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      | Takes place during Thor: The dark world. |
      GM: Sav | Co GM: None |

      _P l o t_

      anished days after being born, four children never knew life inside of Valhalla. Centuries have passed and within that time frame, their mothers were slaughtered by Asgardian soldiers, their homes burned to the ground. After hearing of their father's imprisonment, these young jotun Godlings have decided that it's time to take back what has always been rightfully theirs.

      Every villain is a hero in their own mind.

      According to Norse mythology, Loki sired four children: Fenrir, Jörmungandr, Hel and Sleipnir. Odin, fearing the mix breed children immediately ordered their banishment once he learned of their existence. For some time they lived away from Asgard--in other worlds. Their mother Isolating them from the other Aesirs in fear of discovery. After their worlds go up in flames, the four have band together in search of their father. After learning of his imprisonment, bitter and grief stricken, they decide to overtake Asgard by any means necessary and rescue their father.

      War wages and by means of Thor, it is brought to Earth. The Avengers have no choice but to fight but even with the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D at their side, securing the fate of Mankind will be a task many deem as near impossible. The seven worlds are aligning and the hunt for the Aether is on. Will yet another world burn?
      _Miscellaneous Info_

      - Essentially follows the plot line of Thor: The dark world

      - Oldest to youngest : Jormungandr, Fenrir, Sleipnir, Hel.

      A R C S

      Arc one:

      Arc two:

      Arc three:

      Arc four:

    • R u l e s _

      - Must be Familiar with Norse Mythology and the Marvel movies.

      -No one Liners. I expect 3 paragraphs at the least, when you include detail and such, meeting that requirement isn't a difficult task. Put loki at the bottom of your CS. The more the better, so that everyone has something to respond to. Once the plot thickens, I'm sure you all will be writing novellas. However quality is important also. Help progress the plot.

      -Master Posts will be posted on Saturday's.

      is a possibility. If your character dies, feel free to make another!

      -No sexual situations please. Take it to Libertine.


      "Where are my children?!"

      "Brother, you know good and well that they are dead."

      "YOU are not my brother!"

    • C A S T

      L o k i' s _C h i l d r e n
      Hel: Hel was the Norse goddess of the dead, daughter of the trickster god Loki and the giantess Angrboda. Shortly after her birth, Hel was cast out of Asgard, home of the gods, by Odin. He sent her to Niflheim, the underworld, and made her queen of all who died from old age or sickness. In early Norse mythology, Hel was also became name of the world of the dead. [TAKEN]

      @Poisoned Rose

      Odin took Loki's three children by Angrboða, the wolf Fenrir, Hel, and Jörmungandr, and tossed Jörmungandr into the great ocean that encircles Midgard. According to norse mythology the serpent grew so large that he was able to surround the earth and grasp his own tail. As a result, he received the name of the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent. [TAKEN]


      Fenrir: due to Odin's knowledge of prophecies foretelling great trouble from Fenrir and his rapid growth, the gods bound him, and as a result Fenrir bit off the right hand of the god Týr. The myth states that Fenrir is a giant wolf who was bound by a magical collar that would grow as the wolf did, but if he pulled on the chain, the collar would tighten. [TAKEN]

      @ s k u l l. x
      Sleipnir: An eight legged horse, according to mythology. Those who pick this character have a bit more freedom with him and his background given that the mythology doesn't go into too much detail about him. Sleipnr's mother is not Angrboda but Loki himself. Don't ask about his sire. [TAKEN]

      @Wonderful Thing x

      H e l p e r s

      Iridescent x


      T h e _ A v e n g e r s

      Tony Stark / Iron Man

      Bruce Banner / The Hulk

      Steve Rogers / Captain America


      Clint Barton/ Hawkeye

      Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow

      Thor Odinson / Thor


      A g e n t s _ o f _S . H . I . E . L . D
      Leader of the Team: [Taken] @Poisioned Rose

      Agents (8):
      x Evie Pearson
      x Sebastian Markov
      x Violet Finch
      x Jacqueline Dauber
      x Kori Battle

      Include your role somewhere on the character sheet. Agent of Sheild, child of Loki or one of the Avengers.

