In the house...the dog house? No the nut house!

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  1. Eli hated these white walls. He hated the color white in general. There was too much of it here. He had only been here for a year but he had quickly come to hate this place. He was treated the worst. Many concidered him dangerous and stayed well away. Which was fine with him. He was a vampire, has been for one hundred and three years. He sighed as he sat in the lunch room, all of the other patience avoiding him as usual. He really was a vampire though, though no one believed him to be. A year ago it was when he had fed off of someone and they had escaped from him, crying bloody murder and calling up the local nut house. He had tried to escaped but didn't get away quick enough. He had yet to bite someone here to feed from them, but he felt he would soon if he stayed here much longer. He sighed as he stared glumly at his tray of food that he never ate.
  2. One of the female nurses approached this man, smiling softly at him and bending over to speak to him "Hello, may I ask why aren't you eating? Did you know that we will be forced to force feed you if you don't eat? At least try a bit, you may like it" she offered and then sat down in a chair next to his "By the way, there's a new boy who came in here, we are going to present him to you soon today. Would you like to meet him?" she asked, with her sugar coated voice as usual.

    She was an odd person and also a woman very hard to take in, her sugar coated behavior seemed to try to hide something, yet, she wouldn't show one sign of not being flawless.

    Then someone walked in, a boy with dazed eyes, not exactly a boy but a young man with dark blue hair and grey eyes, he looked like he had taken a strong doze of drugs to be kept "happy". He sat down in a chair away from where the vampire was sitting in, his entire body almost showing a 'bite here' mark. The woman turned to look at him "Oh there he is, why don't you go meet him? you could make a new friend" she then stood up and walked away to talk and 'motivate' other patients.
  3. When her back turned to him, he glared at her and barred his fangs. He could eat human food, but it didn't do anything for him. He looked at his tray. It was lunch time, so there was chicken, fruit, vegtables, desert and milk. It looked and smelled good, but he couldn't eat any of it even if he wanted to. He turned his attention to the newbie that she had mentioned. Not that Eli was really interested in meeting someone new. Blue hair? Eli wondered, wondering why he would die his hair dark blue. Eli's own hair was black and spiked neatly. He glared at the nurse again, starring at her neck as she walked, able to see her pulse from where he sat. He glanced back at the boy and then back at his food in disgust on the ugly red tray. However, he was amused at the threat to force feed, when he could easily make her force feed him in a whole different way. With her blood. He rolled his eyes but didn't eat.
  4. The young one actually ignored his food as well, his body looked stiff and hard, looking out the window he didn't move a muscle, he blinked and turned to look at the vampire quite disturbed by his staring, and even tough he felt mentally and physically numb, he still had a minimum motion of reality, he blinked once more while looking at him, then turned back to look at his table where the ugly red trail with food was placed. Right in front of him.

    He grave a grimace towards it and a smirk, and when the nurse walked away he pushed it away and rested himself on the table, falling asleep rigt away, the drugs may have been too strong for him.
  5. Eli smirked a little at the boy, wanting to do the same thing. Although sleeping was something he hadn't done since becoming a vampire either. He did however, push his own food away, starring out of a window as the boy fell asleep right there on the table and using his arms as a pillow. They had tried putting Eli to sleep with drugs and shots but they never worked, only put him in a daze and making him look as the boy had when he first walked into the lunch room. It amused Eli to no end that they couldn't figure out how to make him sleep, though they kept trying at night when they shut of the lights. Eli watched the nurse from the corner of his eye, hoping she wouldn't come over and bother him again.
  6. The nurse noticed the boy sleeping after very quick two minutes, she walked up to him and shook his shoulder, waking him up, she pointed his food and then opened her mouth, although away enough not to hear, her lips were readable "You need to eat or you will never recover young boy" the adolescent looking man stared at her with huge frown.
  7. Eli shook his head, knowing he'd feed off that nurse first when he got the chance. The only people who weren't afraid of him were the doctors and nurses, and Eli had been meaning to change that and make them very, very afraid of him, which he could do easily. It's to bad none of them believe Eli was what he said he was. But the joke was on them to Eli. He stood up suddenly to go outside when they were done eating for an hour after their meals, the nurse's scent of blood thick in his nose. But the boy's scent with the blue hair called to Eli even more. He walked over to the trash can and dumped his untouched food before making his way outside to the garden, his green eyes dark and unreadable.
  8. A few minutes went by and the sugar coat nurse neared him, with a small smile, and the dazed off boy by her side, she stopped behind him and spoke with soft calm boy. "Excuse me? Hello, here's the boy I spoke to you about, why don't you show him around? he's still a newby after all~" with this she, kind of, pushed the younger one towards him and walked away. "..." he remained silent and looked away, his bangs covering his face slightly. Specially his dark eyes.
  9. He looked at the boy, then at the nurse with a completly uninterested expression. When the boy moved, his scent washed over Eli like a tidal wave and he nearly groaned but he bit his cheek so he didn't. "Why don't you show him around? You're the nurse." He said, and turned and started walking down the garden path, shaking his head and rolling his eyes, shoving his hands in his pockets.
  10. She rushed down to him and stopped him, she seemed as normal as usual. "Oh don't be like that, he's sleepy and I'm busy taking care of my dear patients! You're the most normal one around here except for the vampire thingy~ Come on," he took his hand and pulled him all the way back to where the boy was standing in. He was still quiet and looking down at the grass as if it were interesting but now his hair was really covering most of his face.
    "Here he is, come on show him around" she finished and then, basically, escaped them, making sure he'd do what he had been asked for by not being around to be taken for an excuse not to do it. She was now inside the building and away from the boy and the vampire. The young one turned to look up at him, his eyes green and grey staring curiously into the vampire's.
  11. He growled a little at the nurse, though her comment amused him about being the most normal one around here. He snickered. Yeah right. Normal. Normal if she means having to drink blood to live, not being able to sleep. Eli looked at the boy in front of him. "Well, I guess I have no choice but to show you around. The place is simple really and I haven't been here long. Only about a year or so." He rolled his eyes. "While we're out here, I might as well show you the garden." He started walking, not looking back as he went ahead to see if the boy followed him or not.
  12. [​IMG](<----this is him, just without the piercing)

