In the Dark..

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  1. Storyline:

    Arachne Sumers has just moved from America to Japan. Her father got a new job in Tokyo, and they've bought a small house out in the country.
    In school, kids tell her that it's haunted, and that's why it was empty for so long.
    Arachne doesn't believe it, but she'll soon find out the truth...

    Name: Arachne Sumers
    Age: 17
    Occupation: Student/Cashier at a small gas station.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes candy, sleeping, photography, art, texting, and horror movies. Dislikes spiders, rude ignorant people and boring things.
    Background story: see above.
    Other: none.

    Character Sheet:

    Background story:
    Other information:

    To be in this role play, please read the following:

    X Use capitalization when needed.
    X Use correct spelling, grammar & punctuation.
  2. Name: Takeshi Azuma
    Age: 18
    Occupation: Highschool student/ Handyman at gas station
  3. Name: Yuuri Akita
    Age: 17
    Occupation: Student/Secret Prostitute
    Likes: Attractive men and women, money, sweets, horror films, zombies, spiders, snakes, ghosts, anything paranormal, and shiny objects.
    Dislikes: Light, bright colors, other prostitutes, people who obsess over style, popularity, gardening, taking orders.
    Background story: Yuuri started her shameful career when her parents died, since they left her with nothing but her clothes and their small house. Ever since they died, she also claimed to hear and see things, which is where she got her obsession for paranormal things. She lives alone and is rumored to talk to and summon spirits, ghosts, or demons. But she denies that part.
    Other information:
    She's been accused of stealing quite a couple of things in the past, but every time she proved that she did not. But she is still blamed for stolen items.
  4. Name: Misaki Matsumoto
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    The night
    Background story:
    Misaki lives in a small apartment with her mother. Her father left them when she was 6 years old. Her father was the main source of income for them and ever since he left they have been struggling to get by.
    Other information: X