In the depths of Madness.

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  1. Deep in the depths of madness was Faerniir. He was clutching roughly to what seemed like chains that connected to nothing, yet when he pulled, the chains went taught. He was in a fit of rage: growling, howling and struggling to be free of it all. Everything that was chained to him was his greatest Sin.. A Sin he can not escape.. He was in prison, held for nearly 2,000 in human years, inside this prison called the Intermediate Plane.

    A Plane of existence where one who has done the greatest of Sins are held here. Those who slew a god.. Madmen and madwomen were screaming in agony, with those ear shattering echoes off of the walls of every prison cell wall. This was true limbo for these monsters.. A never ending pain of torment, misery, death, rebirth, and torture again and again, for eternity. Faerniir wanted out just as much as everyone else, but his rage fueled him further than the others who had nothing but rage left in them from brutal tortures, whippings, beatings, horrifying sights of people in pure agonizing terror beyond even human comprehension.. He wanted out, and he was going to get out, sooner or later..
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  2. Hah, good to see you here from xat, Faerniir. Hopefully we can actually break that 0-89-0 We have going on from here.
  3. [ Lol. This is how I introduce you to Faerniir. This is how his personality is and how I will be playing with him for a time. ]
  4. "Ah one of those introductions, Very well, Faerniir."
    No, I can't I'll make a paragraph out of a welcome. Oh. Welcome, by the way.
  5. I am a little scared, but also intrigued. O_O

    Welcome to the site!