In The Heavens Above

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  1. Prologue: In the heavens
    Hermes was in a particularly trickster mood on that certain day. He sat in his private fields admiring the lust grass and the peaceful animals that grazed on it. He narrowed his eyes looking at a ram who was chewing on some grass. The day was extremely boring as hardly anyone came to see his fields he worked so hard on keeping nice.

    Being the god of travelers, herdsmen and thieves was a hard job that he was forced to take on since birth. However as he watched his animals graze he was truly a animal lover and herdsman inside. The man (who looked like a teenage boy ) was trying to remember when he last played a prank on a mortal. He shook his head in disgust as he couldn't recall when he did it last.
    He smirked and plan up with a plan...

    On Earth :
    The boy was dressed in simple clothes that reflected that period of time. Even though the world had moved on and people didn't believe in the GODS anymore, that didn't mean they didn't exist. The young looking boy looked around the park he found himself in. Its grasses were green however there was no ram's, sheep, or any other animal for that matter. Shaking his head in disappointment he scanned the area for a likely target.

    Sitting on a wooden bench he looked at the designs and smiled. He liked how the morals in this age worked. They also had funnier things to do. The morals now had something they called "Technology". Hermes didn't know what Technology actually was but he did enjoy the flashing lights and the flying machines.

    He sat for hours looking for someone who needed a good lesson. Someone who wouldn't die from his prank. He needed a strong person who would survive and learn from the prank. The god always did pranks that only benefited the victim (unless they died) he sighed waiting and waiting until he saw a boy...
  2. Swallowing down the bead of apprehension that coursed through his body Leon could tell that he was tired or rather tired of being outside to be specific. The Sun rained down on his making his throat itch for water and his body want something to lie down on if only for a few moments. Clothed in only a simple tank top and shorts it still didn't help the way the weather dried him out and made him want to stay in his apartment forever if that was possible. The park around him was nothing special really, save only the blooming flowers that raced across the land and the way the wind picked up the scents of honey and lilac form the perfume store only a few seconds away. The sky itself was clear blue except for the small traces of clouds that littered the sky and the way the wind seemed to be everywhere around him.

    Still it was nice day outside despite the burning heat and he was going to make the most out of it. Looking around slowly he took in the people around him and hummed as he took note of the good looking couple who seemed to pay more attention to each other's mouths than the scenery and the young man sitting alone. Licking his dry lips he cocked his head slightly, but shrugged as he took careful note of the man. A small pulling in his chest became clear and his head swam in the scent of caramel and chocolate. Shaking his head he told himself it was nothing and continued on with his walk.

    With a slight pull of his mouth he sighed and watched as a passing hummingbird made it's way towards him and with a jolt pulled away from him and flew off into the nestles of a tree. It was moments like this that Leon loved being outside. The smells, sounds, and visually appealing scenery were beautiful to behold and for a moment he wished he could do this more often. even so he still couldn't shake the intense feeling of sadness that perpetrated his entire being. With a sigh he tried to shake it off with no avail and instead focused on the positive of this...adventure.
  3. Sitting on the bench alone he noticed a lone boy walking through the park. The boy seemed to be not enjoying the hot weather. The god sat in a pair of white shorts and a yellow short sleeved shirt. He lone boy had an aura coming out of him. Tilting his head he smirked slightly finally finding a person to prank. It seemed the boy enjoyed life but there was something pulling him down. A death in the family or maybe some love life issue. The god smiled in delight knowing he can teach him a lesson that would help him get over whatever was ailing him.

    The teenage boy stood up and made his way closer however not that much closer. He just needed a better look at the boy. Hermes frowned he had never pranked someone that young before, if they died he'd hate himself forever and would probably go to Zeus and ask for punishment. However Hermes could see the boy needed to get over his sadness before he killed himself. The boy had a very alarming stream of aura come out of him. He saw that kind of aura before, it usually means they are depressed.
    Licking his lips he began coming up with a plan. He tried to help a depressed person didnt turn out well.