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  1. I'm going to have a bunch of free time coming up and would love for some new roleplays! Just a few words before I present my ideas, if it's a fandom RP, unless it's Dragon Age or Mass Effect, I won't typically roleplay characters from the fandom. I much prefer to create original characters in the universe. Also, I only play female characters in MxF relationships, although I am willing to do MxM (however I don't usually play either submissive or dominant unless it's a mature RP). And romance is an absolute must. Those terms are non-negotiable (that's a lie, if you plead your case, you'll find I'm very flexible when it comes to ideas and RP's).

    Original ideas:

    1. Treasure hunter: My character is a "treasure hunter"/archaeologist and your character can be whoever you want (a friend, an archaeologist, a journalist, a rival treasure hunter, anything you want!) who goes exploring for ancient civilizations and tombs and the likes. This is a total action-adventure romance.

    2. Prince X Guard/Knight: My character is the trained guard to the crown prince of a kingdom. She is sworn to protect him no matter what, now more than ever with war on the horizon and the prince about to rise to the throne.

    3. My character is playing a video game when something happens/lightning strikes/whatever and the character gets sucked out of the game! Now she's stuck trying to teach him the ins and outs of the real world and trying to get him to fit in, all the while figuring a way to send him back to his world. But as time goes on, will she truly want to say goodbye? (This can also be done vice versa, where she gets sucked into the game world).

    4. Actor X Writer: My character is an author whose books get turned into a t.v. show/movie to which she is now in charge of the script. This is where she meets (insert character here) whom she despises as a person but grudgingly admires his skills in acting. And it goes from there.

    5. Superheroes: My character would be the big superhero in town and you could be either a villain or another hero or even just a civilian who knows my character when she's out of the costume. New trouble arises and duty calls, but being a hero isn't always easy..

    Fandoms I'm willing to Roleplay:
    -Mass Effect (You can be anyone/any species but if you play a drell I'll forever love you)
    -Dragon Age
    -Avatar/Legend of Korra
    -Harry Potter
    -Vampire Knight
    .... And that's about all I can think of right now. But I'm seriously open to many ideas and if you have any yourself, do share!

    EDIT: I'm going to strike through any ideas that are taken, however I also don't mind doing two of some ideas, just ask!
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  2. Romance is an absolute must for me as well~ I do m x f, and m x m too! I have no life, there for I"m practically always on. xD I do have a thread up with a few rp ideas if you were interested~
    But for the main part, have you seen/read Fruits Basket? There's a possible idea in that I've been interested in.
  3. I would be very interested in the prince/knight scenario - I would be playing the prince, I presume? Romance is no problem for me. Medieval fantasy or historical? Interested in starting today?
  4. Great! I'll check out your thread, but I'd love to hear the idea you're interested in because I read the entire Fruits Basket series a few years back :)

    EDIT: I saw your post! And I'd be interested in the Howl idea and possibly the Modern Day Demon X Human Contracter
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  5. Awesome! And yes, you would play the prince, I'm so glad someone is interested in that idea, I would love to start today!
    And as for medieval fantasy or historical, I could go either way, but as I always say, some dragons never hurt anyone!

    EDIT: I saw your post! And I'd be interested in the Howl idea and possibly the Modern Day Demon X Human Contracter
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  6. Hm? Howl idea? I think you may have me mixed up with somebody else. Either way, feel free to start up our prince/knight RP. And yes. I am all for the dragons.
  7. Lol Shit I'm sorry, I meant to quote the other person in this thread and didn't really look at which post I was editing. Just ignore that part. And I'll start the thread now then!
  8. Awesome! I've been doing a Fruits Basket rp with a partner of mine with original characters but I've found while I love my human character (like Tohru) with her cat zodiac character, my brain goes off the deep end with my rat zodiac and her cat zodiac which happen to both be male. Now, I'm a total shounen-ai/yaoi/mxm fan, and I'd go for pairing them in my other rp but I can't bring myself to as I want the Tohru like character and Kyo like one together.

    ANYWAY, back on track. I was thinking for a romance between the rat and cat zodiacs, preferably yaoi. I love the fact they fight and argue all the time but if there was to be a sort of secret affection for each other they don't know the other has it'd be adorable. I was thinking I'd play the rat zodiac and despite his calm and cool personality he'd be the dominant one, while the firey hot tempered one the uke. Although, I don't know how mature I'd like to get with that idea. xDD

    As for the Howl idea, I'd love to do that too! I'm getting all excited about him, as he was always my favorite Ghibli movie. I'm guessing you'd play the girl, right? ^u^ Either way I'm fine, and I'd love to rp with you.

    And unfortunately I don't have an idea for the Demon x Contractor just yet so if you really wanted to do that one we'd have to think up more of a plot xD

  9. Hmm I really like both ideas and the idea of the yaoi is really cool, and Howl was my favorite (because I adooooore Christian Bale).
    I think I'm more for the Howl one because the I feel like as an RP we'd be able to keep it going for longer and there's a lot of directions it could go.
  10. Wonderful! Alright, shall I start it and do you have a character in mind? x3 OH, also, do you prefer chatbox+thread, thread, just chatbox or pm's?
  11. Hmm I do prefer threads but I'm pretty flexible. I've never used chatbox before, but I'm not unwilling to try it!
    And I kind of have a character in mind! Do you want me to create a character profile for her?
  12. If you want to, I have no complaints :)
    We could do the rp in the chatbox when it's convienant and when it isn't do it in a thread? That's what I did with a Black Butler rp, it worked pretty well. :)

    Sorry about that, I forgot you might not quote me xD
  13. Yeah that sounds good to me!
  14. Awesome! Shall we meet in the cove chat room so we can discuss it more?
  15. Sure! I'll go join right now!
  16. I would love to do a rp with you :)
    I like the idea of how the character is playing a video game then a character gets sucked out of the game.
    Also I'm open to practically any anime related rp ideas. ~I'm an anime freak :P
  17. Great! I'll send you a message and we can discuss ideas!
  18. I'm still looking for new roleplays! I only have two that are active right now
  19. I'll take you up on the superhero one - I'll be playing the civilian. Though, I would like permission to include some rather notable talents in his resume - not necessarily superpowers, but I don't like playing the dudesel in distress.
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