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    Modern day and the air was clear, it was approximately 2300 hours, and their was a slight smell of rain from the recent storm clouds which have passed.

    Valerie (open)

    Her hands stroked through her ebony locks, and back was pressed up against the wall behind her. The sweat dripped from her brow, and a light drop landed on the ground. She spun around aimed her gun, and fired, and fired, and fired. Three gunshots and she began walking forward, the alarms sounded immediately. Her arms threw up in the air and she turned around and cursed.. "For God sake Harry, can't you just give me a break?!"

    The man appeared from behind a door, which appeared in the artificial training studio. "Again Val' again you did it! You keep forgetting to check your blind spots! Look! He pointed at the artificial cardboard guy she shot. "You got this fella' but what about this guy?!" There was a cardboard cut out on a moving track by her left, just where she was stood.

    'How did I miss him?' She thought and looked back to her boss, sliding the gun into the holster upon her belt, her arms folded. "Look, I've got a lot on my mind Harry.. Training is hard alately, can't you just give me a break?" Harry shook his head in her direction and pointed down to the drop of sweat that fell from her brow.

    "You see this?" Harry said pointing. "This is evidence.. What's the rule Val'?" He looked at her, and she just looked dull in silence to him. "Jeez Val'.. Look go take a break. Come back tomorrow and just get some rest, maybe when you're in the right mindset we can get things done.. How can I count on my girl if she's like a blind buzzy bee?" He patted her cheek, the short little fat man turned to walk back into the door which was camouflaged by the training room.

    Valerie walked out of the training area and towards the unisex showers, the men and women were all familiar with each others bodies, and didn't seem to be fussed by the sight of naked flesh. Valerie stripped down whilst walking through the changing area, she walked towards the showers and stepped in it. Turning on the hot water she lifted up her head and closed her eyes with a sigh in the shower.

    The water trickled down her body, and ran over her voluptuous curvaceous body. Her skin was lightly tanned and she had a panther tattoo on her back, for his code-name. It's claws rested on her shoulder, and tail ran down her back and around her leg, it's head appearing to be biting into her neck as if she was being savaged by the mammal.

    She let out another sigh..
  2. Pierce (open)

    Pierce sighed to himself, the sounds of the running water hitting his skin unable to drown out his thoughts, getting no reprieve from nearly suffocating memories of last Tuesday out of his head. Some punk kid, no older than 15, trying to defend that shithole he knew as his home, some faceless soldier to an asshole with lab operation and easy access to weaponry assembled poorly in some sand covered cave. Gave the works to his boss, sent a message like what they paid him to do. Probrably scared the shit out of that kid, seeing his father figure with mores in him than the Plot of a Uwe Boll movie probrably filled him up with as much rage as fear. He probrably didn’t even realized he pulled out his and pointed it Pierce.

    Pierce put one inbetween the eyes. He could be merciful when it came down to it; doesn’t take much to kill anyone painlessly when you got bullets and spent years on knowing where to place them.

    He didn’t even hesitate.
    Not a second.
    It scared the shit out of him.

    He killed a kid without even stopping to think I am pointing a gun at a kid. The fuck kind of monster am I?. Hell, he was a punk kid following some asshole with too much love for money and not enough for his life. He could have been easily offed just like that kid he killed.

    His reintroduction to his humanity made him question alot in his life, questions he really didn’t want to answer. Answering them could forfeit his health plan at this cushy job and the job market being the way it was, he really didn’t want to be back in the near 30 freelance murderer job market again. Living off of ramen with chopped up hotdog chunks was not something he was ready to do again.

    He glanced over at the other shower next to him, not in the mood for Harry’s ‘Dead Hooker In the Trunk’ stories. Instead, he got an eye full of ‘Hot Damn’, also known as Valerie. He gave her a head nod, taking a couple of extra second to look at her bare curves before continuing to lean against the showerwall, returning to his thoughts.
  3. Valerie could feel the tiles beneath her feet, her toes ran over the creases. When she closed her eyes, she imagined that she was looking down upon the city of New York, looking to the horizontal lines of the city streets, the vertical roads which lead to the capital's center. The lines on the tiles were like replica's of these, like guidelines of where she would go. 'Down, left, city station turn right.. across the bridge and down..' Val' opened her eyes to find that she would be at the location which all of her plans eventually lead to - her bed. Sighing to the thought of a sweet slumber under the warmth and coseyness of her mattress she would just grunt to herself in the shower.

    Feeling the presence of the man next to her in the shower, she nodded to him and then her head returned upwards to feel the water trickle down the front of her body. She could hear Harry calling into the showers, "Hurry up, Joey. You've got 10 minutes, Val's out now.. Get your ass back into that training room." Looking to the side, she saw Joey sitting on the benches, pissing about with his cell phone as per usual. Shaking her head she spoke a little loudly, "Moron needs to get his head in the game.. Not one clean kill this week. Idiot."

    Val turned back, and strokes her lengthy hair down her back, her wet locks clung to her perfectly tanned skin like a baby to it's mother. She spoke to Pierce next to her in the shower, and tilted her head with one eye open, the other one being closed due to the water hitting it. "I hear we're on a job together tomorrow.. You better not slow me down." She said to him lightly and then ran her hands over her hair once more to push out water from it.

    Grabbing the shampoo from the hook in front of her and pouring some into her hand, she placed it back lightly. Running the suds and bubbles through her hair she let out almost moans of pleasure due to the warm water and the attack the soap had on her once sweaty body.. "Fabulous" she said and smiled at her movement.
  4. Pierce smirked a bit as Val gave alittle snipe about him slowing her down. "Heh, slow? You rely on wiggling that tight frame of yours at the target all evening until they get sauced enough to only think with their small head, them take you into their hotel rooms and after about 3 hours of trying to slam your ass into his crotch, you put a slug inbetween his eyes. Shit is glacial like in comparison to my method."

    Having his usual back and forth with Val helpped ease his mind a bit, the strange taunts and co-workesque interactions made him feel like he still had a part of himself that still resembled something human. "Explosives are easy to install and can fit almost anywhere. You learn that a man has many enemies that come into the light when he dies in a explosion from turning on his car. Perfect smokescreen to walk away from, bame free. They'll be too busy pointing fingers at each other and not even thinking that some faceless assassin planted that bomb for money. I get to keep my dignity and I don't have some jackass slobber all over my chest."

    He wondered how she dealt with it though. the guilty conciscene of having to kill people. Sure, it was easy bringing the pain down against those stupid excessive corrupt politican types and random druglords that terrorized cities and whatnot. But it was those morally grey areas in which they operated that haunted him the most, professionalism not withstanding. She had it worse than him. He only had to deliver direct kills when his explosions failed. She prefer direct assassinations most of the time, and he was pretty sure that there has been more than one occasion where she was found out before she could deliever the kill. Pierce wonder how she felt seeing those guys beg for their lives as she killed them....

    "Quiet it down, Val. Jeez, it's like those damn shampoo commericals when you take a shower. I feel like the shower is going to spit out some cab fair for you after you are done." He went to get some more shampoo from his bottle only to come up with half a squirt. "...Speaking of shampoo, share some of yours with me, my shit's completely dry."