      Character Sheet.

      Full name:

      [Optional] Nickname:


      Height & Weight:

      Appearance &/or Description: {If you use an image, no anime.}





      [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D are human so they would only have skills.] Powers/Skills:



      [Optional] Theme Song:


    • My characters


      Full name:
      Jormungandr Lokison

      Nickname(S): Jormu (Pronounced Jor-moo), Gandr (Gahnder), Jo.

      Age: He looks to be roughly, 21 or 22 years old.

      Height: Jormu stands at 6 feet and 2 inches, his frame willowy and lined with compact muscle.

      Weight: 150lbs

      Jormu's skin is a rich olive color that he inherited from his mother, the skin blemished with his 1000 years of existence. Scars riddle his back and arms. A mess of black curls adorn his his head, as untamed and wild as his personality. Jormu has very prominent cheekbones and spindly fingers. Often described as comely and charming in appearance. His human form has no tattoo's or piercings as of yet. His skin is often cold to the touch, it takes quite a bit to warm this fellow up. He often braids various strands of his hair to place gold cuffs on them. As far as Jormu's 'true' form is concerned, his skin turns a light powder blue. The protruding veins on his arms and temples turn black, his nails grow and lengthen into black claws. In this form, his eyes darken to a obsidian black, rather than the red that is custom of all Jotunn's. In this form, Jormu's skin is ice cold to the touch. Jormu's 'human' eyes are a very light green, starbursts of brown within them.

      The half godling can usually be found wearing clothing dark in color, ranging from rich browns and beige to black.

      However, Jormu shapeshifts often, partly due to being uncomfortable in his own skin. He has yet to find a form in which he doesn't feel constricted. His looks are always changing to suit his needs.

      Creative | Empathetic | Unsympathetic | Bitter | Ruthless | Cunning
      Jormu is extremely creative, often times, too creative. He likes discovering new ways to do things, his imagination knowing no limit. He's fond of all things art related, from drawing to painting, to music and dance. Without art, the world would be a hideous place.

      The serpent is also very empathetic, he seems to be able to understand people better than he understands himself. Hence the reason why he enjoys watching people, getting inside their heads and figuring out what makes them tick. However Jormu is not sympathetic, everyone has their own plight to bear. Someone's life is always faring worse, so it is difficult to grouse any sympathy from him.

      Jormu blames Odin, for everything. Odin was the one who banished he and his mother the day he was born, Odin was the one who sent Asgardian soldiers to their village, it was because of Odin that his mother died by the sword of an Aesir. He is tired of living a life of grief and strife because of his parentage. Jormu is determined to rescue his father and make a better life for himself and his siblings.

      Jormu will accomplish his goals by any means necessary, willing to mow down anyone who gets in his way--except for his family, they're the only ones who can stop him once he's set his sights on something. Jormu is also just as clever as his father, valuing intelligence and knowledge over anything else. Being smarter than your enemy is more beneficial than being stronger.

      Likes: Art, music, fruit, reading, stretching out in the sunlight, teasing his siblings, winning, manipulating people.

      Dislikes: Racism, onions, the cold--specifically when his feet are cold, ale, Aesirs, Odin, Thor, sweet breads, stupid people, his siblings not living up to their full potential, sleeping alone, getting blood under his nails.


      Snake Form | Basic Magic | Underwater breathing | Molecular deconstruction
      Snake Form: Jormu has the ability to change his form into that of a snake, the size of the snake often varies given the situation. This power can be likened to a muscle, the more you exercise it, the bigger and stronger it gets. The stronger the muscle the larger he can grow in snake form. This power is pretty low leveled, but useful none the less.

