there was gonna be some police chase shutting down the highway, they'd be there in a few.
"Well, I'm sure looking good doesn't hurt when it comes to getting tips!" Riley laughed " and I agree, I would probably go crazy driving a school bus."

With 30k in a bag right next to him on the seat, Riley was feeling like the man. And as the airport came into view it was seeming more and more like the perfect crime. They pulled into the abandoned parking lot and Riley got out. He didn't see anyone anywhere. He decided to walk around to the other side of the building, incase they were waiting for him there. He leaned in the window, tossing his cabby a 20$ dollar bill.

"Wait here for me, I'll be right back" He lingered for a moment, shooting her a little half a smile. He was definitely attracted to this chick, too bad he hadn't met her under different circumstances.

He made his way around the other side of the building just as a black Cadiliac pulled in followed by another car, however he didn't noticed it as he had just made his away around the other side of the airport. The Cadilliac pulled up next to the cab and two men in suits got out.

One of them approached the cab and said.

"Riley Hall?" The man looked like a typical Mobster, complete with dark, aviator glasses. "We have your car here, you got the money?"
Riley cast the guy a sarcastic grin before he handed her a 20 and ran off. Stay and wait, huh? Why did this seem like some sort of drug deal? Oh wait. Probably was. Wouldn't be the first time she dropped someone off at a shady location. Normally, though, they didn't have her wait! She figured he was probably picking up some weed.

She had climbed out of the cab, leaning against the door and trying to get another piece of gum open when the black Cadillac pulled up. Expecting it to keep on going and turn around the corner, she was surprised when it stopped. And more surprised when they spoke to her by name.

"I'm Riley Hall, yeah." she said slowly. "Don't know what money you're talkin' about though. You don't look like my boss."
Riley came around the corner and saw the mobsters talking to his cabby. He scratched his head in confusion, what the hell did they want with her? He approached them and said.

"Hey, guys I'm here. It's Riley Hall."

The next thing Riley Knew he had a Gun in his face and another one of the Gangsters had a gun in his Cabbies face.

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa." Exclaimed Riley "Whats going on, calm the fuck down"

"Whats going on here!!!" The mobster with the gun to Riley's face yelled "IF she's Riley Hall, Who the fuck are you?"

Riley's heart froze as he looked at her identification card in the back window, it read Riley Hall. The most amazing coincidence in the world was causing a world of unforeseen confusion, and if there was one thing Mobsters hated it was confusion. Riley saw exactly what had gone wrong, and with time wasting, he knew now exactly what would have to be done to remedy the problem. If he didn't act soon, he would be in a world of hell, if not by the mobsters then by the police. Unfortunately, Riley the Cab driver had just become his accomplice. It was either that or let the mobsters kill her, and Riley couldn't stand to see such a pretty girl die so young/

"Alright, everything ok guys." Said Rily in a comforting tone to the Mobsters "Just a little mix up, Right Baby." Said Riley, giving Riley the 'Play along with me NOW look' She was just waiting for me, we're together."

He handed the mobsters about 5k and grabbed Riley by the wrist.

"Ok Baby." HE said again, half dragging her away from her cab and into the car that had been provided to him from the mobsters. After he opened her door and let her in he got in behind the wheel and started to drive away.

"Ok, look riley, theres been a terrible misunderstanding." He explained everything to her, about the robbery and about the name issues.

"If i didn't do something, they would have killed us both, I understand your probably a little frustrated know, but were gonna have to travel together for a while…" He stopped, waiting to see if she was going to freak out or be a good girl.
She just had a GUN pointed in her face and he was calling her a 'little frustrated'? Still wide eyed and trying to process it, Riley was silent for a few moments.

As soon as that black Cadillac was out of view, however, she balled up a fist and punched the guy in the face. She might have hit him harder, but he was currently driving them out on to the high way.

"You sonofabitch! They know my name and I just had a gun pointed at me! So I'm just supposed to leave me cab back there an- ...Are you freaking kidnapping me?!" Oh hell no. He might have pulled some fancy bullshit on those goons back there by calling her his dame, but she was NOT about to get kidnapped. Riley was reaching over to grab the wheel and make him pull over.
Riley recoiled from the punch, spitting bright red blood out the window onto the concrete.

"You crazy bitch, you busted my damn lip!" He glared at her for a moment, trying to figure out what the hell to do now. The car swerved and the wheels chirped as she tried to force his over to the side of the road. Riley was growing more and more angry by this point. He Slammed on the brakes and they came to a violent stop. He un did his seat belt and grabbed her by the wrists, holding them down so she couldn't hit again. She had one hell of a right cross, that was for sure.

