In the Bed Room

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  1. Look around your room right now! I mean right now! Okay. What is the strangest thing you can find. You found it? Good! Now take a picture of it. You did that? Fantastic! Now post it on here.

    The goal of the game is to show off the strangest thing you have currently in your bed room. The person with the strangest thing will get...oh hell I don't know a cookie and and a trip to the the psyche ward.

    P.S. just remember if you have a dead body and/or a skin suit, keep that little gem for yourself!
    Here's my weird thing. It's the stuffed goat I got for Christmas. :3

  2. A carrot tea pot. It's mainly decoration, but I'm a huge bunny fan. Got all kinds of bunny stuff around my apartment. This most recent Christmas I got practically nothing but bunny stuff and this was one of the gifts.

  3. Oooooh, this sounds very fun indeed. *takes the camera*


    So ignore my clock (yes it reads 2 A.M., I'm a night owl as of late) ignore the Claritn, eyeglass care kit and the tiger balm liniment - And focus upon the baskets! These two baskets are made by my grand aunt out of LOTTERY TICKETS. These take her forever to make. We also have a crane/basket downstairs that's made out of Chinese money, which is pretty fucking cool.
  4. Those are Amazeballs!