      Basic Magic: Living in banishment makes it quite difficult to learn magic properly, so Jormu has only managed to learn the things he picked up from his mother and the occasional stranger who passed through the village. He has expanded his magical knowledge somewhat but doesn't know enough to rely on magic solely.

      Underwater breathing: Jormungandr was tossed into the sea at birth and nearly died however thanks to his mother's quick thinking, he survived. Despite this, Jormungandr has always had the ability to breathe underwater. When he does so, scaly gills form on his ribs.

      Molecular distribution: This by far is Jormu's most powerful ability and the most taxing. The myth claims that Jormu will grow so large that he'd be able to encircle the earth and eat his own tail, whether that will actually come true or not, is not of any concern, however the amount of molecular energy that he possessed, exceeds what is normal for a being of his size. This ability is improved upon by absorbing the molecular energy from others, said energy becomes apart of his own increasing it's size. A body without molecular energy is simply a corpse. Jormu can distribute and absorb such energy, however by doing so, he takes a great risk. The usage of this power exponentially increases his internal body temperature, all those billions upon billions of molecules bouncing around and creating heat and friction. If his temperature rises too much, he can cook his own brain. When using this power, he often gets regular nosebleeds and is unconcious for a day or so, at worst a week.

      Strengths: Shapeshifting, agility, flexibility, iron stomach. Jormu can just about consume anything, he has three stomachs, each containing gastro-intestinal fluid that is more acidic than the last. Shape shifting comes easy to him, like breathing. Swimming, drawing, combat, stealth.

      Weaknesses: Hel, Fen, Slepi. His siblings are his biggest weaknesses given that there isn't anything he wouldn't do to protect the last little bit of family he has left. Jormu cannot read--his mother often read to him, given that he had led a sickly childhood. He finds it difficult to read and is currently working on a solution. If he eats too much, he needs to sleep for a very long time, his father.

      Other: Jormungandr was once bound to the sea, only coming to the surface to see his mother and siblings. There was a time when he could only be out of the water for a few hours, but his mother had managed to break the old magic that had bound him to the Ocean.

      Jormu is constantly shapeshifting, for some reason he never feels comfortable in his human skin. He's currently working on that issue.

      Jormu is a big cuddler. He's gone without human contact for thousands of years, so on occassion, he feels the urge to lay around with his siblings.

      He also hates sleeping alone.

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  5. I'm presuming that this is based on the Marvel Universe's Thor series and not Norse Myths in general?
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  6. Loki's children are taken from Norse mythology but the plot is based in Marvel's universe. c: Great question.
  7. Loki's children are depicted in Marvel works I have heard. I heard something about Hel keeping Bruce Banner's soul in the Underworld and thus causing the Hulk to rampage or something. Don't really remember the details.

    I've seen Jormungand animated but Marvel Fenrir, not so much.
  8. Oh, well I hadn't known. But as for the Marvel Movies, I'd rather just keep it separate since I'm not familiar with that bit. xD The plot will eventually progress to earth, I hope. There's going to be interaction with the Avengers and so forth. Is there a specific role that you're interested in?
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  12. You don't need super extensive Marvel knowledge, but alright!
  13. I'm not exaggerating when I say I don't know anything. All I know is that there's a guy that turns into a green dude, a guy who cases himself in metal and a guy based on Norse Mythology.
  14. If possible, I'd like to play as Hel.
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  15. The spot is yours! :D Just fill out your CS. I have to add Background to the CS so give me just a moment to get that up, and you can have at it!
  16. Oh, well yikes. You should watch the Marvel movies, they're great!
  17. I'm not a fan of super hero movies, so that's not going to happen. Super hero RPs are alright because RPers tend to be a lot more creative and a lot less generic than hollywood, but I'm not fond of predictable plots outside of slice of life anime, so it'd be a very strange day on which I voluntarily watch a superhero movie.
  18. Could I snatch Fenrir?
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