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  1. All right, so I really shouldn't be posting this right now, I'm far too busy, but I couldn't get it out of my head so here it is. If you find yourself interested, please be aware that I will be online infrequently for the next few weeks at least--it doesn't mean I've lost interest, just that I'm busy. Anyway, down to business.

    This is my first time posting a request for a mature role-play. I believe that my role-play resume says that I only do fade to blacks, but that's not what I'm looking for here. I am trying to expand my experience with role-playing and that expansion is leading in this direction right now. Anyway, as far as partners go, I would appreciate someone with enough experience in mature role-plays to give me constructive criticism on the sexual scenes if they need improvement.

    Now that that is over, onto the plot!

    This is a sort of fairytale style plot with elements from the myth of Eros & Psyche and elements from the French story Peau d'Ane (I'm not sure what the English title is, though the French title translates to "Donkey Skin").

    Once upon a time, there were two kings who watched the army of an empire conquer the neighboring lands and feared that their kingdoms would be next if they did not do something to protect themselves. Recognizing their mutual goal, the kings signed a treaty and sealed it with the betrothal of one king's only son to the other king's only daughter. Since the prince and princess were only children at the time, the marriage was set to take place after the prince was knighted at the age of twenty-one. The combined armies drove off the empire but, out of good faith, the betrothal remained intact. Sadly, shortly before the marriage was due to take place, the prince's father suddenly died. Out of respect for the mourning practises of the prince's (now king) country, the father of the princess agreed to put the marriage off an additional year. Now the princess (between 18 and 22) is set to travel to the mysterious country to the north to be married.

    Not all is as peaceful as it seems, however. The princess's country to the south, with completely human population whose only belief in magic was from superstition, had been internally peaceful for some time. Not so the country of the prince.

    The prince's country was made up of four main races: Humans (who had invaded and taken over the country generations ago, subjugating the rest of the population in order to maintain power), Dwarves (who generally stayed in their mines, supporting the humans when they were forced to make a choice in the civil wars because they lacked most of the magical power of the other nonhuman races and were jealous of the other races' magic, just as the humans were, and were trusted by the magic-wary humans), Elves (who retreated to their forests once they saw that they could not drive out the humans and whose magic, especially their healing magic, has come to be respected by the humans, thus earning them a place of tenuous honor among the humans), and the Fairies (whose wild magic, stubborn ways, and intense dislike for the humans made them the prime target of human persecution, but whose illusions have made them the hardest to find).

    In an attempt to infiltrate the royal family, the Fairies sent a changling girl, a Fairy princess, to woo the second prince at the time. She succeeded and married the prince and the accidental death of his older brother made her queen. The result was that the Fairy queen influenced her husband (who was already an understanding man) to create a council with an equal number of advisors from each race. It was that council which encouraged him to seek a treaty with the southern country and it was his half-fairy son whom he pledged in betrothal to the southern princess. The Fairy queen had different plans for her son, however, with a Fairy bride waiting for the throne. When her son, now king, refused her suggestion and indicated his intention to go through with the marriage his father had set up for him, she flew into a rage and cursed the young king that if he should ever lay eyes on the girl his father had wanted him to marry, he would take the form of a monstrous fairy and would lose every indication that he had a drop of human blood in him.

    Knowing that the human nobles would never stand for a fairy king but afraid that breaking the betrothal at this point would lead to war with the southern country, the young king tries desperately to find a way to break the spell but he fails to do so before the princess arrives. Stalling, he comes up with reason after reason why the marriage cannot take place yet. Afraid that the princess may be harassed by agents of his mother, the young king uses magic to make himself blind and to make himself unrecognizable despite not changing his appearance.

    Meanwhile, the princess is becoming more and more impatient with her betrothed, perhaps even beginning to convince herself that she could never love such a man, while she is becoming more and more attacked to the blind servant who brings her news from the king and is surprisingly interesting to talk to. The attraction is mutual and both must deal with the consequences (her loving a man when she is supposed to marry another and him missing the opportunity to reveal his true identity) which only become more pressing when they cross the line and begin a physical relationship.

    I am looking for someone to play the princess. This role-play is probably going to be more story than naughty. I'm looking for a partner who will put equal effort into both. I also ask that my partner be able to use proper English spelling and grammar. Both quality and quantity are important to me when it comes to what is written in a post, but quality is more important...just give me enough to work with length-wise.

    Thanks for reading all of this! Let me know if you're interested.

  2. -Raises her hand- I would be very interested!