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  1. @Gladis

    Necessities (open)
    Robin's Wiltz's house.

    Robin's bedroom. (( It doesn't have all of that Baseball stuff in it. ))

    Kitchen and Living room.

    Lucinda Wiltz. (( His Mom. ))

    Luke Wiltz. (( His Dad. ))

    Robin Wiltz had one of those families who didn't really care about what their children did, which was nice. Yet, at the same time he wished he had someone to boss him around. But, right now, at this moment. He didn't care. He was now 16! Which meant that he could go up to the surface and find that one young, sweet male whom had saved him all those years ago. Hopefully the boy was still alive, because lately there have been a lot more deaths on the land above the sea. Actually, Robin had no clue what to call it. So he always called it 'The Land Above The Sea', since it seemed pretty appropriate.

    He, after about ten minutes of waiting, was finally allowed to go up to the surface. Robin let out a loud 'Woot!' before running over to the small Slope that lead to the Surface. There was other ways to go, but he wanted to take his time, kind of. After about an hour, he finally reached the top which had made him very excited. "God, it's been years. Well, I guess this is technically my first time. Since I had only been above the water for only twenty-thirty minutes." He murmured to himself as he stepped onto the sand that didn't have any water trying to reach, turning the hot stone-like feeling into lovely mud. Robin then, after beginning to glance around, decided to wander around and see all the beautiful sights before he had to go back into the water. No one, would be able to detect that he was super happy about this though.

    The only thing though, was that as he walked through the streets, Robin began to notice that he didn't have his small ring that he had stolen from the young boy many years ago, was gone. That worried him because he absolutely loved that ring, and it'd signify that he would find the male. Whose name he never learned. God, he felt absolutely terrible now!. Plus, the sun was beginning to set!. Damn, he had gotten to the surface early this morning. He was loosing time, Robin needed to hurry!.

    He began to retrace his steps, going through tunnels, over bridges, into houses. Searching for his most dearest thing in the world. Sadly though, it was too late. His time was up, and he knew it to. It terrified him deeply, thinking that he could possibly die if he was out of the water too long.

    Robin was on a back-road when he began to fall, feeling very sickly-like and light-headed. Once he reached the ground, his head slammed onto the cold road along with his eyes closing a few seconds later.

    Hopefully someone would be able to find him.

    (( So, it isn't the greatest. But that's only because I'm extremely tired and I am cleaning my room too. ))
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    Toma yawned, stretching with the grocery bags in hand before he resumed his scuffle along the road, heading in the direction of his grandfather's house. It was a humble abode located right by the sea, where they lead the simple life of fishermen. While he enjoyed helping out with his grandfathers trade, it was not really anything Toma could imagine doing in the future himself. No, in fact, during the years that passed, Toma had created a dream of his own. He wished to become a marine biologist, set out to study the sea and the organism living beneath the surface he loved so dearly. The people of the sea interested him just as much; probably a result of his encounter with the child of the sea in his past. Even if he wasn't quite aware of it himself, meeting Robin had effected him more than he'd imagined at the time. In fact, even after so many years it was hard for him to forget that day, and he found himself wondering every now and then if they would ever meet again.

    As he was thinking this, a collapsed figure on the road caught Toma's attention. He instantly hurried over to what appeared to be a white haired boy, a deep, worried frown creasing his forehead. Dropping the grocery bags he knelt beside Robin, carefully turning him on his back. That was when he noticed his skin was glowing faintly in the light of the setting sun. Too faintly, he decided, realizing what this meant.

    "Hold out just a little bit longer," Toma tried to reassure the unconscious boy, not even sure if his words reached him as he hoisted the grocery bags over one shoulder, making sure he had both hands free to pick up Robin- maiden style. It was a relief that his home wasn't too far away, as carrying Robin and the grocery bags put quite the strain on him. While he wasn't frail or weak, there was a limit to how much even Toma could carry, after all.

    The tanned youth pushed open the door to the house. He could hear the faint sound of television coming from the living room. I suppose he's home... Toma thought to himself as he hurried through the corridor and towards the bathroom.

    "Toma, is that you?" the sound of television was followed by an elderly voice, proving that yes indeed, his grandfather had returned during the time Toma was away grocery shopping.

    "Yeah! I'm home!" Toma called back, not stopping his stride towards the bathroom. He kept a tight grasp of the boy, throwing the door to the bathroom open before he dashed inside and placed him in the bathtub, which he in turn started filling with water. He watched the tub fill rather rapidly, a concerned look plastered onto his features as he hoped for some sort of sign that the boy was alright.​
  3. Robin had heard someone talking, but he couldn't understand what they were saying. Merely a second after, he felt warm hands pick him up. After that though, everything turned silent and he finally completely blacked out, brought to dream land. He was awoken when cold water swarmed around him, Robin's eyes shot open as he began to breath rapidly. He looked around frantically until his somewhat dark blue eyes landed on a boy sitting next to the Bath. He opened his mouth to speak, but couldn't make his mind confuse up anything so he just sat there, staring. Robin felt like he recognized the boy though, with his brown hair and golden brown eyes. "T-..... Thank you." He finally spoke, being able to calm down. His voice was a bit scratchy, yet deep at the same time. Almost like a father soothingly speaking to a child when the child is scared.

    Then it hit him. This was the boy from all those years ago, strangely enough the boy hadn't changed much. He grew a bit, but everything else was the same about him. Which made Robin smile "What is your name?" He asks curiously, sitting up and turning a bit so that his body was facing the boys. He had a warm smile formed onto his soft lips, indeed curious to learn more about his long-lost savior. Robin and him were friends.. Right? So right now it was alright to call the boy; Savior..

    Robin then shakily began to stand up, not liking being in such small space. Living in the sea, really does make you enjoy the larger areas much more than the smaller. At least, to him it did. He stepped out of the tub, being very cautious so he didn't slip. The cold-tilled floor sending shivers from his feet to his spine, alas getting a bit wet since Robin's clothes were dripping wet. God, it was freezing. The air around him felt like prickling ice trying to cut him open and freeze his heart. Normally he didn't get cold, but being on actual land, with actual air, kind of made everything different for him.

    -- It's a bit short, sorry. I just got home from school and my brain hurts from thinking. ))
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    Toma has just started pouring salt into the water as, to his relief, Robins eyes opened. Even if he was just staring at him- at least he appeared to be conscious. That was when he slowly started to recognize the facial features. He was sure he'd seen him somewhere before- at some point. He couldn't put his finger on when, nor did he know who this person could... the boy. It was the boy he and his grandfather had accidentally caught in a net several years back. It was the boy whom he'd never quite managed to forget, the boy with delicate facial features and a gorgeous body. Toma could feel his cheeks beginning to flush slightly, causing him to turn away his face momentarily. How silly. This surely wouldn't be the same boy... it couldn't be, could it?

    "T-..... Thank you."

    The chocolate haired youth turned his gaze back to the boy in the tub, a small smile crossing his features. "You're welcome," he said softly, standing up and backing away from the tub.

    "What is your name?"

    "Toma, Toma Goldman," Toma introduced himself, grabbing a towel and holding it out to Robin as he stepped out of the tub. "What about you?" he asked curiously, the smile remaining as he tilted his head to the side. It wasn't like the name would prove or disprove anything about the boys identity- he had never known the name of the boy from back then. Nevertheless he was curious what sort of name belonged to so pretty a face. W-what am I thinking?! He gave himself a mental kick, shaking his head just a little.

    "How are you feeling?"
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