In space? Oh my...

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  1. George Takei is going to space guys.

    Though this also has me thinking, how many of you would ever want to go to space?
    May it be temporary or something like the planned Mars trip?

    What are the reasons to have you go, and the reasons not to go?

    Edit: It just dawned on me I never saw the original upload of this site...
    This may just be april fools. :/

    (Damn I'm tired, I'm gonna sleep now).
    But regardless, the question still stands! :P
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  2. is this maor april fools shit?

    because if not, awesome.
  3. Visiting space? I'd love to.

    Staying and dying on a planet with no breathable atmosphere that is constantly trying to murder my shit without being able to enjoy the great outdoors, proper food, new entertainment, or enjoy something as simple as going on vacation somewhere new? Fuck no. Colonizing Mars means giving up so many little things that you'd never think about until it's too late.
  4. I'd love to go to space, but not too far into it. A trip to the moon would be fun, or maybe Mars. Anywhere further though, and I'd probably freak out.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.