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  1. Out of Character/Signup Thread:

    An assassin always follows the customer's demands.
    An assassin never gives away information without a price.
    An assassin never gets caught in the act.
    An assassin never hesitates during the kill.

    Nothing anyone said could rattle Archaeo Grimoire, known more so to the assassin community as the Ghost. He was in the business since he was a kid. He was also one of the greatest assassins known to exist. And he was in over his head. Yep, he just just thought it.
    Aside from being one of the greats, he was also one of the last living greats. That's right. One of the last living greats. Something sound odd about that to you? Well, it sure didn't sound right to him. That was when more than a few strange events finally made sense to him. Someone was hunting down the world's assassins, and he didn't like it one bit. So he went out to investigate, free of charge.
    He found that a woman with a lot of hatred built up over the years for assassins was attempting to wipe them out and make them suffer. And how did Mr. Holmes over here solve this magnificent mystery? Well, he kinda fell into trap, just like all the greats before him. He tracked down the woman to her place of business, and got a dart to the neck as he walked in the front door. He was out cold in less than a second, and came around to find himself tied up against a tree in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the cold white winter wonderland that he hated oh so much. The only good thing he saw was that the incredibly tight ropes- the ones making it hard to even breathe -were doing a good job of keeping him from freezing to death. That was about it.
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  2. "Hm," Damon let a soft sigh escape his throat as he stared into the lights of the beautiful nightly city of Moscow. Snow fell gently through the air as he shifted slightly on the perch he had been waiting at for the past 2 hours. It was a tall building, perfect for sniping purposes, which explained why a frost-covered SR-25 rifle rested in his hands. His legs dangled off of the edge of the roof as he cleared his throat and grabbed a pair of binoculars, staring through them to get a clearer view on where his target should have been.

    He'd been recently hired by a young lawyer who'd been framed for some sob-story. It really didn't matter why he was killing; as long as there was money to come with it, so he barely listened as to why he was assassinating his target. While scanning the windows of a building not too far away, Damon spotted the man he was looking for: tall, bald, and wearing what easily could've been the most expensive suit he'd ever seen. With a slight grin, Damon set his binoculars beside him and pulled up his rifle. Staring down the scope, he caught onto his target once again. With the help of his crosshairs, he calculated the necessary requirements for the shot (windage, distance, etc.) and whispered softly, wrapping his finger around the trigger, "An assassin never hesitates during the kill." With that, he pulled down on the trigger and was greeted by a familiar roar that emitted from the barrel of the rifle.
  3. Maddison Amethyst Williams
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    Maddie spun her treasured Chinese ring daggers around her finger. Around... And around... And released! She released all three at the same time, hitting her target in three vital places. The central nerve in the back of her neck, paralyzing her head and rendering her unable to speak, the spinal chord, paralyzing her from the waist down, and her butt for the hell of it. See, these ring daggers were special. Not only were they made of ice, for easy disposal, they also contained a purple liquid--Mojave rattlesnake venom, considered most dangerous venom in North America. Calling up her 'agent', she delivered the good news. Another job well done. She never interacted with the clients face-to-face, there was too much at risk.
    She had heard about the recent tales of other assassins getting kidnapped--killed even. And by a woman at that! She wasn't trying to be rude, but by a woman? The world's most powerful assassins, taken out one by one, by a woman? Maddie just couldn't imagine. Sure, she was a woman herself, but even she couldn't imagine taking out the greatest assassins the world has to offer--by herself.​
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  4. Damon had packed up not too long ago; it was time to move. He could hear sirens of the Russian Police making their way to the scene as he slipped his now-disassembled rifle into its suitcase. He stood from his perch and turned away, grabbing onto his phone to deliver to information about the target. It was a quick conversation, and he honestly liked it; the less talking meant the faster he could get his money.

    "Hello? Yeah, he's dead. I'm on my way. Alright, good." And that was it.

    His escape route wasn't the most usual, but it was rather cunning and useful. Damon jumped from the ledge of the roof and safely landed on a building not to far below. He loved to freerun. Suddenly, he burst into a sprint, his left arm holding tightly onto the rifle as he hopped from building to building to his next destination. As the ice cold wind slammed against his face, he pulled up his scarf, hiding a small smirk. There was always some kind of thrill about getting away with murder, and it was this exact thing that made him think he was probably one of the Assassins around, but he could never be sure. In fact, that reminded him, a pretty famous Assassin, the Ghost, had gotten captured recently... He slowed down his running and began to catch his breath, now pondering on the situation. Who could have done that? Why did they do it?... Would they come after him?
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