In search Por favor? (Males 18+ )

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  1. Ello all!
    My name is Rebekka, but you can call me Bekah for short if you like.
    At the moment I am searching for a few roleplays to burn some time, as well as to expand my creative side. Though with all good things, there are some rules:

    1. I am willing to roleplay really any sort of genre, though there are some that there is just no convincing me to do.
    Books, Movies
    And that's really it for the things I DON'T roleplay, sorry they just aren't my thing so sorry folks.

    However I am very flexible with anything else really, so don't be afraid to ask I don't bite I promise...unless you want me to :3

    2. I am on most of the time, but this doesn't mean that you have to be. I post a lot, but if I could at least get one post a day I'll be happy. Of course life is a roller coaster so I completely understand if things happen and you take a leave; But just give me a forewarning so I don't worry :3

    With that said....if I do not answer you within a few minutes...please do not message and spam ..I get off and on the site, and leave myself logged in a if I don't answer right away.For the love of whatever you believe in, DON'T SMOTHER ME...if I don't reply within a few days, that's understandable if I don't give you a warning...but I am dead serious..constantly messaging when I will reply you will get ignored.It might seem harsh, but I'm sorry that's how it has to be.

    3. I really don't consider myself Advanced, or casual or really anything...but I can post more than a couple of paragraphs and such so if you could do the same favor I would appreciate it. To be honest it's hard to just work with one liners, so please lets try okay?You give me a decent amount, I'll give it back...give me more, than I'll do the same see how that works?

    3 1/2. When you send a message, include your favorite drink in the title so I know you read the rules and such. :3

    4. I am 21 years old, therefore I curse, and have no limits. What would a book be without romance? And simply cutting out sex scenes and such seems silly. It's a natural thing so why not write about it? So I will need a partner that feels the same. Sorry if this scares a few people away. This goes the same with gore and such as well, we're adults right?So with that said, depending on the roleplay itself, it will be graphic.Romance and all that won't be a main point, unless it deals with the remember that kiddies :3

    5. I am a female, therefore I would like to play one but I can also double as a male. So if we roleplay and you are a female I find it easier to double so we each get a chance you know? If you're a guy reading this than if you feel the need we can as well. Plus some genres demand more than just two characters so it is a must.

    With that all out of the way, I hope some people hung in there.
    *Looks around*

    You can either post here, or PM me for a few ideas but the list here is what I am either craving, or would like to do. Bold is what I would like to play, and # means we would need doubling. The more *'s the more I would like to do.

    Photographer/ Model*
    Demon/ Human**
    Prince/ Maid*
    Popular guy/ Abused girl (You will have to beg me to do this...)
    (Or really anything can fill that slot :3)
    Vampire/ Human*

    Made up Band #***
    My Chemical Romance/ Old childhood friend#****
    Freak show/Gifted # ****

    Honestly though, I would love to build on an idea rather than a simple pairing. To come up with an brilliant idea usually lasts longer and can be more fun. Though pairings are just as good, I would like input however you know?

    To be honest my brain is like I said this is a small list of ideas I would like. But you can suggest anything really and we can figure something out.

    So yea...not too bad right?
    Good...Hope you enjoy!!

    P.S If you haven't received a reply from me, it's mostly due to the fact I probably haven't gotten one from you. If so, please resend or drop another message to me so we can figure out what went wrong.

    Also if I had to drop from our roleplay I am able to get back to you guys, so message if you'd like to continue.
  2. PM if you like :3