In the 1920's

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    Linda Bonfield, a nineteen year old girl born into a wealthy family.

    Linda sat on the outside patio of her home, watching as guests began arriving to her home. Her parents had set up a great party in celebration of her father's big business deal. Not that she cared much about that, to tell the truth, she really didn't care about anything as long as they got to have parties. It always seemed that different people came to the parties, Linda never saw the same person twice. Then again, maybe she forgot them.

    She watched as old and young filed from their cars and up the steps of her home. She remained unnoticed for the most part, the table she sat at being hidden in the shade.

  2. Cesare Bonaduce and his younger brother, Giovanni stepped from the car, both young men taking time to adjust their clothes before heading up towards the house. The brothers were relative newcomers to the city, but had quickly ensconced themselves in society. They had both moved recently to America from Italy, but spoke English fluently, being well educated young men. Their father was quite an important man in their town, and owned most of the vineyards in their region. Being aged twenty and fifteen respectively, the boys were prime age for Mussolini's youth camps and the army, so their father sent them to America for a safer life. With connections, money, language and their good looks, they were both fast becoming favorite guests to invite to parties.

    But the connections were for much more than parties and the theatre. It was widely rumored that the brothers' connections were also good for becoming big players in the local rumrunning scene. But at the moment, there was no thought of business as the brothers approached the other guests milling about before ascending the stairs into the house. They both had a charming air as they politely greeted the other guests, shaking hands and tipping their hats, conversing lightly and easily. Eventually, they all headed up the stairs and into the house, relinquishing their hats and coats to the doorman.
  3. Linda spotted the Bonaduce brothers, smiling and greeting as they went along. So polite, not to mention they were Italian. Linda was interested in them for that fact, though she had hardly ever spoken to them before. She had seen them at one party before this, but had merely introduced herself. She highly doubted they remembered her, but she made a point on keeping a mental note of everyone she met.

    Upon seeing them enter the house, Linda stood from her place on the outdoor-patio set and began making her way inside. She was greeted by older guests, commenting on what a beautiful daughter the Bonfields had. She found herself caught up in a long conversation with a young lady, the daughter of another of her father's business partners. She listened boredly as the girl spoke about her engagement.
  4. [size=+1]SEVERAL HOURS AGO…

    “Please remind why the fuck we have any interest in what some big-wig cocksucker like Bonfield is up to?”
    “Because that ‘big-wig cocksucker’ has connections round these parts, Tommy. Useful connections for entrepreneurs such as us. Not to mention the fact that this new deal he’s just finalised is making the boss a tad nervous. He likes to be in the loop.” I let out a puff of smoke and sigh.
    “And I suppose that’s where I come in?”
    “Precisely, Tommy-boy,” Mister Corierri chuckles, “You’re a fast learner.”

    Let me give you some context to all this. My name is Thomas O’Hara. Tommy to my friends. I came over from the Old Country just two years ago at the age of eighteen, seeking all that ‘American Dream’ crap the papers promised. Can’t say I’ve found it yet, but what I have found myself in is the company of a society of ‘entrepreneurs’, ‘businessmen’ and other shady types.

    In short my name is Tommy, and I am a bootlegger.

    A few hours later and I find myself pulling up on the aforementioned big-wig cocksucker’s large and impressive home in a cab hired by my employer, Mister Corierri. Mingle and get to know the faces, they tell me. Find out what Bonfield is up to. Then report back to the boss. Simple enough, though the thought of having to rub shoulders with people who have more money in their wallets than I’ve ever held in a lifetime is a… slightly intimidating proposition.

    Just got to force a smile and not let them see you’re nervous. That’s all.

    Stepping out of the cab and straightening my jacket, I head up the steps and towards the house, smiling and greeting everyone I meet. Christ, you can almost smell the wealth on them. And if you can’t smell it you can sure as fuck see it; these dresses and suits are so good you could hang them on a wall and call it art. Yet if I feel out of place, I make sure that I don’t show it.

    Force a smile and don’t let them see you’re nervous. Mingle, find out what Bonfield is doing. Get back to the boss.


  5. Elisa Beaumont exited the car before her boyfriend, Danny, could open the door for her. She was richer than most, and poorer than some, but she never let it show. She didn't want to be known as the snooty, too-good-for-you rich girl. That's why she ran with Danny. He was from the other side of the tracks, smoked, and was all-around a rebel. Thanks to him, she'd began picking up some of his habits, smoking with him and his buddies. And when he got into the racketing business, she was right there with him. When he was working, she would disguise herself; as much joy as it would bring her if her parents found out her boyfriend was racketing, the disgrace of the family name would mean that she was written out of their wills.

    Flicking her cigarette, she walked up the steps to the Bonfields home, Elisa put her head down, not making eye contact. Maybe they could make this a quick stop before leaving. Her parents had insisted that she go to the party, hoping that their daughter would meet some nice young man of a better caliber than her Danny.
  6. Both Bonaduces suddenly appeared at the elbows of Linda and the other young lady, both holding two glasses of wine, one of which they offered to the ladies: Vanni's to Linda, and Cesare's to her acquaintance.

    "Buon pomeriggio, signorinas, good afternoon," Cesare greeted them smoothly with a charming smile.

    "Signorina, my brother and I would like to thank you and your parents for the invitation to your home this afternoon," Giovanni added. "Your home is molto bella, very beautiful."

    "Would you ladies mind very much if we joined you in conversation?" Cesare asked politely, his accent clear and warm.
  7. William Fisher looked out the car as it screeched to a stop he opened the car door himself and got out standing rather tall he adjusted his tie and fixed his hair which he kept rather short he didn't like the hair in his face his distingueshed facial featues that made him rather handsom to look at as many did he wasn't super rich but he was rich and he wasn't fond out it he mostly wanted to work and hang out with people diffrent from him but his parents would never allow it, never in his nineteen years of living had he ever did any thing else his besides hang with the same rich boring people alll his life, he asjusted his outfit and smiled at a few young ladies that smiled his way, his parents wanted him to come to the party to make a rather well impression for his family.

    He walked into the house taking off his jacket and placing it somewhere were he'd find it later he moved through the large croud of people looking around he noticed none of them had fimiliar faces and if he had seen some but only by glance and others he knew from his parents introducing him he looked around at all the chatting and drinking and decided to look around for the Bonfield to thank them for the event they'd thrown he managed to accidently bumb into a young woman that seemed to be occomanied by a yooung man " oh pardon me miss" he gave a kind smile hoping she'd relize it was an accident.
  8. Elisa stumbled backwardsd, spilling her drink on Danny. She could feel him tense up, his breathing deepening. "I'm sorry Danny," sje said sheepishly, moving away from him. Danny was angry and she could tell. As much as she rebelled, she still hated upsetting her boyfriend. "It was just an accident, and itwon't happen again" she purred, glaring daggers at the new arrival who had bumped into her.
  9. William looked at the female and apollogized once more, looking from the male that appeared to be her boyfriend and then back at the female. He felt like he should offer something in return but he didn't have anything on him and it wasn't a big spilll from what he was looking at, he moved away from the two and walked around until he found drinks on a well plastered table. He grabbed a cup and gulped the cold liquid down fast later tasting the alcohol and he sighed relived, he needed the drink and it was the only thing keeping him easy in the crouded room. He lleaned against the nearby wall and drank another cup looking around watching everyone.