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  1. Hello.
    I am new to this site and since I happen to have nothing better to do (other than laundry, but really that's no fun at all) I am posting here in hopes that a (or many) magnificent person would be willing to engage in a one X one role-play with me.

    I'm not entirely sure how things work on this site yet, I did fill out the role-players resume, but as an extra note in case it's a lot of trouble to look at that I will put a few of my writing preferences/qualities here.

    I generally play male characters, mostly due to the fact that almost all of my role-play partners in the past have been female. This does not mean I can't play a female if you would like.

    I am willing to do hetero and yaoi role-plays. I prefer not to do yuri.

    At the moment I am able to do a few posts a week, this will change to about one post a week when school starts back up. My post length is at least three or more good sized paragraphs depending on what I have to work off of. (If it's a really good plot I tend to write a lot as well.)

    All I ask in return is to get a readable post that I can work off of.

    Now for the good stuff, the role-plays:
    (Will add as I think of more)

    Quick Plots

    Arranged Marriage
    Kidnapped! (Sold as slave or servant to a rich family?)
    Online Gaming (Meet in the system, know each other in real life?)
    Sky Pirates
    School (Has to be intriguing because these are quite often over done and boring.)
    Underground Cult

    Quick Race Possibilities

    Magic User

    Longer Plots

    There's an alternate dimension and a gap in our world. A character goes through this gap only to meet a strange array of creatures on the other side. This strange array contains the other persons character.

    Your character walks into a small shop owned by my character. In this shop you can buy any wish of your desire for the price of the one thing you value most of all. Your character is unable to make a wish and ends up working for the magician in charge of the shop.

    A powerful weapon master is called in to take out the man that killed the clients brother. Only the client insists on tagging along to watch their revenge unfold.

    An alien from another world travels to our world and must learn how to survive with the help of an unsuspecting human to pass an examination of strength on it's home world.

    A cyborg is created that's so realistic it thinks itself a human. It escapes it's holding cell and is running from the corporation that wants it turned into a slave for the humans. It finds the help of an exceptional "human".

    If you would like anything clarified in these plots, please ask.

    If you had an idea that you didn't see here but you're dying to do, feel free to ask me about it. I'm always open to new suggestions and plot ideas.

    Hope to here from someone soon,
  2. I just came to stop by and compliment your title writing skills. since I would hate to waste your time and get your hopes up for nothing, I will be doing a thorough read of the post once I finish writing this.

    EDIT: I like the Weapon-master idea. Before hand, I will play either gender, but only if the romance is heterosexual, if it is involved, which, preferably, it is.
  3. Online gaming and sky pirates both sound interesting ^^

    Right now, I'm on a yaoi kick, so if we can do that, I'm game for anything, but if not, than I'm fine, too. I think yaoi would work better for the former, and hetero would be better for the latter, but if you want to mix it up, that's fine ^^
  4. Verbal Abuse:
    First off, thanks.
    Secondly, I do enjoy that idea. Were you thinking of being the weapon master or the client? And that's fine. I can be either gender so it doesn't really matter to me which you would prefer.

    Since I've just started a sky pirate RP on my other website would it be okay if we went with the online gaming plot?
    And yaoi is fine.
  5. Yes of course ^^

    Is there anything I should know about the plot, where you want it to go, etc.?

    Do you want character sheets?
  6. The idea of a female guarding a male always got me as a nice gender role-switch. Since I likely have more experience with females, I'd likely play the girl.
  7. EquinoxSol:
    Well the eventual thing would be that they meet in real life. Other than that, I pictured a battle game. Perhaps for a twist one of them could get a girl avi in the game. Something like that.
    If you want character sheets, that's fine. I don't need them.

    Verbal Abuse:
    That's fine.
  8. I would prefer not to have character sheets as well, so that's fine. As for one of them having a female avi, that sounds great, and just the sort of thing you'd find in a video game. As for the game, I'm thinking something along the lines of Guild Wars or WoW, is that what you mean? The eventual meetup could be at like a gaming con or local meetup, too, which sounds interesting ^^ Other than those, I don't have any questions.
  9. Yeah, that's similar to what I was thinking. Gaming wise I was thinking of almost a futuristic type game where you put on a visor and it feels as though you are actually inside the game. It makes the meetings in the game much more real so they are able to become closer.
    Oh, and would you like to have the female avi, or would you like me to?
  10. Send me a character sheet, then, Finn.
  11. Should you like that through a private message then?
  12. Please 'n' thank you
  13. I'll do the female avi, if you don't mind ^^
  14. That cyborg one sounds awesome. I'd be for doing it~
  15. Okay, were you thinking of playing the cyborg or the unsuspecting accomplice? And would you like to be female?
  16. Could I be the cyborg? And I think I'd like to be a guy for this one. And I'm cool with both het and yaoi, so what you want is cool~
  17. That's fine. I haven't played a female for a while, so if you don't mind I think I'd like to give it a go just to get out of this monotonous groove I seem to have dug for myself.
  18. Yeah, that's totally fine with me. So, want to come up with characters, then?
  19. Yeah, Do you want to go through PM?