In the Dark (Fantasy Romance One x One Request)

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  1. Here's the story:

    Country A is to the north. Mostly wooded and mountainous with harsh winters and temperate summers, magic runs strong in Country A and it is populated by magical creatures as well as humans, though the royal family and much of the nobility is human.

    Country B is to the south. Mostly flat grasslands and coastal regions with mild winters and hot summers, magic is only a legend in Country B and the entire populous is human.

    About twenty years ago, the King of Country A married the daughter of one of his nobles, who happened to be a changeling girl and his son, even though he looked completely human, was born half-faerie. The King of Country A kept this fact a secret and the boy grew up without anyone suspecting that he was anything but completely human.

    A few years after the son of Country A was born, the Queen of Country B gave birth to a healthy human baby girl. The young princess had brothers, so she was not in the position of having her future husband become king of her country or of being queen in her own right.

    Meanwhile, an empire was forming to the east and it had designs on both Country A and Country B. Afraid that, alone, their countries would fall to the empire, the Kings of Country A and Country B formed an alliance and sealed it with the betrothal of King A's son to King B's daughter. The marriage was to take place when the princess came of age (for the sake of this role-play either 16 or 18).

    The Queen of Country A disliked the betrothal because she wanted her son (who was in line to be king of Country A) to marry a faerie girl so that the faeries could gain power. The King of Country A was convinced that the alliance would not hold without the betrothal and would not give in to his wife's demands that it be broken off. Just before the Princess comes of age, the king of Country A dies, leaving the Prince to become the new King. The Queen of Country A tries to have her son dissolve the betrothal but since his father's last wish was that he go through with the marriage and keep the alliance, the Prince will not do as his mother wishes. Frustrated, the Queen uses her considerable faerie magic to curse her son so that if he so much as lays eyes on his bride, he will take on all of the traits of his faeries ancestors (which are so frightful to humans that the humans drove them into hiding).

    Meanwhile the Princess has been sent to Country A so that she will arrive in time for her marriage to be on her birthday. If the Prince sends her home now, there will be war with Country B, but he cannot marry her because he cannot lay eyes on her. So, the Princess arrives in the capital of Country A where she does not get married and starts wondering why she hasn't met her fiancé yet.

    So the plot should mostly center on the Prince trying to figure out how to get around the curse or convince his mother to remove it and the willful Princess investigating what to her is a mystery and coming very close to seeing the Prince (they can have conversations through other characters and and maybe a couple with each of them on opposite sides of a door or something like that and eventually she'll probably have to see him, curse or no curse).

    I'm looking for someone to play the Princess.

    What I'm looking for in a partner:

    1. Quality posts. I tend to write long posts and I like to receive them but, more important than length, is content. Give me something to work with. If you can give me length, too, all the better.

    2. Regular posts. I'm very understanding when life gets in the way because I know all too well that role-playing is a hobby but at the same time I don't want to be left hanging all the time without knowing why I'm waiting. I tend to start thinking that you don't want to role-play with me anymore. I also tend to lose interest in the role-play when I never know if my partner's going to post.

    3. Spelling and Grammar. This one's the most important and the least important. It's the most important because I get distracted very easily by poor spelling and grammar which makes it hard for me to get into the role-play (which in turn means I won't want to post). It's the least important because it's usually not a problem once I say that I want decent spelling and grammar.

    So, that's about it. Post here or PM me if you're interested.

  2. This idea sounds quite fascinating. ^^ Are you still looking for partners?
  3. I agree, amazing. I am interested as well
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