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  1. I only need one partner, so if the role is taken we can still discuss other plots!

    My idea is inspired by this suicide attempt by a girl on tumblr.

    Mmk, so this girl is sitting on the edge of a bridge contemplating her jump, and she decides to go through with it. Just as she is jumping a guy is running passed and he tries to save her. She drops off the bridge and into the river below, and he rushes to find her dead draped against a rock in the rushing river.. He calls in to report the incident, and when the police and such arrive and recover her body they notice a pulse. She is rushed to the ICU, and the guy is left wondering what happens. He goes to the ICU, finds the girl who he has strangely grown a bit attached to and stays by her side while she is in her coma like state. She's out for weeks and weeks, and finally one day she shows signs of improvement.

    The guy never leaves the girls side. He grows very attached to her, yet he only knows her name from the chart. He wants her to wake up so he can get to know her because he thinks he might be in love.

    The characters would be either really young like 16 or they would be college 20-22. :) Let me know if you're interested!
  2. This really sounds interesting. I would be up for any roll, and I see a really neat 'mystery/being in a bad place at the wrong time' situation for the girl that they guy ends up determined to figure out in order to save her life - again!

    I'm in between several RPs that are not really running right now, and besides maintaining a business and going to school, I'm pretty much free for another story.

    Let me know what you're looking for. I'm notorious for plotting, running my fingers to the bone with a story concept, and I can pop out characters like a bunny. So, let me know.
  3. Autum Adrian Pearson
    Age 25

    Student at Béchamel College on an Early Student Intern Scholarship. She entered a year ahead, as a Sophomore rather than a freshman. After 6 years working to gain two Bachelors degrees (one in Business Management and the other in Computer Engineering), she's getting ready to graduate.

    Worked at Cedar Hollow Dodge dealership as a receptionist – hoping to one day afford a Charger.

    Lives at home with her mother (Shelley Pearson) who is secretly growing weed in her greenhouse, and two older brothers, Josh (32) and Derrick (27) who have been dealing with bad people and suddenly gone missing for about 8 months. There has been no missing person’s report issued to the police.

    Autum knows where they are, but doesn’t care anymore about them, mainly because they’ve seem to have lost all concern and love for her. And she’ll never forget it.

    Appearance: 5’6”, 132 lbs, her bright red hair is natural, as well as her ice blue eyes. She is very shapely and had nice muscle tone due to being a part of the Béchamel’s Fighting Lady Eagles’ Volleyball team. She’s known as The Fire Bomb for her fiery serve. They would have been heading to State…but things will be taking a major turn today.

    And her birthday, October 3rd, is only two weeks away...


    She’s popular, but she would not agree with that title. She's a hard worker and deadly determined to make right anything she begins. She’s spontaneous and prone to hanging at the lake with her friends, trying her hands at hiking, and learning all she can about the edible plants of the forest. She enjoys nature and always seems to challenge herself against it, whether it is swimming to the island at the center of the Lake Monoeay and back with no partner, or living out in a tent in the woods with nothing more than a radio, a can of beanie weenies, and flint for starting a fire.

    Her friend’s call her a psychotic savant, but she’s just determined to become a strong woman and avoid turning into her mother, who she feels is weak and pathetic. She fears nothing…and has a lot going for her. So, what in the hell probed her into jumping over that bridge? Everyone says that she would be the one most likely to do something so - sporadic, so daredevilish… But, she had no reason to just end it all… Her life looked perfect enough to them.
  4. Caspar Cinna Lindikous
    Age: 27

    Education: Caspar was adopted at the age of 2 by a couple whom were already of the brink of their 40's. He grew up in a consistant home, always having food on the table, and plenty of money to by things. He was raised an only child, but he was not spoiled as parent's typically do with their children, instead he was given things in moderation, and was sent to a private school at the start of his Junior High years. Caspar graduated High School with a Valedictorian accomplishment and his Associate's degree already on file, and was then sent of to various fancy schools on scholarship to achieve his Bachelor's and Master's degrees. He completed his schooling with a Ph.D at Harvard completely paid for by grants.

    Occupation: With his Ph.D and a few years of experience under his belt, Doctor Caspar returned to his hometown to teach Childhood Chronical Illness and Pregnancy, Birth, and Infancy at the University by request of the Medical Director on campus. The University guaranteed $150,000 a year, but that wasn't why he took it.

    Home: He moved into an apartment rather close to his parents, whom are getting quite old very fast. He really wanted to stay close to home for his parents. They risked everything for him, and he didn't want to keep them from seeing him for long periods of time.

    Appearance: 6'1", 178, hair with several shades of blonde and brown, eyes of light grey/blue. Fair muscle tone although he doesn't work out or participate in sports other than running. Dresses in business attire almost always, or on a laid-back day a polo shirt and a pair of chinos.

    His birthday is June 27th.


    Personality: Caspar is very intellectual, and is unable to make steady relationships with many people. He has gathered a few close friends over his years of study, mostly men whom were older than him. He is very reserved, and shy. Caspar always has his best manners.
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    Alright, I will have my OP up in a few... I hope. I'm up all night working on design jobs, so to procrastinate (which I'm a star at it), I'm finishing up a few OPs.

    Yea Me! I'm Power RPing!!!
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  7. As soon as Autum gets to hear Casper's voice through her subconscious, I was thinking of having her start dreaming of the person she hears.

    If you want, we can twist a bit of dreamscaping in this and allow for her to somewhat walk into his dreams to leave him clues or something like that.

    IDK, but he'll be able to gain clues from friends and the local community because she's a local celebrity (volleyball champ going to nationals). Therefore, he'll gain a lot, but only the things that Autum's allowed them to know in the first place - which are mostly lies.

    In these dream walks, she cannot talk, only jester and visions. And she can only answer the questions that he ask, but only in jesters and visions. She will slowly begin to tell him through these images her true story. And within them, although vague and confusing to him, he will soon begin to sort out the truth and figure a few things out before...

    And that's when her life becomes threatened...when she wakes up and someone's there to make sure she doesn't do that again. Now, Casper's going to have to solve her puzzle to figure out who's trying to kill her. Autum is alive, but lacks memory of almost everything...

    I think this will be an interesting way for him to learn about Autum, and become closer to her while she is comatose. This closeness he develops will become his downfall once Autum's mother gets involved... But, the dream thing will also give a supernatural sense of romance in an odd situation like this.

    What do you think? I think she only thinks of him when she hears his voice. But, the more she grows comfortable with it, she begins to dream more and show him more of her hidden side.
  8. Don't worry Oversoul, I'm in the same boat. The only difference is I've got more chances to slack off without causing problems in my normal life. It's a gift! Trust me, I've got plenty to do keeping me busy. LOL!

    If you want, cause I believe the way you laid down that last post, it's a really good spot to end the day and more to the next day. I was thinking about posting her thoughts about what she's feeling now, but I still like the idea of her not waking up subconsciously until she hears his voice. That's when she becomes alert - expressing the cosmic connection that they have.

    Whatcha think?
  9. Sounds good. It can be like...he's been sitting there for days and she hasn't improved, just stays the same and then she hears him like... pray or something? Either that or he's just talking to the nurse or doctor or something?
  10. Okay, that'll work. Or he could just be talking to if he just starts to ask her questions about why she'd jumped, he could get an answer from her. And eventually he does, because her subconscious wakes up.
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