In Shallow Waters (Pirate + Siren)

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  1. @TragicTrees

    It was midday out on the Atlantic Ocean. A rickety vessel plowed the waters, tasked with a shipment of exotic fruits, vegetables, and flora back to the mainland. Captain Dwayne's crew were the ones most desperate enough to take the job at the cheapest price, though some had helped themselves to a crate of oranges to pass the time.

    The captain was a younger sort, taking a nap in his quarters to avoid the harsh light of the midday sun, from which little protection was offered on deck. His jet-black hair was neatly kept in a ponytail. He had spent a good deal of his earnings on the feathered tricorne, comically enormous and resting against his face as a makeshift night mask. A black frock coat, laced with gold buttons, hung off a rack to the side, leaving him fit with a maroon-covered waistcoat and a white cravat and shirt underneath it.

    The ship suddenly lurched, a ghastly creaking and grinding blasting through the room. He scrambled to his feet, dazed and confused. His figure was lean with some muscle, though many of the deckhands had him beat on that front. He was growing a slight beard on the tip of his chin, but nowhere else. Weary bags hung under his eyes, dull and filled with annoyance.

    He perked his head up to listen. He thought he could hear yelling and cheering.

    "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me..." Dwayne muttered miserably, rising slowly from his altogether too small bed. Ignoring the frock coat, he stepped out onto deck to investigate what the hell was going on, a pair of thigh-high boots clonking with each step against the floorboards.


    He surveyed the area dully, despite the cacophonous racket being raised by the crew. He leaned over the ship. It appeared as though they've managed to run aground in shallow waters. The same shallow waters that some dozen crewmates were splashing around in like dying fish.

    His eyebrow perked up, mouth curling. What in God's name were they thinking?
  2. Sirens. They were a terror of the sea. They drowned men, wrecked ships. Myths and legends swarmed around them, and there were often warnings about them. Overall, they weren't a force to be reckoned with. People would tell you they were cruel, harsh, and blood-thirsty.

    Now, Callie wasn't too sure if she'd label herself 'blood-thirsty' and 'harsh'. 'Cruel'? Maybe. The other two? Not so much. No way, actually. She just liked to have a little fun. To her, this was fun. And it wasn't like pirates were the most moral of men anyway. They killed all sorts of people.

    And she wasn't even killing anyone. She supposed that's where she deviated from the usual siren. She led ships to shallow water, and then she had fun there. Luring them down was pretty easy, and then they flopped like fish, and she would watch for a while til she got bored of playing with them.

    That usually worked with every ship. However, this one was different. This one still had someone on bored, and that confused her to no end. Did they not hear her? That was slightly disappointing. Pouting a little to herself, she pushed her way past the floundering crew members, black hair trailing along behind her. When she reached the side of the boat, she began to try to get the late-comer down with the rest.

    "Hey there, handsome! Wanna come down and have a lil fun?" She called, adding a wink for effect. She really didn't have to try very hard to get the others down, so she wasn't about to try hard with this guy.
  3. Dwayne's eyebrows perked up as an unfamiliar voice called out to him from the side. It was a pretty voice, though. He headed over portside to see, glancing down to witness her strange and alien body in full.

    He grimaced. Mermaids? Sirens? He wasn't interested in any wet and wild fun, he had other priorities.

    "Hold that thought." He muttered drearily, turning away and heading over to one of the dinghies. It looks like he was coming down after all!

    Entering the dinghy and untying the rope, he let the boat slowly fall towards the water, before making impact with a splash. He rowed in her direction...

    ...and passed her. Towards one of the flopping crew members.

    "Quit squirmin' you louse." He sighed, hoisting a scrawny-looking fellow by the collar and tossing him into the dinghy like a sack of potatoes. Sometimes he felt like a babysitter.

    Dude was pretty much immune to her charms. If anything, he was straight ignoring her. Weird.
  4. That was offending. That was more than offending. So much so, she didn't have a word for it. For a moment, she simply sat there, staring after him in slight shock. What the hell? No one had just brushed her off like that before. No one! Not a moment in her siren life had there been any human who had just had the nerve to do what this asshole did.

    She was irresistible. Or she was supposed to be, at least. She supposed this ought to disprove that, unless she some how found a way to pin this guy down. Which she hopefully would, if she set her mind to it. But she'd still have a problem. Usually it was so easy! Usually she didn't have to try! What a dipshit.

    She swam after him with a slight scoff "Hey, hey, get back here!" She demanded, going over things she could offer in her head "What are you doing? Come on!"
  5. His back to the siren, Dwayne rolled his eyes so hard they nearly tore from his sockets.

    "Look, ma'am, I'd love to chat, really would, but I got a shipment of perishables all stored in cargo up there charted for Cancun. They wanted it all yesterday. Can't you see I'm busy?" His voice rattled with exasperation, sarcasm, and bitterness all in one. He started out sounding polite enough but ended up ranting about his day

    The lad in his boat made a particularly loud flop, shaking the boat and causing it to sway. Eyes widening, Dwayne knelt down to grab the side of the boat with one hand, trying not to fall off. He scowled.

    "I knew those creoles were puttin' voodoo in their jambalaya... goddamn cabin fever 10 minutes out from port, you gotta be shittin' me..." He growled, not at all impressed. He drew a flintcock pistol from his holster.

    "OY, WHELPS! LISSEN UP!" He fired into the air, a thundering boom and the choking smell of gunpowder hanging in the air.

    The floppers continued to flop. He looked dumbfounded.

    "That... that usually works." He muttered, mystified. This must've been a particularly deep case of the shits, he assumed.

    It hadn't yet occurred to him the siren was up to something.
  6. ((Sorry for taking so long. School this week kinda killed me :'^/))

    Callie was, over all, unimpressed. At first, she had been offended, and don't get her wrong, she still was, but this guy....really didn't get it, did he? Not only did he not get affected, he also seemed to not get this was her fault. Maybe that was a blessing, though. She could work with this.

    She made her way over once more, but didn't talk straight away. This time, she was thinking of options. Obviously the whole sex appeal thing didn't seem to work, and while that was disappointing, it didn't mean she couldn't do other things. She just had to figure out what. She wasn't an expert on what humans liked.

    She chewed on her lip for a moment in thought, then decided to try something "Hey, hey!" She called, trying to bring attention to herself once more "D'ya want treasure? I have treasure." Maybe, just maybe, this would work. Humans were greedy, right?
  7. ((Sorry for late reply! I had surgery but I should be available more readily!))

    "...Treasure? What is this, the 1600s?" He nearly scoffed. "Treasure hunts are the folly of idyllic fops looking for an excuse to take a bloody sun-baked vacation. I got a pay cheque at the end of- whoa, WHOA!"

    The flopping guy in the boat spasmed suddenly, causing the boat to tilt abruptly. Losing his footing, Dwayne fell into the water with a pitiful splash. With a groan, he felt for the sand, slowly getting back to his feet. He glanced down, noticing the water was only enough to reach up to just over his knees. He groaned. His crewmates were idiots.

    He glanced aside to catch the scrawny louse found his way back to the water, the dinghy well and truly tipped. He took a seat on the hull of the dinghy, massaging his forehead.

    "Ugh... can you get a load of these jackoffs?" He muttered, turning his head in her direction.
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