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  1. This is the OOC Thread that goes to my In The End role-play. A role-play about the world after the 'Great Extermination' which is the name for the event that turned the world into a wide wasteland. As humanity grew, so did the pollution in the air, and after a while, planta began letting off toxic fumes to cope with the over mass of pollution. The toxins began killing people rapidly. You and a few survivors made it into an abandoned bunker that wiuld keep you safe for the next few months as the toxins died down. When you emerge, the world had changed. Plantlife had become scarce and the animals that roamed the land were emensly dangerous. It is up to you and these survivors to create a new civilization from scratch. Other people may have survived The Great Extermination , and you may stumble upon them occasionally. But they can be friends or foes, be wary and stay safe. Yet, everyone will die In The End. Please place character descriptions here.

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  2. (Sounds fabulous. Do we just start when we have enough people?)
  3. (go to da ooc thread)
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  4. Sorry missed that bit and where is it
  5. (the link is at the top, click sign-up)
  6. Age:17

    Personality: You would think of Liz as the type of girl who takes chances and doesn't think of the consequence. She's a wild untamed one with cotton candy pink hair and bright blue eyes. Before everything happened she was a surfer. She hung out with guys a lot but she was also innocent. Never had alcohol, a smoke, or even curse a day in her life. She was her own person. Just full of fun and no worries.

  7. One: I like it, your in, I'm going to wait until we have a few more people who want to be in the starting group. If you would like to be a loner, let me know.
    Two: Ohmigawd! I love me some DRAMAtical Murder!
  8. xD I cant really find the show online but I read it
  9. Oh. Look up the website, crunchyroll if you don't mind subbed. But if you're a dubbed person, I can't help you on the subject.
  10. Name: Seraphina
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Status: Single
    Family Line: unknown/hidden (linked to a scientist that study plant life)
    Pre-Experiment Job: Student/hunter
    Post Job: hunter
    Item Bow and what ever she can use to shoot for a kill shot.
    Personality: Easy going but rough on the edge. Very much a survivor and has the I don't need a soul to help me drive but can work with a group if needed.
    Appearance: will be remove at owner of art request.
  11. I like her! :).
    So we have four people we can start off with... Seraphina, Liz, my character (whom I still need to make), and another friend of mine who wants to join. Good.
  12. smile-anime-guys-12082279-850-1002.jpeg
    Name:Jordan Armigan
    Gender: Male
    Item: Barbed Whip
    Personality: Kind and caring, tends to be laid back and is somewhat lazy. Will stop in his tracks to help anyone which gets him into a few problems.
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    Thank you for making an OOC and using it! you guys are stars ^^

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    I've moved a couple of posts here! :)

    Thank you for making an OOC and using it! you guys are stars ^^

    Thanks. And of course.
  15. Thanks Red :3
  16. (Do we still post characters here if we wanna join? )
  17. Hello, my name is Chie and I'm a noobie so if you don't want me here that's totally okay... This is my first time doing this so go easy on me okay? <3

    Nathaniel McLeod
    Father (Twin girls, Laura and Amelia), husband (to Crystal) and teacher.
    Teaches biology at a local high school, is very loving and thoughtful but is prone to rash decision making when under stress. He is a very nice guy and always stands up for what's right, even if he ends up cowering in fear because of it.
    Nathaniel was in the middle of a lesson when the Great Extermination begun.
    His item is his wallet containing two nickles and a dime, some crumpled notes, credit cards, and a worn family photo.
    Appearance: He has a strong build from lugging around his teaching supplies up and down stairs all day every day: blondes-glasses_00413546.jpg
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  18. Alias: Spike
    Real Name: Unknown
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Status: Alone
    Role: Lone Survivor

    Group Dynamic: Willing to play nice with others, but does not like restrictions, including the kind that come with being intricately tied to a group.

    Personality: Stern, inwardly Depressed, Mostly too serious for his own good. Finds ways to lighten up, and has a knack for seeing who people really are beyond their public facades. Can be friendly or even funny once he feels comfortable around people. Usually requires some sort of aid, like alcohol or pot. Has mood swings since his medication for Bipolar disorder has become hard to obtain. Has a temper but avoids directing at other people.

    Bio:This is just great, my dumb friends convinced me to go to a comic convention with them dressed up as my dnd character. So i gathered up my ren faire garb, my sword, and put on as much paint as i could. Then the world ended. So those dudes are dead. Well, if i had known this would happen i would have dressed warmer, and brought my gun. at least this is a stage combat sword so it wont be wearing out anytime soon. but the blade is dull, so it is only good for stabbing or knocking the lights out of things. I can fix that if i find a whetstone.

  19. Awesome! Yall are both accepted.
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