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  1. After a long time of putting things together and fixing up some personal things, I finally have actual time to set aside to RP. Quite amazing actually, in my eyes at least. With that aside, now that I found time to RP with others, all I need is said others to RP with.

    I'm not looking for you to be a god at RPing or anything. Just be able to help lead the story and make sure I can understand what you are typing and we will get along smoothly. No one-liners please. I don't mind having someone use them when it's needed, but it's hard to try and reply to something like that.

    I'm not a god at RPing either, so don't expect me to being sending more than five paragraphs. I might send four, and the occasional three, when it is needed, but mainly two and one paragraphs is what I will be usually sending. Probably the little spelling error here and there if I am very tired.

    As for the RP itself, I don't mind the RP we do, just as well as it has a good storyline and characters. Space fleet carrier gone off course and is losing supplies? Sure. Childhood friend went off to become a top Idol in the music industry and returns home to visit? Why not. Ancient God awakening to set plagues and destruction upon the land, leaving a group of adventures to try and stop it? What are we waiting for? Let's do it. Anything is fine with me as long as the story is great and the characters are lovable. You can look at my preferences if you need to know more that I haven't already said here. If it's not there, then I will gladly answer for you.

    My ideas for RPs are the three scenarios I said already and these:
    •Assassin being unable to kill their target because of (insert reasonable reason here)
    •Infected city with the survivors trying to find a way out of the quarantined area to escape from said virus or infection.
    •Transfer Student moving to a new school because of x reason in x country.
    •Trying to get two warring factions to stop fighting each other by either joining one side or by any other means.
    •A group of mercenaries being betrayed by their client in a attempt to get rid of the evidence

    And anything else you can think of that you would like to do.

    Another thing to mention. I love romance and drama. I would love if either one of these gets to be added. I'll be your friend forever if you give me both. Note that they don't really need to be added in, but it is appreciated. ^w^
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  2. The assassin being unable to kill because the target is their lover or crush would add both romance and drama. Could be that they don't realize who it is at first, or maybe they do and take the job so no one else will abd try to save them. Just spouting off the top of my head :)
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  3. I love the "not knowing who it is at first" idea. Sounds like the perfect recipe for the romance and drama aspects to be added like you said. c:
  4. I'd definitely be up for that :) I prefer to play female characters, does that work?
  5. Yeah. Of course that works. I don't mind my RP partners playing either one of the genders anyways.
  6. I've been looking for a shorter, faster-paced roleplay for awhile. ^-^ You still looking for a partner for either the quarantine, faction war or mercenary roleplays? I think I'd be interested in all of them, but perhaps specifically the warring factions one - especially if that could take place in a fantasy / steam punk type of world. :3 PM me, perhaps, if you're still looking? My goldfish-length memory span is going to forget to check this thread again.
  7. Romance + Drama= Heaven ❤️
    Pm me if you'd like to plot something other than the ones you've mentioned.
  8. If you are interested in apocalypse RP PM me :)
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