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  1. Hello and thank you for clicking on my request.

    I promise this will be short and sweet-ish. But I'll get a couple of basics out of the way really quick.

    • I will play either gender. There are some plots or ideas where I would like to be a male and some where I would like to be a female. I'm really agreeable on this point, I hope that you will be too.
    • I prefer Fantasy settings, but I am willing to venture into new things, such as Steampunk, Supernatural or even Futuristic. I confess that I am not very good at Libertine, but I can always try. It's not required though.
    • I like a couple of paragraphs a post. I'm not a stickler for that. I understand dialogue can be shorter and actions scenes can be longer. I range from two to five on average.

    I have a couple of ideas listed here, and some miscellaneous pairings that might be fun.

    More Precious Than Gold:

    A thief, known as The Shade, stole an egg from a dragon's nest. The mother, in vengeance, began terrorizing and then destroying the towns and cities, searching for her missing egg. With people fleeing to others cites, it finally came to the attention of the Mercenaries Guild. With the task of first locating and then returning the egg to it's mother, a very dangerous assignment, many have openly turned it down. Three months after the theft, the job is given to two men, one a new mercenary, the other one known for taking reckless jobs.

    The Queen's Cure:
    FAdventurer(open)xMAdventurer(mage) & MAdventurer(open)xFAdventurer(ninja)

    In Merisial Kingdom, the Queen is very ill. The Castle Healers have been completely unable to help her, traveling healers and even some from neighboring kingdoms have all tried and none can find a cure. Finally, in desperation, the King sent out missive, any and all adventuring teams, be they mercenaries, bounty hunters, or even adventurers that are willing, to go and search, and they could receive one request to be granted.

    (For this specific plot, I think that it would bebest to have two characters each)

    Rival Outlaw/Rival Outlaw

    I welcome your ideas too. I'm looking forward to making something great!
  2. I'm assuming the red print in the pairings shows that's which you'd like to be?
    If that's the case if like to do the Artist model one I think.
  3. Hello! Sorry for the confusion.

    That would be fun, I don't have a plot or anything for that one, so please PM we so we can make one!
  4. *flops into the forum, faceplants and quickly gets up to wave arms* PriestessxMage please. ^ - ^
  5. I am interested in the mercenary plot. Hopefully that works with you.
  6. Oh yes! That is the one I would like the to the most actually! Please Pm me and we can talk!
  7. I am interested in your ghost/human would the ghost happen to be female?
  8. Hello! I hadn't actually thought of that yet. I think the ghost could be either, really. :)

    Please feel free to PM me though and we can chat.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.