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  1. A role-play about the world after the 'Great Extermination' which is the name for the event that turned the world into a wide wasteland. As humanity grew, so did the pollution in the air, and after a while, plants began letting off toxic fumes to cope with the over mass of pollution. The toxins began killing people rapidly. You and a few survivors made it into an abandoned bunker that wiuld keep you safe for the next few months as the toxins died down. When you emerge, the world had changed. Plantlife had become scarce and the animals that roamed the land were emensly dangerous. It is up to you and these survivors to create a new civilization from scratch. Other people may have survived The GreatExtermination , and you may stumble upon them occasionally. But they can be friends or foes, be wary and stay safe.
    Yet, everyone dies In The End.

    Please post character descriptions in the OOC Thread, I need at least a name, age, and pic/look description.
    Your character starts off with one item that they have and ONLY one item. It can only be of human technology. Ex: A lighter, a gun (if you use a gun as your option, then you can have at most 10 bullets, its not like your character stocked up for this event. It is possible to find bullets in the world but ber realistic about it.), a knife, and so on.
    Your character is human, period.
    Other than these rules, the world is your oyster.

    From time to time, I will cause a creature to attack a random person/group and will control that creature until it is dead. This world is NOT peaceful and I will not allow it to be.
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    Elizabeth buttoned up her jacket and snuggled close into it. She was in a corner of the abandoned bunker she'd found. She was shaking, scared. What had happened? Everything just..died. Was she the only one left. Her pale blue eyes went to the knife beside her and she gripped it. She remembered everything. She woke up one morning and couldn't breath. She called for her parents but they were in there bed. Dead. Her little brother was on the living room couch with his video game on but had suffered the same fate. Liz coughed. And her sea..the place where she could escape was gone. Why couldn't she forget? She couldn't stop thinking about her boyfriend. Was he still alive? He didn't answer his phone. She checked her phone once more for texts. No. He didn't. She called. Straight to voice mail.​
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    Jordan was alone. He was holed up in the basement of his home. There was no warning. People had just started dropping dead in the streets, choking on the air. Jordan had been pushed down into the basement by his father whom then went searching for his twin.
    Jordan didn't see either of them again.​
    Its been a few months and he was glad to be alive. He had survived by eating whatever was stored in the basement, which they used the basement as extra storage space for food when his family overshopped.
    Jordan closed the door of the fridge and cracked open a soda. For surviving, it wasn't bad, but he was running out of food and it was growing colder, he'd need better blankets.
    He sat down on the floor and continued reading the book in hand, it really wasn't his type of story, but there was nothing else to do. To be honest, he'd probaby be able to recite the book from memory alone, but it helped the days pass.
    Jordan continued reading.
  4. Nathaniel drew back the sleeve of his torn cashmere sweater to reveal the cracked, Rolex knockoff, watch beneath. Slowly he ran his forefinger over the crack in the glass, the second hand had long since ceased ticking. Letting out a sigh he tried not to think of Crystal, only last Christmas she'd given him this watch, whoever thought they'd end up here. With his lower lip clamped between his teeth, he lifted himself from the ground and patted his wallet as he does after successfully dissuading himself from peeking at the photo inside.
    'I can't think about them now' He thinks while lazily making himself to the door.
    "There's no way we'll last in here," He says to nobody in particular, "I aught to go outside and look for help, or food."
    He looks to the room, "What am I going to do?"
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  5. Spike woke up on a military style cot. It was dark and a bit cold. He looked around quickly, feeling an aged field dressing crumple off his head and fall to the concrete floor. In fact everything seemed to be concrete. Support pillars, a roof, flickering flourescent lights. The one he was under had burned out a long time ago. It seemed to be some kind of bunker. The military, that's right. Last he remember he was fleeing the convention center. He took a short cut through a convention hall and was trying to find a less populated exit. He found a hallway and got out but there were quarentine units everywhere. He approached them to try to find out what was going on and one of them suddenly hit him in the head with the butt of an m4. He lost feeling in his legs and collapsed and saw another soldier rush over and stop his comrade from striking again. "He isn't infected." He said. "Crap." the assailant said. "Ah shit, he's blinking out, lets get him on the truck." those were the last words Spike heard before the world went black.
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    It didn't take long for Jordan to finish the book again. He yawned and stood.
    Maybe I should go up? The toxins in the air might be gone. He thought to himself.
    He groaned and grabbed the barbed whip his family had hung up for display, just in case.
    He began up the steps one-by-one.
    When he reached the door, he creaked it open and stepped out cautously. Jordan took a soft breath.

    Nothing? No choking? Good. He hooked the whip on his belt and walked around the house.
    Blankets, food, and something else to read. Blankets were first. He slowly strode up the stairs to the second floor. The door to his bedroom was closed. The reached out and turned the knob.
    The door swung open easily, without a sound. A wave if nostalgia washed over Jordan, this was his old room, where he and his brother...

