In The Heat of Battle

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  1. A coliseum filled with roaring fans waiting to witness bloodshed.

    Anyone who enters the arena is permitted to participate.

    Theres no limit on participants (as long as it doesn't get too crazy)

    1 power per character.

    Please no modding/overpowered characters/simple dodging

    If your character happens to die don't get sore, you can make a new one at anytime :)
    Have fun guys!
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    A streak of lightning hits the center of the Coliseum. Of course lightning was quite odd for an otherwise sunny day. The impact caused small crater upon impact, releasing a large fog afterwards. In its place, stood a small girl. The roar of the crowd became grater than ever. Their entertainment had arrived. The girl stood silently and on edge. She drowned out the noise as best she could.
  3. The muffled screams of excitement and clapping hands echoed along the stone walls leading to the waiting room. A tall young woman stood listening to the sounds carefully, soaking in the energy that each audience member exhaled in the coliseum. It was.. overwhelming, a little. It was overwhelming.. in the best way possible.
    Tossing ringlets of deep auburn over her shoulders, Lulu took in a deep breath. With her eyes closed, she seemed to be meditating to herself, complete silence taking over her mind. Mumbling a strange chant underneath her breath, she didn't even have enough focus to notice her pet dragon had perched itself on her head. A smile broke out on her fair complexion as teal hues popped back open.

    "Hey, what're you doing up there?"

    A giggle left her throat as Lulu reached up to grasp the dragon, who seemed a bit small to seem ferocious in the slightest. Though, this dragon had the ability to shape shift into one of a far greater size. Felix was not to be judged while in this form, which was far more compact and efficient for moving around. He was not a dragon to mess with.
    The elf let the little guy float off into the air again after he had licked at her cheek like a canine. A smirk crawled onto her face as she grasped the tall, golden staff, left to her by some of the greatest members of her village's elders. They could even be in the audience tonight.. She could not fail.

    "Are you ready to tear down the house, Felix?"

    Lulu grinned to her ally as it made a "tough" face, giving a small growl and circling around her head. Ducking underneath the beast, she dusted the front of her attire off, again readying herself for whatever was to come. She entered this competition for fun.. and for experience. Every little bit of a battle gave her knowledge afterwards, whether she won or lost terribly. However, today, she would much rather aim for the former end result.

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  4. Her senses as keen as ever Stacy picked out the light footsteps of the next participant. Even amongst the yelling and shouting she managed to focus... A little.
    Stacy turned her head towards the odd pair. Her eyes shot wide open at the scene. She almost let out a little giggle. A tall elf and her baby dragon stood near the entrance. Not what Stacy was expecting at all. When she heard of this competition people went on and on about the beasts and monster strong competitors. And now here she was... Faced with an elf girl and her pet. "What a blow.." She murmured not even bothering to grab her hidden daggers.
    She folded her arms in a sassy posture and yelped "Eh. Whenever you to are ready" Hoping the girl would hear her over the crowd. Stacy hoped this would prove a nice quick warm up for her.
  5. Tilting her head to the side as she stood within the arena now, those bright eyes fell and raised to take in the sight before her. A short female with pointed ears beyond that hoodie, and a tail.. It was.. intriguing, to say the least. Straightening herself back up, the elf cleared her throat as she stepped forward a bit more, taking slow strides. Clearly, she was enjoying her time before the confrontation would begin. She could sense the aura coming from this girl.. It was rather aggressive, confident and.. spunky. Lulu smiled a wide grin at how cute she seemed from this first impression.

    "Oh. One moment, please."

    Raising a finger to enhance her words, Lulu turned to her dragon friend and gave a soft nod in his direction. Felix swirled around in the air, roaring in a squeaky tone to respond. It flew over and pressed up against the head of the staff the young dragon trainer held on to. A certain light took over the beast slowly, flying over each inch of its body until it was completely swallowed by the white glow. The creature hovered in a white circle, growing brighter and brighter until a gigantic flame took its place. Fire licked up against the skies for a moment, filling the arena with massive amounts of heat. Soon it subsided, leaving Felix within his true form.


    Thumping the staff down on the ground to create a soft sound, Lulu placed her free hand on her hip, grinning from pointed ear to equally as pointed ear. A nod was given to the girl opposite her while her dragon gave out a booming roar, silencing the crowds in awe.

