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  1. The opening paragraphs of a diary, author unknown

    A bit about the setting: This is set in the far future, when many species have met and have found a strange link in the fact that all of them have been influenced by a mysterious being called the Teacher. Technology is on the level of your classic space opera: laser slash particle weapons are commonplace, interstellar travel is accessible to nearly everyone and you can see a cybernetic implant here and there.

    The architecture of the Teacher: The buildings of the Teacher have very special characteristics. If you want to describe a work of the Teacher, please work along these guidelines:

    1.) Walls are always paper thin and there are no visible support pillars even on the inside.
    2.) Everything is adorned with geometrical shapes that form endless lines of pictures, but there are never any living beings depicted. There are three recurring symbols that dominate each structure: Symbols.PNG These symbols are usually located on doors. There are also never any statues.
    3.) There is only one entrance to every single structure, but that is always clearly visible, and automatically opens if one goes close enough.
    4.) There is no weapon or equipment known that can bring harm to the buildings of the Teacher.
    5.) If there is written text anywhere, it will be made out of strange, seemingly incomprehensible characters that cannot be decrypted. However, anyone looking at the text will have a vague understanding of what is written, and if they go close enough or start contemplating the meaning of the text, they will be able to understand every single word.
    6.) The devices that operate the structures are not accessible to visitors. Only the doors and teleportation mechanisms will respond to their presence.

    Besides that, you can let your imagination run free. The array of structures that the Teacher left behind are vast, and despite their seemingly indestructible nature, there are quite a few buildings that are damaged or completely ruined. Written text usually describes stories, but they can be also chill-inducing warnings, short poems, etc. They can include references to any and all cultures, or even something that you thought up yourself, so only your imagination limits you.

    Character sheet: Character sheets are freeform, but please include the name, age, species, gender, appearance and personality of your character at least.


    Name: Allandron Lavros

    Age: 53

    Gender: Male

    Orientation: Straight

    Species: Satriv. A humanoid species known for their long lives, strange morality and four hands with four fingers each. They are shorter and more muscular than humans due to the higher gravity of their home world, and have a different facial structure. They have three eyes and instead of a nose, they have some openings on the side of their cheeks connected to their lungs. Surprisingly, their mouth structure and vocal folds are quite similar to a human’s one. They also lack hair on their body.

    The strangest aspect of the satriv species lies in their culture, which is quite incomprehensible to outsiders. The biggest value in their society is knowledge, and they use information instead of actual currency. One unit of information equals to a simple, true statement that contains information useful to the person who received it. Two units of information told to a single person can never be the same statement. For the satriv, a conversation can be a serious and equivalent exchange of crucial information, but it can be also a pleasant conversation. It is also important to note that satriv use a slightly different version of their language when speaking casually and without the intent to exchange information units.

    Another strange aspect of satriv society is that while they acknowledge commitment and have a ceremony similar to marriage, they universally have more than one permanent partner. People who have only one significant other are seen as strange, but are accepted. As a result of this custom, satriv family trees are incredibly complicated, and every satriv has detailed knowledge about their ancestors to prevent inbreeding. Thus, exchanging information about family matters is a strong sign of commitment in a relationship.

    Appearance: Allandron is relatively young for his species, and would be considered of average height by his species’ standard. He has some well-developed muscles, but not to the point of looking like a body-builder, and the colour of his skin is remarkably dark. The colour of his eyes is blue. His face is considered youthful, and is quite round for a male, but his cheeks can be considered a bit bony. He usually wears the traditional clothes of his species, a several-layered, long-sleeved and long-legged, grey, robe-like cloth made out of a material that also serves as protective clothing.

    Personality: Allandron is characterised by his love of architecture and space travel. He has learned the ins and outs of designing buildings, but he also knows how to fly a spacecraft. He is generally friendly and open-minded, but finds it a bit hard to connect to people because he is only interested in his field of study, and the Teacher. He also has a short temper, and will get annoyed quickly if something does not go the way he wants it to go, but he is just as quick to calm down. He also tends to talk too much, and has to be told to stop.

    Skills: He is a superior architect and can analyse or design structures quickly and he also knows a lot about space travel. He also has a good spatial intelligence and can navigate even unknown places fairly easily. Last but not least, he has a vast array of information about the Teacher and is continuously expanding his knowledge.

    Why he joined: Allandron is completely obsessed with the Teacher and has spent most of his life in search of Them. He wants to know why They have abandoned his species and left only their structures behind.