" You Need to Calm down! Do you think I -want- to be with you, Shit! Do you understand? You are wanted by the law now! Not to mention the Mafia! Who thinks You are Me! I didn't mean for this to happen, but it did." He paused taking a deep breath. " If you want to get out, then get out, but you have to understand if the cops don't get you the Mob will realize they made a mistake and hunt you down." He looked at her letting go of her arms, Still amazed she had actually swung on him.
"I'm about to bust more than that!" Riley shouted back. She fought him when he grabbed her, fully intent on giving him a black eye to go with that busted lip. But stilled when he mentioned the cops and the mob. Riley opened her mouth, ready to protest that all she had to do was go explain this shit to the cops. It's not like she had a record or did anything wrong! ...but just how many cops were in the mob's pockets? The justice system wasn't exactly well oiled.

Once he let her go, she turned back in her seat. Angrily hitting her elbow against the back of it. If she hadn't done that, she would have hit him again. ..She was still thinking about hitting him.

"So I'm just supposed to do what? Drive off with some asshole? What the fuck did you DO?"
Riley ignored her overly apparent sarcastic remarks. This chick was definitely getting on his nerves, but he felt partly responsible for her, and more than that he couldn't risk her going to the cops. He guessed that if he had been in her situation he would be pretty heated up too. After she quieted down a bit he looked over at her, she was still fuming, but damn attractive, Riley would not mind jumping those bones at all. His gun was poking him, so he reached in his pants and pulled it out, setting it between his legs. He would have just thrown it in the back seat, but he didn't put it past her to try to shoot him with his own gun.

After what seemed liked forever, they pulled up to a hotel. It was the only thing within at least 50 miles and looked almost out of place in the middle of the desert. Riley pulled in to the parking lot and thought about the situation, he couldn't leave this girl alone.

"Alright, you're coming with me to get the room." He thought about it for a minute "Just act normal, like we're lovers creeping away for the weekend." He added with a sly smile
"Great. What fun." Riley muttered. Against her will, she got out of the car. Stretched a bit to try and ease that tenseness in her muscles. The clothes she wore weren't anything impressive. A simple white tank top with a plaid shirt and a worn out pair of jeans. Cab drivers didn't exactly have to look professional.

As they walked in to the hotel lobby, Riley didn't exactly throw herself on the guy and act like the doting lover. But at least she wasn't making a huge scene either. No screaming about being kidnapped or calling him a thief. In fact, as they stopped by the front desk, the wide wicked smile she cast him showed exactly that. She wasn't afraid of him and she COULD make the scene. She was choosing not to. He was wise to remember that.
"My girl and I would like a room , please. No smoking with one bed" Riley said with a sly smile to the man working the front desk.

He slid an arm around her waist and pulled her close. He couldn't help but smile at this, knowing that she was probably hating it. Riley had always had a side to him that liked to annoy people, he could be quite the arrogant prick as times as well. He was really starting to enjoy this whole ordeal, in all honesty, things were good. He had money, a hot girl and the crime had been seemingly perfect. Besides the fact that they were both being hunted by the police and possibly a group of less than reputable gangsters seemed like a small annoyance.

Riley walked with his 'accomplice' to the room and shut the door behind them. He jumped on the bed, with a shit eating grin on his face.

"So, What should we do now, dear?" Riley asked sarcastically.
Riley kept her mouth shut and smiled sweet up until they were sequestered away safe and sound in the hotel room. A single bed, huh. That was all fine and dandy, seeing as she wasn't going to be there too much longer. With the door closed behind them and the guy that shared her name now sitting on the bed, Riley paused to roll up her shirt sleeves.

"Well, sweetheart, I have one small idea..." crossing over to the bedside table, she opened up the draw. Like in most hotel rooms there was a rather hefty sized bible tucked away in there. Riley pulled it out and thumb through the pages for a second before snapping it shut.

Then, with an angry growl she was swinging it for his head! Intent on knocking him out!
Riley was a little confused when he saw his female, name-sharing friend thumbing through the bible. Was this really the time get religious? However, as soon as he caught her eye he saw that reading hymns was the last thing on her mind. Riley's expression changed from joking to 'oh shiii' within a matter of seconds, the next thing he knew he was tasting paper back as the 'bible toting' mad-women WHAPPED him in the head.

"Wait a minut...." He barley got the words out when he was struck again. This was getting out of control, he had to stop her!

He reached for her wrist with the bible, while his other arm wrapped around her body in an attempt to pull her down. He had to gain control. His objective was pinning her down, because he wasn't about to hit a girl. Even if she was a crazy lady!
She meant to hit him harder, but the shit managed to catch up to what she was doing and moved. With one of his arms slinging around her, Riley ended up on top of him. What followed might have been either a comical wrestling match or playful foreplay to any onlooker. While she was frustratedly trying to wiggle out of his grip and simultaneously beat the hell out of him with anything she could swing, he was doing his damnedest not to hurt her. Which only made her more annoyed, cause it was just that sort of 'don't hurt the poor damsel' thinking that pissed her off.