    The young one followed silently, still looking down at the grass, he didn't even care who was in front of him, or who was leading, he could barely tell where he was, the drugs were still on effect and he did not like that. Still, he preferred silence over another shot. "Serge" he mumbled suddenly, still looking down at the ground and walking at his own silent pace. His trimmed hair still covering his face, for some reason he didn't seem like your common nutcase, he just looked... out of it.
  13. He showed the boy the garden, Eli's favorite place in here, where there wasn't white, but green. "Well, we should probably get back inside." He muttered, turning around to the boy. "By the way, my name is Eli. What's yours?" He asked. Even though Eli didn't looke like he was fighting an internal battle, he was. The boy was alone and with him, and Eli could easily drink his blood right then and there. But he didn't. At least that's what he kep telling himself.
  14. The young one looked up, his empty eyes once more staring "...Serge" he mumbled as loud as he could, unable to manage to move anymore he sat down in a patch of grass and began panting tired. He didn't look like an athlete, much less a person who even exercised at all. He touched the bangs of his dark blue hair, playing with it's tips, trying to calm himself, he was dizzy.
  15. Eli watched him curiously. "Are you alright?" He asked, knealing down next to the boy. "I'll fetch a nurse." He said, and made his way back insdie and found the nurse that had threatened to force feed him. "I think Serge is ready for his room." He muttered to her, again watching her pulse beat in her neck.
  16. She smiled at him and nodded "Did you at least show him around outside?" she asked, stopping him by grabbing his wrist before he could walk away completely. And expecting the answer Serge walked back in silently, and looked at them, he still didn't even show a slight expression, he just looked like someone who was doped up to the high heavens or down to hell. He then motioned at Eli. "Sleep..." he mumbled. At this the woman approached the boy "Would you like to take a nap even tough it isn't the correct hour? That's not nice..." she smiled "Tell you what, if you stay awake one more hour I'll bring you a treat" she smiled sugary, the boy didn't even react to what she was saying.
  17. Eli shot the nurse an icy glare when she grabbed his wrist. He pulled free from her. A treat? He thought. What does she think he is? A dog? Eli wondered, glancing over at the new boy. This nurse really got on Eli's nerves, and he was trying not to snap. He felt his fangs drop. His hand suddenly flashed out and caught the nurses wrist in an almost bone breaking grip. "What room is Serge's?" He demanded.
  18. She instantly widened her eyes "Guards! He's getting violent again!" she yelled and the doctors immediately went to her aid, shoving Eli off from her as she rubbed her wrists fearfully and held into one of the doctors as if she were actually a victim of.. something. Serge motioned and began walking away and technically hid behind the vampire that was now being held back by the two strongest doctors so he wouldn't break out at all. The young one looked ...out of it still, like he were some kind of puppet being dragged around. Of course it was the drugs but when he turned to look at Eli once more, his eyes were darker, he held the man's shirt weakly.
  19. Eli felt him holding onto his shirt like a child with his Mother who was frightened as the doctor's worked to subdue him. Being a vampire, Eli could easily take on these two doctors, no matter how strong they worked themselves to become. Eli smiled dangerously at the nurse, purposefully showing his fangs. He let the doctors pin him against the wall, restraining his arms so he couldn't move them. Pathetic humans. He thought, amused by their worthless efforts.
  20. (let's keep it peaceful for now, then Eli will be allowed to eat any who we wants u.u)

    The boy watched as the man was struck into the wall and retained, and the nurse didn't even budge when she saw those blade like fangs she just blinked and glared at him, grabbing the boy by his wrist gently and moving him away. "I guess after all it was a bad idea putting you with him heh. Come with me, I'll show you around, if you're good I'll let you go to bed early, come on" she leaded him away, yet he kept turning back to look at Eli, and by the time he dissapeared over the corner of the hall with the nurse, the doctors let go off Eli.