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  1. Hellsing (picky; Ultimate or manga), Psycho-Pass, Saiyuki (manga), and Cowboy Bebop here. Kuroshitsuji (manga) is also an option.
    I'm also open to late-manga or AU Bleach.
  2. Unfortunately, I am getting tired. So I think I will call it a night, and post in the morning instead of tonight.

    So good night. Hmm...

    We should be able to get some actual rping done tomorrow though. Unless you have other plans. Since I am awake most of the day, and currently have no plans myself tomorrow. (Well a least till my sleeping schedule is messed up again, but at the moment is mostly 'normal')
  3. Moments that stand out:

    After months of a love/have I'm going to kill you thing, my character kissed the evil-ish vampire chick, and it was his fault she was turned in the beginning of the RP.

    My commando sabotages the boi-weapons facility (he was the last survivor out of around 7 starting characters, so the last character sacrificed himself to "win".

    More once I find my archives (if I still have them)
  4. I think my first such moment came years ago, during one of my first RP's. It was a Sailor Moon RP and in a tragic ending, both the heroes and their mothers (who were the villains, long story) ended up dying in a single all-out battle. The mothers had their minds restored moments before they died and it was a tearful, bitter-sweet reunion.

    ... After that a bunch of moments both badass and tragic in RP's too many to name. (Most of them in games I played with Diana. XD).
  5. about six months ago I was involved in a Fantasy Rp with about eight other players (who all stayed active for a long time). We were on a quest to obtain some magical idems for a corrupt, power hungry king. Among others we had a wood elf, a Healer, a Samurai, a Half wolf half man (Not a Lycan!) and a warrior turned woodsman (played by me). At a certain point in the Rp we were trapped in an underground mountain pass, surrounded by vicious lizard men. As our party had little hope at survival and escape I had my character stay behind while the others ran free, the death scene was glorious as well as long and drawn out (think Boramir from LOR). what made it even more dramatic was the fact that I had Rped only that character for a solid 3 months or so, so I was pretty attached. The reason I decided to Kill him off was lack of time IRL,which sucked. Anyway, thats a Rp moment that stands out in my mind.
  6. Haha she kinda would. She already has the ability to travel between worlds. ;D lol.
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