    "Miss, I am ready."
  6. "U-Uhh.."
    Stacy was totally speechless. Just seconds ago a pitiful excuse for a beast circled the elf girl. Now a menacing dragon had taken its place. Stacy resumed her sassy pose. Not because she was trying to keep her demeanor but because she was frozen in place. Her confidence was diminished although she wouldn't show it.
    For a moment she couldn't hear anything. Not the roaring crow nor the dragons deep breathing. It was as if her senses for failing her, a side effect of her drained confidence. She was still.
    That was before she remembered what she came here for, a challenge!
    Stacy's ears twitched and sound flooded her head yet again. She averted her eyes from the beast and onto its staff wielding owner. Her calmness threw Stacy off for a moment. These two weren't going to be such a walk in the park after all.
    "Whatever!" she replied to the girl as she assumed a sprinters stance, clutching both blades in hoody pockets.
    Her feet would glow for a moment as lightning surged through her soles on command. In one swift movement her image faded only to reappear on the far left of her opponents. Her opening movement obviously indicated she was being wary of direct confrontation but it didn't matter. Stacy flicked her wrist and sent a blade darting towards the elf girl, covered in lightnings deep blue essence.
  7. "No, no starting without me!" a deep voice called out. A shadow swept across the coliseum, stopping next to the cocky girl. A figure emerged from it.

    Belonging to the figure was the name Jadar, and the creature was a Dimir, a cousin of the Tiefling. The difference being that Dimir were far more bloodthirsty, closer related to demons, and most wielded some form of dark magic. The Shadowmancer Jadar looked over at the girl who had so rapidly moved across the stadium. "An Inu? Haven't seen one of your kind since... well, last week, actually."

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  8. (Alrighty. Goodnight!)