When she ended up with her back to the mattress, she let out a loud HA as she dropped the bible and snatched the gun away from him. Granted, he was still on her, but now she had the weapon! Riley's sly and self pleased smirk was splayed all over her face as she cocked the pistol and pointed it up at him.

Riley did everything he could to deflect the blows from his name sharing friend. He was getting frustrated with her, to the point where he was an=bout ready to give her the car and just tell her to leave. Then the thought flashed through his mind of what she would say to the cops if they got her. He let the idea leave his mind as he deflected blows from his name sharing friend. At least he had the upper hand now..or so he thought.

With The girl under him, and he straddling her across the waist, he felt pretty confident that he had control, until he heard the 'Click'


Damn. She got the gun. Fortunately, this wasn't Riley's first time with a gun to his face. He decided to call her bluff, after all Riley doubted she had the balls to actually shoot.

He leaned close to her, so his face was only about a foot from hers, with the gun pressed against his chest.

" Don't you know little girls aren't supposed to play with guns?" Riley said mockingly, trying to enrage her. " IF you're gonna do it, do it...Shoot." He had placed his hands on either side of her on the bed and was staring her right in the eye, hoping to god she didn't actually pull the trigger.
"I'm going to fucking kill you." Riley growled out between clenched teeth. With both hands on the gun and the muzzle pressed up against his stomach, all she had to do was pull the trigger. One squeeze and he'd be on the floor bloody and dying. Her finger flexed over the trigger with her indecision. Hell, she had beaten the daylights of people trying to stiff her in the cab, shooting someone couldn't be any worse.

God damnit.

She couldn't do it. He was trying to call her bluff, but there was no way Riley Hall was going to be out bluffed by some thieving mobster asshole.

"Get off before I blow your guts all over the ceiling." Moving under him, she just pulled the gun up to press it under his chin. "Or your brains all over the wall. It's your choice."
Riley laughed, partly out of spite, but mostly out of nervousness. He had had a gun pointed at him before, but that did nothing to lessen the intensity of the situation. He searched her face for weakness, but found none. She was serious, and seriously feisty. What the hell? Riley felt himself starting to get turned on. Out of all the places, in all the situations, why now? As he held his position over her, hands planted firmly on either side of her body, only one thought went through his head.

Fucking pounding….

On the door?

What the hell

Riley froze, his light hazel eyes staring, wide with surprise.

The knock came again, this time followed by a

"open up, we need to talk to you." It was the motel manager returning a 50$ bill that Riley, in his haste, had left on the counter. But in Riley's mind it was the police.

Riley instantly went from angry, and partially aroused, to terror. This was it, and as he searched for a way out he debated the prospect of taking this crazed lunatic hostage, even though it was she with the gun. After a split second, that seemed like an eternity, Riley came up with a plan. Regardless of who it was they needed to make this look believable. He reached down and ripped her shirt, the top button flew off and hit him in the eye, as the top of her breast line was exposed. Riley was hoping that this would throw off any suspicion, and he was banking on the fact that the police didn't have a description of her.

"You better make this look good." Said Riley in a whispered, getting up and standing behind the wall on the other side of the door.

"If they suspect anything, we can kiss our asses goodbye!"
Riles was all prepared to start screaming and protect herself, but he was off her quick and hiding at the wall next to the door. She jumped up with the gun and suddenly the realize that this shit was all way over her head came crashing down to a churning thump in the pit of her stomach. At the door could be the cops, the mod, or who the hell knew knowing this guy.

KNOCKNKNOCKKNOCK! "Come on, open up in there!"

"Fuck..." she said softly, looking down at the gun in her hands. She couldn't open the door with it, she'd get herself shot! Riles glanced around quick, finally shoving it back in to the guys hands, before she took the doorknob. A deep breath and trying not to shake or look terrorized.

She opened the door, fully expecting to see someone armed and was surprised that it was just the hotel keeper. Immediately she scowled, her body relaxing in to that annoyed state. It was just the manager and like a fucking idiot she had given the kidnapper his gun back. God damnit.

"What do you need?" she asked, not bothering to hide how annoyed she was. Considering she looked pretty rumpled and the bed behind her looking like it was good and used, it probably added just the right atmosphere to go with her ripped open shirt. She was going to fucking kill him for that too!

The manager just grinned, handing her back the change from that fifty. "Yer man ran off without getting his change. Sorry to bother ya."

Riles took the cash and stuffed it in her jeans pocket. "Thanks..." As the manager walked off, she slowly closed the door and locked it behind him. Her forehead dropped against it. Relief and anger, that was one hell of a combination!