    William. Where were you? His brother just dissapeared when the toxins hit. He sighed softly. He hoped his brother was okay.
    but right now,Blankets, food, and more reading were required.
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  7. There was a man on the far side of the bunker, talking to himself apparently. Spike wondered if he could have answers, but it didnt look hopeful to him.
    "Hey, do you know how i got here?" He asked gruffly trying his best not to startle the fellow.
  8. Liz was beginning to panick. She dialed Jordan again. The phone was at 30%. Her eyes teared up as she hugged her knees.
    Please pick up, please. Her pink hair fell into her eye as she started shaking. She hated being worried, Her mother always told her not to be a worrier because it wasn't attractive.
    Mom. Her mom was dead. A tear fell down her cheek
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    Jodan had collected the blankets and had brought them down to the basement and was now searching his bedroom for ssomething better to read. A ringing resonated around the room. It was a familiar ringtone, It was an electronic song that Jordan used to love... Jordan had to search around before he found his phone. He flipped it open.
    "Hello?" he mumbled into the phone. He hadn't bothered to check the Caller ID
  10. There was a flash of light in Nathaniel's eyes that he traced to the shimmer of a sheath. Nathaniel looked to the door and back to the man carrying the sword, he adjusted his shirt and stood still with one hand resting lazily in his pocket.
    Clearing his throat he managed to respond "Well, as far as I can tell, we are survivors from an apocalypse involving toxic gas. I'm Mr. McLeod, or Nathaniel, and you are?"
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  11. "J-Jordan." Her shaking soft British accent rang through the phone. Now she gripped it with both hands. "Oh my god..y-youre alive.."
    She was so happy that he was alright. When she calmed a little she asked. "Where are your parents? Are they okay too? Where are you?"
    As soon as she talked to him she would be fine to communicate with the people around her. She just needed confirmation that something was familiar to her. Because, for one, everything was changing and it was scaring her shitless.
  12. "I uh.." the sudden news was disorenting, especially when followed by a casual greeting. "I... Um. Just call me spike- What was that you said about toxins?" He finished.
  13. "E-Elizabeth? Y-you're." Jordan dropped his head in his open hand.
    "N-no... I... It's, uh... just me... I think. W-where are you?" Jordan couldn't believe it. Elizabeth, his girlfriend was alive! Jordan was so distracted by his call, he didn't notice the rotting creature creeping up behind him. One of the 2% of humans that didn't die from the toxins, but mutated into something ungodly.
  14. Nathaniel pulled his hand from his pocket and took on a more serious tone, "Do you know nothing about what happened? How did you even get here?"
  15. "Im in a bunker with two adults not too far from your house. Its over near the Elementary School that.."
    It was way too hard to say her own sister's name.
    "You know..Jordan..what's happening..everyone's..d-"
    She couldn't say that either. Liz looked up to Spike with a questioned gaze then the other the one called Nathaniel. "T-Toxins?"
    She started to shake again.
  16. "I Don't know..." He started to say before hearing a girl shout "Toxins?!" Spike turned around slowly. He eyed her carefully trying to get whatever insight he could. She wouldn't know either. Prone to panic, possibly deadweight. He would be wary.
  17. "Lizzy. Lizzy listen. Calm down, slow breaths... This is no time to have a panic attt-
    Ahh! What the fuck!"
    A hand grabbed his shoulder and friend pulling him backwards. Jordan dropped the phone and pulled away. He turned to face the thing that had grabbed him.
    Jordan came face-to-face with a rotting version of himself.

    "W-William? Why... why do you...?" A shriek came from his twin's throat and it charged. Jordan reached for the barbed whip and unfurled it.
    He knew that this wasn't his brother anymore. Jordan clenched his eyes shut and snapped the whip at his brother. He felt it collide with the body and wrap around. Jordan tugged and the body fell to the floor with a thump. He quickly opened his eyes to se that the whip had wrapped aroundhis brbrother's head and penetrated into the brain. His brother was dead.
  18. Feodosiy stumbled outside, holding his arm up and averting his eyes to avoid the glare of the sun. Gradually his eyes adjusted and he blinked a few times, scanning his surrounding. A glint reflected light a few metres away and Feodosiy quickly walked over to it. A knife! 'A lightweight knife,' he thought to himself as he picked it up. He looked around once more then shoved it into his boot.
  19. Nathaniel looked down to the girl with calm eyes and put a hand on her shoulder.
    "I'm sorry you have to live through this, but I'm glad your alive. Yes, the last thing I remember is being surrounded by people choking on air. Some were weaker than others. I-I-" Nathaniel broke off and blinked away the moisture in his eyes, "It was like the planet self destructed."
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