    Further details may be added to him.
  2. Name: Fa’laria Natash-I’n Raksha-sha’z
    Age: 500
    Apparent Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Height: 6.5ft
    Orintation: Bisexual with a very strong female preference.
    Species: Mephitis Antario
    Home World: Septer Prime
    Apperance:Picture the picture there is a baseline I’m going to make cosmetic changes. To be honest FINDING a picture was hard so please be patient with me. First is her hair ( on her head) They will be long (( about to her but) dreadlocks with her secondary color at the very end. Next is her colors the black is her ‘primary’ color and the white her ‘secondary’ color. Flip them. She is a ‘revered skunk’ pattern next is her mouth and face, it’ll look more like this Picture As her native people act, she is naked. Her fur is very thick and covers any private parts, however it lays down flat and seems smooth and silky (like most weasels). Her fur is very shiny, has a glisten to it. If one where to tough it you’d think it smoother than silk. Her tail is super bushy, like the second picture.
    Anatomic Structure: She is as strong as ten human males. Her anatomy is very odd every organ has a back up. Yes even her heart. This is not a well known fact to other races. Her bones are hollow and light, this allows for high agility. The bones hollowness shouldn’t be taken for a weakness they are very durable, the equivalent of today’s steel (still breakable by a phaser weapon) They give off strong odors constantly that would remind most of a skunks odor. When alarmed they may spray you with a gas or liquid. The liquid is highly flammable, thicker than any earth substance, it is corrosive to non organic matter, to organic matter it is a high level irritant, if not removed within 72 hours it may leave permanent scaring. This fluid is produced inside of her body and stored in varies placed around her body. The ‘older’ the liquid the more toxic the smell and more effective the product. As for her gas it can come mostly from any part of her body but is most common form her butt or mouth. This product is actually most of her waste. It is a clear gas that stinks to high heavens. It is usually given off before the liquid and is away to ‘warn’ the offender to escape. IT builds up in the body and must be released, for this purpose she may randomly burp or toot. One truly know when they are etting a warning when her tail becomes stiff. She can emit this gas at any time, by will or unconscious thought.
    About the Culture: They are a war like species, well sort of. Everything is glorified battle. The great heroes all fought struggles that are larger than life. Epic stories are told of how the Mephitis have conquered their land and defended it from invaders. The average Mephitite is hot headed, short tempered, and trained for battle. They fight hand to hand mostly but are known for knowing how to fight with rifles and pistol like weaponry. Their primary and favored weapon is this Bat’Leth in their hands with several daggers around. They are also known for using their tails as weapons as the average tial is 6ft and is able to crush most peoples bones. They are however a race of understanding. They do not persecute based on ‘weakness’ however they are quick ot assert dominance. Their architecture are mostly massive structures.
    Personality: She is the ‘anti culture”. Though being an accomplished warrior she is often known for being passive. She’ll try and talk it out before she tries to fight it out. She will try and be as calm as she can, being involved in meditation every day, but often wrestles with her inner instincts. The worst thing to do is to tease her, as her sense of humor is so dry that it’s mostly limits to grotesque or solemn things. She loves humor to be try, morbid, or generally ‘not funny.’ Her favorite joke being. “Why did the dog cross the road?” “To evade the bullets.” She is lawful good, and will ALWAYS uphold the law even if it harms her. Getting her to go contrary to that is a very big deal.
    How she joined: She moved to the station in search of the teacher, whom she believes to be Kesh’nar the ancient god of the Mephitis species. She has very little logic other than how much the Teacher has helped them in the past.

    {{ as an OOC note if any of you have a problem with this character PLEASE PM ME don't sit there hating me for it...
  3. Very cool Z! I love her already ^_^
  4. Both characters are okay with me. I have not improved much on my own yet, but I will be probably ready in a few days, seeing that I will have constant internet access in a day or two.
  5. Name: Ra'shu 'Lerit' Triun

    Nickname: Ra

    Age: 200

    Apparent Age: 28

    Gender: Female

    Height: 6'6

    Weight: 180lbs

    Orintation: Bi-Sexual.

    Species: Felius Catus

    Home World: Raigot

    Ra'shun (open)


    Ra'shun is a caring individual with a love for mechanics. There isn't a machine or weapon that she won't touch or fix. The structure of the machines are what she loves the best. Along with her love for machines is a love for people. She is quite the joker when it comes down to making people smile. She also has his own swords that she customized a while back when he was 108. She is also a romantic who hopes to one day find another that she can relate to in her life, but at the moment, she is searching for adventure and new places that will introduce even more mechanics that she can get into.

    Description of Appearances:

    Everyday appearance: This is Ra'shun's normal appearance when he isn't working. He is often seen like this when he goes out and about to shop.

    Mechanic Uniform: Ra'shun wears this when she works. This uniform is also her battle suit. It is made of a titanium material that can weigh down any average creature of her species. Due to her height, it makes it easy for her to walk around in it. The specialty of the suit is that it allows her to amplify the power of her plasma swords, so that she can control its power freely and adjust it to fit her control.

    Plasma Sword (open)

    How she joined: She joined after hearing about the teacher. Her purpose is to find out who or what the teacher is.
  6. All right, I updated my character sheet and did a bit of formatting on the first post. It should look better now. In case anybody is wondering about the They with a capital T, that is meant to refer to the Teacher as some species consider Them to be a genderless and featureless god / goddess.
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  8. I think we can start in a day or two. The actual time of the launch depends on the amount of time I have and if everybody else feels like their character is ready.
  9. I'll work on mine some more tonight and it should be done. The basis is complete but I wanted to add more details in the racial structure and the background.
  10. The IC thread is up! Sorry for the long intro post and that I started us so far from the actual plot, but I had no idea where else to start us. After we are done with introductions and establishing character relations, I think we should move to buying the starship right away.
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    2) Do we all give an account of our plants back story with the teacher. I say that becuas ehte Mephities as being a waring species had a 'teacher experience' much different than the Storiv
    3) I just want to see someone else do it. I don't like 'taking charge' that's why I'v never done one of these xD.

    So those aside I just want to check and see.
  12. So is anyone still interested in this? Should I advance the plot a bit? It has been a while since anyone posted...
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  14. I'd like to see this move forward since I created my own race. If you want to L thats fine with me. I can txt Tete or send him a message to get on it LOL
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  17. Name: Naiea

    Age: about 30 cycles

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Straight

    Species: Adari


    Personality: Naiea is a bit reserved, thinking more than speaking. She is very strong willed and adapts very quickly to new situations. Her look on life is a bit dark, since she is what she believes to be the last of her race.

    Skills: as an Adari "frost goat" She has the ability to freeze and project the water molecules in and around her. This includes the bodies of others as well.

    Why she joined: Naiea wants to find more of her kind.
  18. Looks fine, Esthalia. Could you please post your response in the IC thread to what has happened so far?
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