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Did you ever have an emotional high in an RP? Something that really stood out or brought a tear to your eye. A moment where things seemed so awesome it felt like you were the character themselves or you were watching a movie in your mind. Well tell us about it.

I'll have my ideas organized soon.

Writing in the Moonlight,

I think one of my first great moments was the end of Brooding Darkness. It was the second group (or mass) roleplay that I had finish, and probably one of the greatest roleplays I've participated in. Even now we are still continuing the plotlines and characters and it's been YEARS. c__c

I played 1/3 of the cast list, but in the final two chapters, there was just Autumn, Samael and Michael alive out of the ones I played. In Chapter 42 Samael sacrificed himself to help seal the devil's son, Azazel. He ended up sealed in hell with him. Being partial cause for the reason the seal on hell had been broken, it was sad karma. ;_;

Then in Chapter 43 we find out that Michael's wounds he received during the battle are fatal. In a tear-jerking scene he tells Rishta how he feels about her before he then dies.

And I think I will end with that one. XD Maybe later I'll list my top ten favorite epic moments in roleplay! It's tricky, though cause most of them are in a private RP.

...Although, I have to say this scene was pretty damned awesome. c__c Senseless murder, assumed betrayal, creepiness, and confessions!
Moments that stand out:

After months of a love/have I'm going to kill you thing, my character kissed the evil-ish vampire chick, and it was his fault she was turned in the beginning of the RP.

My commando sabotages the boi-weapons facility (he was the last survivor out of around 7 starting characters, so the last character sacrificed himself to "win".

More once I find my archives (if I still have them)
I think my first such moment came years ago, during one of my first RP's. It was a Sailor Moon RP and in a tragic ending, both the heroes and their mothers (who were the villains, long story) ended up dying in a single all-out battle. The mothers had their minds restored moments before they died and it was a tearful, bitter-sweet reunion.

... After that a bunch of moments both badass and tragic in RP's too many to name. (Most of them in games I played with Diana. XD).
about six months ago I was involved in a Fantasy Rp with about eight other players (who all stayed active for a long time). We were on a quest to obtain some magical idems for a corrupt, power hungry king. Among others we had a wood elf, a Healer, a Samurai, a Half wolf half man (Not a Lycan!) and a warrior turned woodsman (played by me). At a certain point in the Rp we were trapped in an underground mountain pass, surrounded by vicious lizard men. As our party had little hope at survival and escape I had my character stay behind while the others ran free, the death scene was glorious as well as long and drawn out (think Boramir from LOR). what made it even more dramatic was the fact that I had Rped only that character for a solid 3 months or so, so I was pretty attached. The reason I decided to Kill him off was lack of time IRL,which sucked. Anyway, thats a Rp moment that stands out in my mind.
Lots of em.. Mostly in the ICSYL series...

But the ones that I remember from recently.

The Fight With Roy. It was just one of the best fights since there was a real good sense of desperation, he really beat up most of the protagonists and he was just a very fun character to use. Hotblooded yet insane, honorable, unpredictable but a decent guy at heart who just wanted what was best for his daughter and he eventually revealed his intentions were good and he was never truly working for the Underworld Arc's main villain Harken. He freed all the slaves in his territory and took out fifty of the bad guy's best minions along with him.

The scenes involving Lowe's sacrifice were also some of my best. To sum it up, there was an airship with a fantasy equivalent of a nuclear bomb ready to be dropped on the Underworld. Lowe, Akio and Carlin and a few others manage to get aboard this ship to try and stop it. Once they reach the control room, they find the madman Tegan behind it all driving the ship, he destroys the altitude controls and hits the button to the launch the bomb and breaks the bomb controls so it cannot be stopped.

Lowe,having received word of the bomb's weakness earlier, knows it can be made near useless if it is dropped in the water. But with the altitude constantly but slowly going lower, there would be no hope of a safe landing. Lowe knowing this decides to give up his life and try to keep the airship flying over the water so the bomb drops in. Carla whom is mutually in love with Lowe begs to take his place but he tells her that her life is more important both to him personally and to their comrades, as he is weaker and not a leader like Carla is. He then says his goodbyes to Carla, tells her he loves her and then to his brother Akio. They quickly leave and take Tegan prisoner.

However, before they can escape. Carla is outraged and sees Tegan as responsible for Lowe's death. Tegan at first tribes to bribe her or beg for his life but she insists she'll spare him only if he'll take Lowe's place or bring Lowe back somehow. He refuses and Carla executes him on the spot. This in particular was one of my favorite scenes since it was not cliched, she did not suddenly find it in her heart to forgive Tegan, she did not want him to become a martyr and a hero to racists and end up on some sort of trial. Akio and Carla cover Tegan's murder up and insist that he attacked them first.

Finally, Lowe is able to drop the bomb into the water and is almost able to make a landing. He tries but he realizes the altitude is getting lower at an alarmingly rate, so he sees the Anubis base, an enemy stronghold and tries to crash the airship into it, he also has time to try to escape the airship with a parachute but he doesn't make it. He dies but at least he saved the entire Underworld AND managed to destroy an entire enemy thanks to his decision to crash into it.

Lastly, the whole Storm of Souls scene and the events before it. That turned out great. Carla, Maya and Akio despite losing so much were still able to carry on and still able to fight. It was epic for Harken to finally get beaten badly after he killed several characters and caused a great deal of devastation throughout the story.

Those are my favorites so far that come to mind....There's probably more I could name but these are like the best at the moment.
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