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  1. Hello everyone, its been a while since I really rped and I was thinking that I could use a few more people to rp with since a good number sorta dropped during my break. I'm looking for a few people who perhaps dont mind doing harsh dark topics. Medium length posts are preferred and I'm looking for predominately female characters (I dont mind a cute shota or two though.) My only real other request is that those who apply arent bothered by some what inconsistent posting times, I'm in a strange state in my life right now and trying to sort things out while keeping a semblance of normality.

    Anyways, I'm up for any sort of plot you can think up (Seriously, it takes a LOT to make me not want to do an idea.) I prefer to be a male character, and my favorite kinks are forced, incest, anal, and pregnancy (Characters getting pregnant, not sex while pregnant) other then that I'm open to experiment with whatever ideas or pairings you may have. Hope to see some people want to rp.

    Extended Kink List (Warning: Massive)
  2. Hmm, would you care for a kidnapper x kidnapped role play?
  3. Sure! Shoot me a pm when you can and we can discuss the rp.
  4. Hello~
    I love all those kinks you just mentioned.
  5. Shoot me a pm when you can and we can talk about some ideas, for now... *Falls over and sleeps adorably*
  6. How would you feel about babysitter x teen blackmail with a ageplay?
  7. Wonderful~ shoot me a pm when you can.
  8. Hey I'd be interested in doing an incest or slavexmaster roleplay if you're still looking for people.
  9. Sure, shoot me a pm.
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