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  1. Arcana Madrider wasn't a normal seventeen year old girl- for centuries, her family's women had been fox maidens - women who transformed into foes every night, and had to live the night through like foxes did - feeding, and hunting. Her long, wild red hair and her intelligent brown eyes were the same in her mother, her grandmother, her aunts, her great grand-mother, and so forth.

    She walked down the street of New York City, and glanced into a shop window at the bed wear that was there. She sighed - due to her transforming every night , she never had need for them.
  2. I'm sorry I thought I might hae put it up there somewhere, but apparently I didn't....I only play female in mxf pairings....
  3. (could you not just be the male this one time? Please?)
  4. (Afraid not....I don't have any male characters prepared and I ultimately suck at it.....I'm not trying to be mean I swear, but I catch more grief when I play a male character than when I dont because of how bad I am. lol I'm sorry.)
  5. (ok lets switch over then - Ill be the male character now, and could you be Arcana?)
  6. (if I am going to do this, I am going to use my own character lol. Mainly because I can't play another's characters right. That ok?)
  7. (ok- I have kinda already explained the whole fox maiden thing, so go ahead.)
  8. Kieara wasn't sure how she felt about what she was. She felt so natural at nights when she shifted into her natural form. Her fox form. She loved it so. She felt she was free of the clutches of man, free to be as she wished.

    She was clad in a plum purple sweater with long sleeves that hugged her delicate curves seductively. She was a small, petite girl, yet very pretty. She rose to the height of 5'2, and had on a pair of black jean pants. Her hair was up in a bun a few loose curls falling to frame her alabaster face. Her hair was a deep red. Natural red, not that ungodly fire engine red like she'd seen on other girls. Her eyes were a bright blue clashing with her hair.

    She sighed as she walked along. She felt unusually dreary today. She wasn't sure why though. She could just barely drag her feet. She had a very bad feeling....
  9. Callum Broadbent was just your typical teenage boy - except for the fact that he was a) a vampire and b) expelled from every school in the state. He just felt an urge to do trouble, and cause mischief wherever he went. As an event, his adoptive mother kicked him out, so he had had to make his own way in the city.

    He walked down the road, and was so lost in his own thoughts that he accidentally knocked someone to the ground. "God, I am so sorry - I should have been looking where I was going!" He apologised, helping the person up. It was a girl, who looked to be about his age, with a purple sweater on. "Are you ok?"
  10. Kieara looked up at him her firey hair a bit fuzzed, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. "Oh i'm fine, it's ok." She said very friendly. She let him help her up and smiled. "It's alright, mistakes happen." she told him.
  11. Callum smiled at her, albeit awkwardly. Despite being a vampire, he still didn't know how to charm a girl. "Um, do you want to go and get something to drink? I want to make up for knocking you over - I'll pay." His eyes met hers and for a moment, he felt something indescribable in the pit of his stomach.
  12. Kieara felt a spark as she met his eyes. "That sounds lovely." she told him. "Thank you." She offered a smile back to him.
  13. He grinned, and nodded. "Great." He inclined his head down the street. "Want to go now, or were you headed somewhere else?" Callum ran his fingers through his curly brown hair, and smiled. "I was just wandering the streets, looking for something to do."
  14. "The same goes for me. We can go now." She spoke to him. She found his curly hair to be utterly adorable, but it was a bit dangerous for her to really get close to anyone. Though at the moment she didn't mind.
  15. "Ok." He started walking again by her side. He kept glancing sideways at her unnoticed - she was really beautiful..... They soon reached the coffee shop, a place called My Cup of Tea, and Callum opened the door for Kieara. "I'll go and order - what do you want?"
  16. Kieara spoke. "Don't really care what you get me, but no cinnamon. I'm allergic." she spoke smiling. She kept tugging her sleeves down over her arms as if subconciously hiding something.
  17. Callum nodded. "No cinnamon. Got it. Could you go and grab us a table while I get the orders?" He set off towards the counter, his tummy doing flips.
  18. Kieara nodded and got them a table by the window. She smiled as she sat there. He was handsome, and sweet. Wait, what was she thinking? She couldn't get attatched.
  19. Callum got two hot chocolates - no cinnamon - and returned to the table. "Here you go - an official sorry for knocking you down." He smiled at her, his fangs flashing for a milisecond.
  20. Kieara didn't appear to notice. She smiled. "Thanks." she said. She loved hot chocolate. She sipped on it enjoying the warmth as she watched him. She seemed like the quiet type
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