In Search of Dead Things

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  1. As Halloween and the following Month of the Dead (November) grows ever closer, I find myself in want of a handful of frightfully delectable tales. Don't mistake me for a gore hound, however, I am here for the chilling uncertainty and the need to keep a light on nearby, not for the sickening gore or cheap jump scares. As such, most of what I want will develop at a steady pace, instead of the immediate thrill most box offices portray these days. If you are still here and willing to give me a shot, here is the run down of what I expect of you, and what I will give in return.


    - Be over sixteen : I ask this because some elements will require a certain measure of maturity, from potential trauma triggers to even nightmare material.

    - Be able to manage at least a few NPCs when the need arise : I'm cool about your preferences, that they be to play only males or females as your focus, but you must also be able to pull your weight when it comes to background characters and plot lines.

    - Be an active participant, not a follower : I want to be surprised as well, to be at the edge of my seat, so as long as it isn't Godmodding (to which you will have to talk with me and negotiate a result OOCly beforehand), I'm all for twists and turns!

    - Be able to consistently hash out well written posts of at least two paragraphs (ten sentences): I need some ground to work on, and two paragraphs are the minimum I can expect to be able to not only follow you but help our story thrive.


    - I will always be available for brainstorming : While I can't promise immediate response, I will always do my best to plot with you, and will be happy to be your online buddy along with your writing partner.

    - I will put my best effort in every post : I'm aware that mirroring is not always possible, so doing our best is the way to go!

    - I will do my best to make a diverse cast and an engaging story : I'm no expert, but I love trying new concepts, and as such I'll make sure to not make anything too drab and cliche.

    - If it comes to that, I'll let you know if I have to put our story on hold : I do have some pesky mental health problems, and will do my best to not let it hinder our partnership.

    Now that that's out of the way...

    I'm open to pretty much any settings but alien and zombie at this point, and though I would prefer an all human cast, I am okay with other supernatural creatures. That the point of departure is somewhere in our reality or somewhere far more out there will have to be talked about, as will be the main initial cause of terror and whether romance (either of the discrete kind or the slightly macabre and more explicit variety) will be present at any point during the story.

    Now, If you're up to these standards of mine and feel like creating something haunting, do give me a holler, or post below. Thank you.
  2. Hello love! I have been looking for a partner for horror/suspense/thriller type roleplays and this is basically exactly what Im looking for. Someone to not only develop an rp with but someone who can be a friend as well. I would love to roleplay with you and if your up to plotting with me, please do message me!
  3. Perhaps we may do business? Granted, Halloween's almost over, but a good scary story is good all year round. I'll consider some plot ideas (excluding those of alien and zombies -- alien zombies?) so let me know if you're interested. My PlayerResume has pretty much All The Things you may wish to know.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.