In the Moon's Light

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  1. The rain fell hard that night. It had come down in such a pour even the mud-covered roads known to these parts of the country seemed to swallow you up to your ankles. Venus, no matter how high in the monarchy, was also victim to this relentless force of nature. She was out for a day, visiting a farm girl to escape her duties for a few hours but she hadn't imagined an evening like this in a hundred years.

    She thought of her Father, he must be worried to death and already planning her funeral, sending out his butler to fetch white roses for her grave. This man was also one who had locked in Venus in a cage which inevitably caused this streak of rebellion. The King only did so to save the life of his only daughter but this only made her pity him and his fear. However, she did not pity him so much as she pitied the farm's people and their crops which were probably being turned into a cold stew.

    Venus continued against the wind, mudsplattered in her peasant's disguise. She was determined to get home that night for not even a homing pigeon would fly this weather. Perhaps she would have completed her goal had it not been what happened next.
  2. A single crow flies overhead the princess, a jet feather floating gracefully down from the bird to the feet of the woman. The feather shimmers slightly in the sunlight, showing every fiber of the feather.

    The demon, alias of Sebastian, watched with a grin as the girl traversed the city. Although she could not yet see him, there was an odd presence that seemed to follow her, as if the shadows themselves were looming behind her. Although, no matter how frequently she checks behind her, not a soul seemed to look even remotely sinister. Sebastian, however, was always there, always three steps behind her.

    "Oh, my young princess. Your soul, it is so tempting... It's not yet time for us to meet face to face, but soon. So very soon..." he whispers, slinking back into the shadows. From there, he could watch her witout her having a clue.
  3. A glint in the shadows caught the eye of the travelling princess. It accompanied something like sunlight but that is impossible, surely. Venus decided to investigate this anomaly. It wasn't far off and her curiosity was still fresh despite the treacherous conditions under which she travelled. She squelched onward toward the flicker and then the calls. The screams belonged to an elderly woman which had been left outside through the night. Her shrieks ran chills up Venus' spine and all through her frozen body. Fire was lit back inside her the moment the woman looked upon Venus with blood red flaming eyes. Drawn to them now, Venus continued.

    Her body lost all sensation save the craving to know. She walked forward as though a field of flowers now. No longer was she in the great storm. She approached the woman who had become more beautiful with every step that envy had crawled into Venus' heart. Even in all the blood which drained from her limp body, the woman was enchanting. Her skin was pale with all the life she lost but her hair and eyes were as black and blue as the ocean. Her crimson gown hugged every curve of her perfect figure and embellished it as if she was wearing nothing more than a tattoo. A drip of blood ran from the corner of her mouth. It flowed down to a pitch black necklace. It dangled upon her as though it was being held by a single strand.

    Venus decided that no human bears such unmatchable beauty. Venus remained at her post even as the creature reached forward. The darkness which accompanied the woman crept back into her being and she turned twisted and ugly once more and surrounded in pure shadow. Captivated, Venus still could not move from her post. It was less than a touch, then everything went dark. Just like that.
  4. Still close behind her, Sebastian was near enough almost to reach out and touch her, but did not. Instead, his gaze shifted down to the woman whose crimson clad figure spilled out onto the ground around her. It's a pity, he thought to himself, what a beautiful soul you had. The woman removes the necklace and weakly holds it out towards the princess, waiting for her to take it. With that, he returned to the shadows, the sound of footsteps growing near as the darkness fades back into reality.

    The loud scream of the woman drew the attention of many people, dozens of them all circling around her to see just what had happened. Men, women and children all gathered around, all of them confused, outraged, and shocked at what they saw. Some pointed fingers at Venus, while others fought to defend her. It was turning quickly into an all out brawl. Some moved towards Venus, menacing and angry, while others tried to stop their advances. It was not until the cry of a child that the townsfolk noticed the dozens -- hundreds of crows that had flocked to the congregation. They all took flight, swarming the violent ones while leaving those protecting the woman unscathed. Despite the chaos, all of the crows seem to dodge around the princess, as if repeled by her very presence. A quiet "You're welcome." rings inside of her head as the mob flees the scene.

    The woman's arm is by now limp, holding onto the necklace that she seemed so desperate to remove before death. She had a scerene feeling about her, even in death. She looked calm, at peace. Just what was this 'woman,' and how did she cause such an illusion?
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