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  1. Hey, guys!

    So, since my last topic gained me an awesome RP partner, I decided to try to get me another one. I'm not a collector, don't worry.

    Anyway, I mainly do horror roleplays but am able to do any, excluding medieval, sci-fi or exclusively romance [I can do romantic elements].

    I play female characters as I'm not particularly good at playing males.

    At least a paragraph is necessary. I do anywhere between two to six paragraphs and onwards.

    I do not do smut. But I'm good with relationships, you feel?

    And as I said in my last topic, I'm friendly so I'd love to have a chat and get to know who I'm RPing with!

    If you're interested, chuck me a PM or post here and I'll message you to get some ideas going.
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  2. Maybe we could conjure something up?
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