    Stacy whipped around, then back stepped, creating some distance between herself and the figure. She stood silent, her guard up.
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    Jadar leaned in closer to the girl, but not so close as she would back off. "And what is your name, little Inu?" he asks. His white teeth showed in a smile that was both welcoming and menacing, eyes glinting in the sunlight.
  10. She replied abruptly. "Stacy.." She kept her guard up, hands on her twin blades tucked inside her hoody just in case. "Y-Yours?" she said with a small stutter as she studied the dark figure, her eyes darting up and down. She blunting ignored his small features such as that intimidating smile or those steady eyes.
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    A figure rose out of the ground silently behind the menacing figure. His evil snarl never fading from his face. Jacknife grabbed Jadar's tail and, in one swift yank, launched the man towards the wall behind them. "Hey there pretty about we team up hm?" he asked in a deep and nasty australian accent. He disappeared and reappeared beside her in a fighting stance. "Pretty please?" he asked with a hint of sarcasm.
  12. Peering over Jadar's shoulder Stacy swore to the heavens her eyes were deceiving her. A man glad in red attire rose from the ground. She was even more startled when Jadar was tossed back. She froze again. " Curse my nerves.." If the man were to attack right at this moment it was over for her, that easily. She let out a small yelp of fear which sounded more like a puny squeal at best as the man took position at her side. Team up? It sounded like a good idea at the time. Especially since her senses would be dulled with her nerves on edge as they were. But could it be a trick? 'He could be waiting for me to let my guard down.. To late for that I suppose' she thought to herself.
    Stacy managed to turn her head towards the newcomer. The cool breeze blowing her dark hoody passed her bright brown eyes. "U-Uhh umm.." She muttered
  13. Jacknife took a glance over at her and sighed in frustration. "Let me put it this way. Without me, there's no chance of survival, and I wouldn't betray you, mostly, because that attractive body of yours. A curvy gal like you doesn't deserve a betrayal from a teammate. Now get in your fighting stance, and let's go! I don't see the problem here love!" Jacknife tilted his head at her waiting for an answer. He sighed once more keeping a good eye on the rest of the beings on the field. He didn't want to be caught off guard. He looked back at her while running his fingers through his crimson red hair. "What is it I scare ya love? Is that the problem?"
  14. The sound of chains clanking together filled the arena, the crowd stopped in silence knowing what it was. They began to clap again and become rowdy as they usually do in the arena, A gate then flung open upwards and dust filled a black entrance way into the arena. Then glowing purple eye's shown through the dust, the figure only at 5'11 made his way out the dust to the edge of the arena looking at the opponents in the ring. His eyes making fast work of there appearance and current position, A small smirk on his face. He had no shirt and shinobi pants that held to his ankles, His feet were bare and his hair long enough to reach to his lower back. His hair the color of Crimson, The chains on his body then dropped to the floor as he entered the arena. And the gate slamming closed behind him, His body riddled with scars over his toned body. He made two fist's and took in a deep breath and then exhaled letting them open again and said " Akuma...Akuma Kagutsuchi is my name...good to fight you "
  15. A tall man walked out from one of the arena entrances, the heavy steel bars slamming down and closing behind him as he stood. There were plenty of combatants around with different abilities and attire. His own attire being a full robe cloaking his entire being. The man stood at a height of about 5'8" and seemed to have no pose for combat as he slowly walked out of the archway and towards the center of the arena. His deep blue robes slid along the ground as the hood covered his face. The sleeves formed to his arms save for the parts near the wrist which both had long ribbons reaching towards the ground. The sash that held the robe closed around him seemed to have runic symbols all along it that glowed pure white. As he reached the quarter way mark to the center of the arena he came to a dead stop and looked both ways, one arm rose itself as a hand emerged from the cloth of the sleeve allowing itself to be viewed, the skin was pale as snow as his finger beckoned forth an opponent.
  16. Jadar cringed in pain as he was flung against the wall by his tail. He growled and pointed at the man. His shadow left it's place at his feet and sprinted towards the man now talking to Stacy. It socked the man's shadow in the jaw, and the same effect was produced on the owner of the shadow. This was a common Shadowmancer technique, called shadow fighting. It was ofter used to settle Disputes among the Shadowmancers in his Clan. He walked up as the man was knocked away, and his shadow continuously wailed on the shadow of the creepy intruder, who, to him, looked to be some form of demon sent from the Nether realm. "Jadar." he replied to her earlier question. "It's a pleasure to meet you Stacy."
  17. Entering one of the entrances to the arena, a small boy only 5'5 inched his way along the wall of the coliseum. Being wary of his opponents, and of their remarkable abilities, he was hesitant about just jumping into the fray. Sure, he had some decent armor protecting him, a hardened leather chest plate and steel plated pants, but up against the skill sets of his opponents he wasn't sure if it would do much. However, as he grew further and further from the entrance, his confidence grew as well. He had been training months for this. He was ready. He unsheathed his red steel long sword from it's sheathe at his hip and raised his other hand, which now had powerful gusts of wind circling it, blowing back his medium length black hair. He eyed his competitors, hoping to get some sort of idea about their fighting techniques, and how he could use them to his advantage.
  18. Having entered the arena at the same time as the mysterious blue robed man, to be more specific about 3 meters behind him, no flashy entrance or showing of of my power necessary. I kept my distance from all competitors, even the young boy creeping around the edge. I remain the unseen threat, which is always fitting as that is what people tend to call me back home.
    There certainly is a lot of interesting abilities here, but i wonder who will grasp the situation first. I draw a single arrow from the quiver slung over my shoulder, with a bow firmly grasped in my left hand.
    *I take aim towards little miss lightning.*
    The most likely cause for someone to survive a surprise attack is to have the reactions or speed to dodge it, so the logical first target is decided as it will be the mostly likely to strike home.
    I check the range, 50 meters, low wind, from this range its a sure shot.
    *takes a deep breathe in, and then lets all the air leave his lungs before relinquishing the drawn string.*
    the arrow flies through the air becoming visible about a meter after leaving the bow and heads dead on towards its target flying past the two people participating in an interesting style of fisty-cuffs.
  19. I fly into the now packed arena unnoticed due to my size, about that of a large coin. With the element of surprise as my weapon as well as my poisonous stinger I buzz over to Jadar who is busily fighting with Jacknife. I land on him unseen and unsuspected. 3,2,1 STING! I land the attack and depart quickly as not to give away the game just 2 short minutes and he will be completely paralyzed. That is the power of 'The Wasp Warrior'

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  20. Jadar Looks confused and in pain, and swats at the thing that stung him. "Sonova!" He rubbed the spot where he was stung, and turns away from the girl to survey the area. It was getting quite crowded. "Ah, great. Competition." he said to his shadow, which had returned to him when the wasp stung him, causing him to lose focus. He shadow nodded, and the two merged, Jadar sinking into the ground and becoming one with his shadow. They darted across the ground, trying to figure out who's shadow to strike.